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Taking the fast food tendencies out of dining Where to go for a special taste of local dining

Sept. 20, 1996

Jenny Bourn/The LariatDamon's is one of the many restaurants in the Waco area to consider visiting after the football game on Saturday. The restaurant serves All-American food and has a sports bar atmosphere.

By Kim Cooper

Lariat Reporter

Try for a moment to lift the veil of fast food chains from your eyes. No more greasy hamburgers or processed chicken nuggets. It's Parents' Weekend and it is time to show your parents what Waco dining is really all about.

Believe it or not, but Waco is a haven for those who love to eat out.

Mom, Dad and little Johnny are coming to Baylor this weekend to see college life at its best. However, there is only so much that one can see and do on campus. So what do you do?

Take the family out to dinner. That's an easy solution. But where do you take them?

From sandwich delis to Tex-Mex, one can find everything in Waco.


The Palace Restaurant

1300 Lake Air Drive

The Palace Chinese Restaurant is the newest addition to Waco's Asian food market. Everything from the main courses to desserts is available.

A buffet offers pepper steak, sesame chicken, beef with broccoli, shrimp and vegetable and home made egg rolls.

The Palace's menu has a wider variety of other dishes such as chicken chow mein, broccoli with oyster sauce, ginger lobster and rainbow shrimp.

Cheesecake, puddings and ice cream are offered at the dessert bar, and for the health-conscious dieter, fresh fruit.

The dining room is large enough to accommodate large families, but small enough to provide a comfortable social atmosphere.

At the Palace Restaurant, your family's craving for chicken or cheesecake, will be satisfied.



1812 Valley Mills Drive

Okay, so your family is in the mood for a Mexican fiesta.

Well, grab your maracas and head towards Zapatas.

Fast food is closer, but you want quality food, right?

As you walk in the door you are automatically thrown into a festive mood.

Enjoy a great meal in a setting full of light, color and life. Turquoise walls are banked with Mexican blankets, sombreros and piñatas while the rustic warehouse floor exudes a sense of authenticity that is not found at El Chico.

Zapatas recommends trying their their fajitas. The chicken, beef and shrimp are individually soaked in a secret marinade.

They also pride themselves on their large portions and a quick ticket.

On The Light Side

New York Bagel

5188 West Waco Drive

For something quick and not too fattening try New York Bagel.

The laid back atmosphere and quick service are perfect to satisfy the entire family.

The cafe serves a variety of drinks including freshly ground Columbian coffees. They recommend the cafe chocolate mocha with whipped cream.

The bagel shop offers several different salads and a number of hot or cold bagel sandwiches which can be served on any one of a dozen different flavored bagels

Try a pizza on a fresh onion bagel or a smoked turkey sandwich on a sun dried tomato bagel.

In addition to bagels, New York Bagel sells cookies, muffins as well as individual containers of flavored cream cheese.

Monogrammed hats and silk-screened hats are also available.

American/Sports Bar


South University Parks Drive in the Hilton

If you're ready for an All-American meal, head towards Damon's.

'A place for ribs' is Damon's slogan but not the only thing they serve.

Damon's offers many other seafood and chicken dishes to customers who prefer lighter meals.

At first glance Damon's looks like your basic sports bar, but with a room reserved for dining, it is an ideal place for a family to go.

The dining room is surrounded by pictures of old school's sports teams, Baylor paraphernalia, University High Trojans cheerleading uniforms and a variety of autographed professional sports equipment.

One wall of the restaurant houses four big screen televisions reserved for game watching. Damon's also offers computerized table trivia.

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