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Bears record perfect, despite the mistakes

Sept. 17, 1996

Scott Dixon

Lariat Sports Staff

Well, the Baylor football team did everything wrong on Saturday against the University of Louisville Cardinals except lose the game.

In one of the ugliest games ever watched by human eyes, the Bears pulled out a hard fought victory, 14-13.

Baylor's offense gave up five turnovers, including four fumbles.

The Bears defense lived up to their 'bend but don't break' reputation and only gave up 13 points. Thank goodness Louisville botched the extra point.

I guess in one sense, everything went right for Baylor.

Louisville was unable to capitalize on those five turnovers and missed three field goal attempts of their own. It's not often that a team can give up five turnovers and still win the game.

Even normally sure handed Jerod Douglas fumbled in the last couple minutes of the fourth quarter with Baylor driving.

'To their credit, their second and third men (defenders) are coached to strip the ball and they've been one of the best team for takeaways,' head coach Chuck Reedy said. 'But there's no excuse. That's something we just can't have.'

Reedy hit it right on the money. Baylor just can't do that every week and hope to win.

They might be able to turnover the ball a bunch this week against PAC-10 doormat Oregon State, but the Bears can't do that against Texas Tech and Nebraska.

As bad as Baylor looked on offense, the Bears were good enough to score when they had the opportunity.

Jeff Watson found Kalief Muhammad wide open at the 50 yard line for an 87-yard touchdown pass to give the Bears a 7-0 lead.

In the third quarter, after a good play-fake on a pitch, Watson again found Muhammad wide open in the flats for a five yard touchdown, proving to be the game winner.

Once again however, this weekends key to victory was the Bear defense.

Baylor's red zone defense did well to protect its endzone for the second week in a row after giving up a lot of yards in the middle of the field.

No matter how you look at it, Baylor is 2-0 now, and that's a better record than they had last year at this time. Even if they do win ugly, at least they win.

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