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Mission Waco, Common Grounds organize apologetics discussion group

Sept. 18, 1996

By Alisha Robins

Lariat Reporter

Common Grounds and Mission Waco are working together in a cooperative effort to reach out to the Waco community with an apologetics discussion group meeting at 3:30 p.m. today.

In an effort to help answer religious questions and doubts, leaders will help facilitate a discussion that is not meant to be a Bible study or a sermon. Rather, organizers are intending for it be a discussion of philosophical and religious issues in a neutral, comfortable atmosphere.

Today will be the first official meeting of the group. Leaders, who will act as facilitators, not lecturers, have met to prepare for those who have questions or doubts.

The discussion will be open without a set agenda, and the discussion will be set by the issues brought up by the participants.

'This is meant to be an outward ministry, to reach out to people who want to talk about reasonable faith issues,' said Brooke Smith, a Houston sophomore, who also works for Mission Waco.

Smith saidthe leaders will do their best to help find satisfying answers.

'We hope to tap into those people who are searching for answers,' Smith said. 'We want to provide an atmosphere where they feel comfortable expressing doubt, because it is okay to doubt.'

The meeting is being held at Common Grounds, because it is a neutral atmosphere that will allow open-minded and comfortable discussion without religious bindings.

Mission Waco is an organization that is involved with inner city ministries. The group helps the homeless and teenagers as well as offer Bible studies and provide basic needs for the underprivileged.

The discussion group plans on meeting once a week, but a set day and meeting time have not yet been decided on.

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