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Exercise program helps keep weight offs

Sept. 24, 1996

Exercise program helps keep weight off

Students take advantage of the Bearobics exercise program.

By Denise Crozier

Lariat Reporter

All-you-can-eat buffets, late night snacks and plenty of soda to keep those weary eyes open can lead to unwanted weight gain.

In an effort to 'fight' the extra weight, the University offers 'Bearobics,' a program providing step, cardiovascular, toning and water aerobics.

'The classes include a certified lead instructor as well as an assistant,' Randi Finkelberg, Bearobics supervisor, said. 'The lead shows high impact and the assistant shows low impact to meet student accommodations.'

Jenny Luker, an Oklahoma City sophomore, takes the step class and said she recommends Bearobics to all students. She said 'it is a really good workout because you can feel it [the steps] working.'

Bearobics' program makes an effort to accommodate everyone, even injured students, who can take advantage of water aerobics classes.

Finkelberg teaches the water aerobics class and said 'the water class puts less strain on the injury.'

Although the majority of participants are female, Bearobics is open to students of both genders.

'Male students usually just work out on weights,' Finkelberg said. 'They do not realize the importance of aerobics and the focus it has on the entire body.'

The classes are offered at varying times in the evening, beginning at 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays in the Rena Marrs McLean Gymnasium and at the Baylor Pool.

Membership to Bearobics is $25 for the whole year. Students may sign up at the class or in the Wellness Office for as many classes as desired.

For more information concerning Bearobics, contact the Health Education and Wellness Office.

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