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Wanted: Parents

Sept. 20, 1996

Jenny Bourn/The LariatEric Hill, a Dallas sophomore, will spend Parents' Weekend sans parents.

By LaShondra Holmes

Lariat Reporter

Many freshmen look forward to seeing their parents on Parents' Weekend. However, there are some who may spend their weekend alone because their parents are not coming.

Sarah Nichols, an Eagle River, Alaska, freshman, said her parents are not coming this weekend because her father is having surgery in Boston.

'I've lived with them 18 years; I think I can live without them for one weekend,' Nichols said.

But Nichols said she won't be alone because her roommate's parents have adopted her.

Some freshmen who have not found adoptive parents say they will find other things to do while everyone else is with their parents.

Chuck Kizale, a Baltimore, Md., freshman, said his parents are not coming because they live so far away. Corey Mitchell, a Grand Prairie freshman, said he will study this weekend since his mother is not coming.

There are some indecisive parents who have not decided if they will be attending Parents' Weekend.

Kevin Kleist, a Woodlands freshman, said he is not sure if his parents will come because they have other commitments, but he will still go to the game Saturday at Floyd Casey Stadium.

'I won't sit in my room and cry,' Kleist said.

Erika Williams, a Houston freshman, said she wants her parents to come, but she won't kill them if they do not. Williams will also go to the game with friends if her parents don't make the trip.

Dowanna Cooper, a De Soto freshman, said she does not know if her mother is coming either and hopes she does not come. Cooper said there is no reason for her mother to come since she does not want to go to any of the activities.

Laura Emery, a Sullivan, Wis. freshman, said her sister is coming from Boston to take her parents' place.

Then there are parents who will who will be greeted by their children on home turf.

Sumaira Khokhar, a Houston, said her parents are having 'kids' weekend.'

'I didn't want to spend another weekend at Baylor,' Khokhar said.

Amy Hayes of Irving is going home to her high school homecoming because Parents' Weekend is not really important to her parents. She said 16 other relatives have gone to Baylor and her parents have been through the routine before.

Seong Chorichoi, a Fort Worth freshman, said her parents are in Korea. However, she will be visiting her uncle in Fort Worth.

Freshman Leadership Organization will sponsor 'Negged By Parents' from 7-9 p.m. Friday in the Bill Daniel Student Center SUB Bowl for students whose parents will not be here this weekend.

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