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Do Baylor students walk the walk?

Sept. 20, 1996

By Sharon Mariotti

Lariat Reporter

At many universities across the United States, students tend to take a vacation from church and religious activities, but at Baylor, many students participate in church-related and religious activities.

According to Dr. Tillman Rodabough, professor of sociology, people usually wait until they have children to start going to church again.

'The typical college experience involves a hiatus of religious experiences because of social commitments, studies and research,' Rodabough said.

'Many students also take a break from religious activities as a way of flexing their wings a little bit.'

Rodabough said he thinks at this is less likely because of the religious emphasis and its close relationship to the Southern Baptist church.

Rodabough said Baylor students are not immune to this tendency to drop out of church, since many Baylor students are not involved in religious or church-related activities.

'I am not involved in church or anything,' Marco Turegano, a Houston sophomore, said. 'I was raised in a Catholic church and my parents still go [to church]; I am the only one who doesn't.'

Rodabough said this break is normal because the college years are a time of relaxation of authority. Many students remain very active in both church-related as well as campus religious activities.

Jamie Beene, a Montgomery junior, said she goes to church because she enjoys it, not out of obligation.

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'For me, staying involved is a way to grow spiritually,' Beene said. 'I think we need fellowship with Christians.'

Rodabough said if students had a religious commitment at home, they are less likely to stray very far from church for very long.

At Baylor, students who were never raised in church often become active in church and religious activities now.

Will Bush, a Ft. Smith, Ark. sophomore, said he was not raised in church, but he attends now because he wants to and he likes it.

'It is the foundation of everything I do,' Bush said.

There are many religious activities at Baylor that students can get involved with. The Baptist Student Ministries (BSM), the Methodist Student Union, and the Catholic Student Center, as well as many other groups, host numerous events year-round.

At the BSM students can be involved in various ministries with the deaf, children, youth, missions, hospital visitation and campus outreaches, as well as other special events throughout the year.

Students who are members of Greek organizations can be involved in Greek Council, an organization made up of representatives from each sorority and fraternity. Greek Council is sponsored by the BSM.

'The purpose of it is to unify the Greek system under Christ,' Martha Bashaw, a San Antonio senior, said.

The Catholic Student Center celebrates mass on Sunday mornings and evenings as well as hosting a women's fellowship Bible study, a student choir and occasional retreats.

Many churches, as well, offer weekly Bible studies, children's ministries and dance teams and most have separate college-oriented Sunday school classes.

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