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On-campus dancing starts at slow tempow

Sept. 24, 1996

On-campus dancing starts at slow tempo

Students danced on campus for the second time at the Welcome Week dance in August.

By Claire Hansen

Lariat Reporter

When the Hispanic Student Association and Kappa Sigma fraternity checked into planning some of the first dances on campus, they were told they could not. The reason lies in the official university policy for on-campus dances.

'For now we're having our dances off campus,' said Adrian Gorena, Hispanic Student Association president and Corpus Christi junior. 'I don't think it was anything against our organization, but it would be much better as far as convenience, location, decoration, and transportation to have a dance on campus.'

Gardner Peavey, president of Kappa Sigma and a San Antonio senior, said that the fraternity wanted to have the dance at the Gov. Bill and Vara Daniel Historic Village and did not consider it to be a part of campus, yet the University did and disallowed the function.

'[The decision] is kind of upsetting, but I guess we've got to deal with it,' Peavey said. 'I think the decision was fair; we just wish it were a little different.'

Four dances will be allowed on campus this year. One was the already-held Welcome Week dance while the others are planned for Homecoming, Diadeloso and May Commencement, said Dub Oliver, director of Student Activities. Oliver said it is one of his responsibilities to approve or disapprove on-campus dance applications

'Baylor has nothing against these organizations,' Oliver said. 'We are just having the four scheduled dances because it is our first year with on-campus dances and we want to start slowly.'

Dr. Martha Lou Scott, dean for Student Life, said the policies are being revised.

'We want to try out these regulations first, and we might revise them for next year,' Scott said.

According to the rules, only all-university dances will be permitted and no organizations will be allowed to have dances for their members only. Dances must also be sponsored by registered student organizations or university departments and may be attended by all currently enrolled University students. One guest may accompany each University student who attends. University student identification cards will be required of all currently enrolled students, and guests must also show picture identification.

The rules further state that University staff members will determine reasonable capacities for all facilities to be used during on-campus dances, and that these capacities will be strictly enforced. Enforcement may include limiting admission of latecomers until enough people currently in attendance at an event have departed.

Other regulations state that no dances will be allowed on Sunday, dances that begin in Friday evening must end at 1 a.m. Saturday, and any dances held Monday through Thursday or Saturday must end at midnight. The official on-campus dance policies include a rule that the sponsoring student organization will be held responsible for the conduct of all attendees, and representatives must meet prior to and the Monday after the dance with a group of campus personnel and administrators for a follow-up evaluation. Students can also be arrested and taken to jail if fighting, intoxicated, trespassing or refusing to leave upon order of the Baylor Department of Public Safety. Students taken to jail will have 'appropriate reports' filed with the criminal courts system and the University.

Students have mixed reactions about the new rules.

'Organizations should be able to have a dance if they want to -- they are restricting us,' Matt Ninen, a Houston senior, said. 'It's like they can say what kind of music we can have, and at what times, etc.'

Some students think that private organizations should be able to hold dances.

'It should be fine that everyone can have them -- I don't think there should be regulations on what kind of dances we can plan,' Allison Olive, an Orange senior, said.

The next on-campus dance is scheduled for Homecoming weekend.

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