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Candidate speaks at Chapel-Foruma

Sept. 24, 1996

Candidate speaks at Chapel-Forum

By Lauren Grillot

Lariat Reporter

Baylor students have challenges to face and should turn to God to help them overcome those challenges, Baylor graduate and District 11 Republican congressional nominee said Monday in Chapel-Forum.

Jay Mathis said students should live for the Lord because they can't always meet the goals they set.

While Mathis was a student at the University, he said he ran for Student Congress and was not elected. He also participated in Greek rush events, but he said he never found peace until he was asked to act as a youth pastor for a local church. The experience showed Mathis that what he had planned and what God had planned were not necessarily in agreement. Only after he trusted in God did he find peace, Mathis said.

'Live a life that's worthy to the Lord,' Mathis said.

Mathis said he used to have his life planned to perfection and had big dreams until his son was diagnosed with an optic tumor.

'My dreams were no longer

important after having to hold my son down for chemotherapy treatments' Mathis said, 'Experiences like this change your pursuits ; your dreams become simple and concise.'

Mathis said the best advice he ever received was from his older brother, and which was to go wherever he found the most peace.

Where Mathis has found peace lately is in campaigning for congressional appointment. Mathis holds conservative ideas and campaigns and fights for them. Even though Mathis is committed to his campaign, he said he is at peace with whatever decision is made both on Nov. 5 and in his life.

Mathis closed his introductory speech with a scripture verse, and then the floor was opened for students to ask Mathis questions.

When Mathis was asked how he felt about how the United States should solve the problems in the Middle East, he described Saddam Hussein as an 'evil person who would kill his own mother if he thought it would get him somewhere.' Mathis continued his explanation by saying that Clinton acted too quickly and should have discussed the situation with Congress before making a move.

A question concerning student loans was also raised. Mathis was asked if he is working for the students, or if he is planning to cut funds that supply students with loans. Mathis said that letting banks and private institutions fund student loans will balance the budget.

One angered student asked Mathis to explain why he should be elected when politicians seem to vote 'yes' for personal pay raises, and 'no' for the balanced budget once they get to Washington.

Mathis said he agreed with the student's comments and criticized politicians who abuse their government positions. Besides that, Mathis had no other comments.

Mathis was also asked how he specifically would help the anti-abortion movement.

'We pay people to take the lives of unborn babies, it's morally wrong and we must put a stop to it' Mathis said.

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