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Continuing education courses offer new learning experiences

Sept. 24, 1996

Continuing education courses offer new learning experience

By Whitney Daniels

Lariat Reporter

The learning process never stops.

Acting upon this idea, the University offers continuing education classes in liberal and fine arts, special interest, physical fitness and recreation and computer skills.

According to the continuing education catalog, the University's program 'provides non-credit, lifelong learning opportunities that reflect the character of the University.'

All of the classes are taught by university faculty members or graduate students and range from 1 to 13 sessions. Some courses are still open but many have already begun.

The liberal arts division offers a class called 'Children in Cinema: The Poetry of Childhood.' This course covers the role of children in contemporary American and European cinema.

Drawing, painting, craft, and music classes are offered under the fine arts division. Speed Reading is a 'special interest' course.

Golf, martial arts and yoga courses make up the physical fitness and recreation division.

Computer classes offered in the program are introductions to commonly used software, such as Microsoft Word and the Internet.

A travel abroad course in Provence and Paris, France is scheduled for May 1997.

'It (the continuing education program) gives people the opportunity to gain information in a specialty area without an excessive money or time constraint,' said Annette Lindsey, director of continuing education.

The course offerings will change in the spring, but the subject matters will remain similar, she said.

Courses are open to all interested college students and adults, regardless of educational background. Registration can be completed by mail or in person.

For more information, contact the Department of Continuing Education.

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