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How do you feel about Chelsea Clinton being a prospective Baylor student?

Sept. 18, 1996

'I feel Chelsea has been automatically accepted even though she has not chosen a school yet. It also seems she is being pressured to make what others may think is the decision for herself.'

Rachel Guagliardo, Round Rock sophomore

'I hope that she does decide to come here to Baylor. It would be great to have the daughter of the president of this country, attend this university. It would be very prestigious for this university, tell her to come on over to the Fountain. She'll be welcome (there) even if nowhere else on campus.'

Troy Walker, Waco junior

'I personally do not care if she decides to attend Baylor. I would be proud to have her as part of the student body. She should be treated as another prospective student.'

Julie Hoss, Houston senior

'If Chelsea wants and decides to come to Baylor, I think she should be treated as another student, as a person not as the President's daughter.'

Stan Granberry, Graduate from Gun Barrel City

'Does not matter.'

Stephen Jones, Graduate from College Park, Ga.

'I feel it would give Baylor more media attention.'

Kevin Kleist, Woodlands freshman

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