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Baylor Billiards cues up

Sept. 18, 1996

Chelsa Dunn/ The Lariat

Daniel A. Ramirez, a senior from Waco, shoots a game of billiards. Daniel is the vice-president of the new Baylor Billiards Club.

By Russell Reneau

Lariat Reporter

The Baylor Billiards Club will begin its inaugural year with its first meeting at 7 p.m. on Sept. 19 in the game room of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Billiards is a game that is played on a rectangular table with six pockets, 15 numbered balls, a white cue ball and a pool stick known as a 'cue.' The object is to put the numbered balls into the pockets using the cue ball, and to not leave easy shots for the opponent.

'What we will do is teach you techniques that you will need to learn the game,' said vice president Daniel Ramirez, a Waco junior. 'You'll improve your game by practicing those techniques.'

Techniques used in billiards are the use of 'english', 'bank shots' and 'cutting the balls.' English is spin that is applied to the cue ball using the cue. Bank shots involve the use of the table's walls to the player's advantage. Cutting the balls means that a ball is not struck 'head on' by the cue ball; this causes the ball to take a course of direction to the left or right.

The club is in the process of gaining its charter from the University to make the club official.

A 'pool team' has existed at the University for the last six years, but club president Kyle Crouthers, a Terrell senior, said that by gaining a charter the club will be 'more accessible for the students and it will be easier for people to find out about it.'

The club is also working on a web page so students can find out more about the club on-line.

'We want to leave something behind for others,' Ramirez said. 'We want to reach the younger players so they can keep the club going after we are gone.'

Sending players to national competition is one of the main goals of the club. The club will begin practicing for the regional competition to be held Feb. 1-3 in Austin.

Ana Garza, public relations and social chairman and a Weslaco senior said, 'Baylor has done well in regional competition, but no one has advanced to national competition.'

With the formation of a club, the team is better organized for competitive play.

'We started the club so we could find the best players at Baylor,' Crouthers said. 'We have been to competitions before, but they were a mismatch because the other teams were organized, and we just took the players that had a reputation for playing.'

Anyone interested in the club should contact Crouthers by e-mail at Kyle_Crouthers or call Ramirez at 662-2978.

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