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World Gym to move to old Cox+s location

Sept. 19, 1996

World Gym to move to old Cox's location

Josh Jacquot/The LariatPreparations are underway to move World Gym to the old Cox's department store location on Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive. The new location should be open by Nov. 3.

By Josh Jacquot

Lariat Reporter

World Gym will be opening at a new location Nov. 4 in the old Cox's department store on the corner of Valley Mills and Waco Drive.

John Cafarella, manager of the store's present location at 1301 Wooded Acres, said the gym is relocating because H-E-B grocery stores have purchased the property on Wooded Acres. Although they are being pushed from their old location, the out look for the future is positive. He said he is expecting the gym's new facility to bring more than just University students to the gyms already 1,800-strong member list.

'This is a better move for us location wise' Cafarella said.

The gym's roomier new location will offer customers 17,000 more square feet of workout space. According to an article in Tuesday's edition of the Waco Tribune-Herald most of this new space will be used to accommodate a new women's-only Premiere Lady Fitness and Spa.

World Gym is now hurriedly renovating the late Cox's store in order to prepare for their early November opening.

According to the article in the Tribune-Herald, for the new gym to entail a day care center, a children's fitness program and an area where World Gym merchandise can be purchased.

Cafarella said the move will begin on Oct. 31 and should be complete on Nov. 3.

Victoria Voges, a World Gym member and a Richardson senior, said she is optimistic about the move and hopes it can be made over a weekend so it does not affect her workout schedule.

Voges said, 'I think it will be great because it's closer to campus.'

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