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Relax, you+ve been +canceled+

Sept. 18, 1996

Relax, you've been 'canceled'

Photo Illustration by Jennifer Paschal

Students who have had their accounts canceled hang in a semi-existent limbo until financial settlement is completed.

By Sharon Mariotti

Lariat Reporter

Imagine classes being canceled without a student's knowledge. Unbelievable, perhaps, or a dream come true. However, for hundreds of students each semester at the University, this occurrence is a nightmare.

This semester 276 students had their classes canceled, said Bill Kirkland, director of student accounting.

Each semester, students' classes are canceled nine days after classes begin if settlement has not been finalized.

Many students did not know about the cancellation until they attempted to use their student ID cards at any of the University's library, Goebel Building or dining halls. Once a student's classes are canceled, the student loses all Baylor student privileges. They cannot use the library, computer, workout facilities or cafeterias.

'The student ID card becomes invalid [when classes are canceled],' Kirkland said.

For some students, classes are canceled because financial aid applications were lost in the mail or filed incorrectly.

'Students received cancellation notices on the second day of classes,' Kirkland said.

Some students deny having received such a notice.

'We can give a student a pending on an account if the student has applied for a loan and the loan office is reasonably sure that the loan will be granted,' Kirkland said.

Once a student's classes are canceled, access to the dining halls is denied.

'Students do not receive a refund for lost meals,' said Adrienne Rodgers, the cashier's student service assistant.

Students who have their classes canceled are advised to continue attending classes, but doing homework can be a problem.

Elizabeth Williams, a Virginia Beach junior, could not do the homework for one of her classes because her professor assigned all the homework on the computer.

'I couldn't do the homework because I couldn't use the computers until I registered,' Williams said. 'I couldn't register without his signature, and he was in the hospital so I couldn't get the signature.'

'I didn't have my classes canceled, but I was here this summer so I know how it feels to not exist, as far as Baylor is concerned,' said Marie Calhoon, a Woodville junior. 'I couldn't get into the library, the gym, the pool or any other Baylor facility because I was not currently enrolled. It was a horrible feeling.'

When a student's classes are canceled, the student should attempt to resolve the problem immediately. If classes are not reregistered by Sept. 23, the student will not be allowed to register again until the next semester.

The first step is completing financial settlement in the financial aid office. Then students must go the cashier's office to get the necessary paperwork. The paperwork includes attendance verification forms for professors to complete and an adviser's slip to be signed by the dean. The adviser's slip must then go to the registrar's office so the student can register.

'This process should not take more than a day or two,' Kirkland said.

Some students have waited up to seven days.

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