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Letters to the Editor

Sept. 17, 1996

Trolley needs to service more areas of campus

With regard to all the latest articles on the trolley, I wanted to point out that the trolley never seems to go where I need it to go. It does not serve the students on campus who might need to go out to the pool, or the Ferrell Center, or the environmental studies buildings.

I personally think it is ridiculous that all of the environmental studies students need to drive to the environmental studies building to get there on time; and for those of us without cars we have to risk our lives crossing University Parks Drive. It is impossible to schedule classes back to back, if one is on campus and the other out at GERC or the ESB. Why should students interested in conserving the environment have to drive to class and cause the extra pollution in doing so?

I know I would ride the trolley on a daily basis if it went to the environmental studies department, as would many other environmental studies students.

Monica Cummings

Environmental Studies, Foreign Service and Economics '97

Chelsea is not wanted at Baylor

I think it will be an absolute tragedy if Chelsea Clinton comes to Baylor. Run a poll!

Baylor students do not wish to be a part of this liberal, Democratic influence. We students do not approve of the nasty family and politics which she represents. Clinton promotes drugs, high taxes, big government, and big government spending.

I have always tried to surround myself with people like myself, and I just don't think I would be able to handle going to school with that girl. We can't do anything about her coming here, but you can put the reality of our opinions in the paper.

Ryan Streich

Pre-law 2000

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