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Tents to offer potent potables

Sept. 20, 1996

Jenny Bourn/The LariatSammy Citrano, owner of George's Restaurant, will offer customers beer as will other tents located across the street from Floyd Casey Stadium.

By Aaron Westmoreland

Lariat Reporter

The excitement of Baylor's first home game of the 1996 season is building. Part of many game day rituals across the country is the tailgate party.

John Madden makes it a part of his game day coverage. Other Baylor opponents, such as Louisiana Tech and Louisville University, pull out their barbecues and 'go to town.' But what about Baylor? Is it possible for Bears to enjoy a steak or a beer before the game?

The Sept. 1 edition of the Waco Tribune-Herald published a statement saying Baylor had adopted a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy toward alcohol. It went on to say, ' long as pre-game party-goers drink responsibly, officials don't make an issue of it.'

A source at the marketing department of the Tribune-Herald said Dr. Darryl Lehnus, Director of Corporate Marketing for the Baylor Athletic department, was the source of the statements.

According to Lehnus, the area across the street is called the Skittles Corporate Village, which contains tents of corporations and other groups holding tailgate parties.

'Contrary to the Waco Tribune-Herald, our alcohol policy is not relaxed,' said Chief Jim Doak, director of the Baylor Department of Public Safety.

'The miscommunication is understandable,' Lehnus said. 'M&M/Mars is the sponsor of both Snickers Touchdown Alley and the Skittles Corporate Village.'

Touchdown Alley has been an attraction the past two seasons and now George's Restaurant has a tent located across from Baylor property on Dutton Avenue.

'Fans can enjoy Italian sausage sandwiches, fajitas and their favorite beverages, including sodas,' Sammy Citrano, manager of George's said.

The tent opens at 11 a.m., Saturday to anyone 21 or older. Inside is a television showing the game broadcast and a jukebox.

The Skittles Corporate Village is located across from Baylor property on Dutton Avenue along with the George's tent. A single building separates the Village from the tent. Beverly Hills will patrol the area to make sure Village participants do not take alcohol across to the stadium.

'Alcohol is expressly prohibited,' Doak said. 'Officers will deal with alcohol incidents appropriately.'

Tailgate parties have and always will be encouraged on stadium parking, Lehnus said. 'Many fraternities, sororities and other organizations have tents on Baylor property that serve food,' Lehnus said.

'We don't apologize to anyone for not allowing alcohol,' Doak said. 'There are many instances where other schools have regretted allowing alcohol.'

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