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Student services+ move to Tower gets mixed reactions back on campuss

Sept. 24, 1996

Student services' move to Tower gets mixed reactions back on campus

Many student services are being moved across the highway to Clifton Robinson Tower.

By Amy Priour

Lariat Staff Writer

Beginning next semester, several offices dealing with students will have a new home. Plans are being made to move the student life offices, currently in Pat Neff Hall, and the Attorney to the Students, currently in the Bill Daniel Student Center, to the fourth floor of Clifton Robinson Tower.

The now-individual offices of Student Retention, Student Athlete Services and Advisement Services will be combined, and will move to the fourth floor, said Dr. Jimmy McCluskey, dean for student development and services.

McCluskey said these offices are being combined because they share 'common elements of advising' and will gain efficiency as staff and resources are pooled.

'They will retain their unique services,' McCluskey said.

He said the Registrar's Office and the Career Services Center are also moving to the tower, on the third floor. The Career Services Center will also occupy a part of the second floor.

'I feel fine about the move,' said Madelyn Jones, university registrar. 'Students have wished we were near the cashier's office,' adding that the students said it would make things more convenient for them.

Jones also said that with telephone registration, there will probably not be as many students who need to stop by.

The Career Services Center, currently in the Hankamer School of Business, will benefit from the move in several ways, said John Boyd, director of the Career Services Center.

Access to parking for both students and recruiters will improve and recruiters will see a different image of the University due to a more professional decor.

While the administrators involved with the move seem to share feelings of excitement and stress the benefits, many students do not agree.

'I think it will be a big inconvenience, especially for freshmen without cars,' said Tara Morelan, a Houston sophomore. 'I don't like it.'

Boyd said the move of student services to the tower will allow students 'one-stop shopping.'

'Students will not be able to stop by the registrar's office on the way to class,' Karen Jones, a Tyler junior said. 'It's a big inconvenience.'

However, not all students think it is negative.

'It will provide more space and better accommodations,' said Jonathan Chavanne, a Houston senior.

The move will center most of the student administrative facilities in one place and will allow more of the administration to occupy Pat Neff.

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