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Sept. 19, 1996

Hankamer dial-up policy does not equal other universities

Editor's note: This letter is a copy of a letter sent to Larry Essary, Casey Computer Center.

I do apologize for my 'misuse' of Hankamer School of Business Internet access. I am at the time seeking another Internet service provider. It is obvious to me that Baylor is incapable of handling the needs of its students. Thirty dial-up lines for an estimated 3,000 users is not only unsatisfactory but does not represent the fine standards that this university portrays to the public. I suppose that if Hankamer were a Big 12 football team, it would get the funding needed, and the modem banks to prove it.

As information systems professionals, it is our job to continually assess the technological needs of the students and professors, providing for those needs. While there are a good number of students playing games on the Internet, there are still some of us who actually use the 'net for its intended purpose.

In closing, I wish you all the best of luck in upgrading your facility. I look forward to coming back 10 years from now and hopefully finding out that Baylor has been able to comply with the standards set forth by other major universities.

Todd A. Raymond

Information systems sophomore

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