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Letters to the Editor

Sept. 24, 1996

Writer responds to feedback

Thank you, Baylor students, for responding to my letter in such a fierce, yet witty fashion.

When I read the article about Chelsea considering Baylor as her college of choice, I saw a perfect opportunity to write a very narrow-minded, ignorant, extremely controversial letter. So I first wrote down the most crazy and absurd statements I could muster in order to stir up controversy. I hypothesized that some students would be angered, some would be offended, some would think it absurd, and others would find it humorous. I also predicted that people would respond with direct attacks towards me. I am happy to say that I have succeeded in all five categories.

I find it hilarious that people actually paid attention to such a haphazard, off-the-wall letter with nothing to back up what it said. Yet, at the same time, I must commend you for standing up for what you believe in, and what you believe about me. I'm sorry this letter was not as controversial as the previous one, Master Dean.

Ryan Streich

Pre-law 2000

Everybody needs to register soon to vote

Since my freshman year, I have devoted a large portion of my time an efforts in registering young adults to vote. In doing this, I have become frustrated for many reasons. For starters, the majority of students are clueless about the voting process and its rules. Lack of education from the media and society only adds to the problem. I find it odd that we have a five-minute infomercial on how to take a home AIDS test, yet I have never seen one advertisement that explains to viewers how or where they can get registered to vote.

Although most young people aren't half as interested in politics as I am, I have come across very few that just simply don't care or don't want to vote. Young people must believe that our vote counts. The majority of races in major elections today are won by only a few points. Our generation must utilize the power of the ballot box. You say you don't vote because politicians don't listen to what you have to say. Well, why would they when the percentage of adults under 25 who voted in 1994 is too embarrassing to report?

. . . Students need to know that if they do not become registered in the next few days, then they can't vote in November. They need to know about absentee ballots, early voting, precincts, primaries, special elections, and, most of all, they need to know that it takes less time to register to vote than it does to read this editorial.

The Young Conservatives of Texas will be holding voter registration drives this week. Whether you consider yourself a right-winger, pro-choice, NRA member, PETA demonstrator, Union supporter, Greenpeace lover, or maybe you just think Clinton is the anti-Christ, please vote. It is not only your right, it is your responsibility.

Marie Henley

Chairman of The Young Conservatives of Texas

Accounting 1997

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