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Sept. 13, 1996

Faculty need academic credentials

Upon reading 'Baylor Faculty Accuse President of Weeding out the Less Devout' in the Wall Street Journal, I have experienced a great sadness with my alma mater. I have struggled with explanations to former co-workers and peers about Baylor's latest actions and President Sloan's statements.

Since graduating from Baylor, I have had the opportunity to work with many diverse individuals, including Muslims, Jews Catholics, and people living alternative lifestyles. Although we do not worship a higher power of the same name, I have come to admire their faith. Through mutual respect and love, we have been able to draw upon each other's strength in times of need.

I have recommended Baylor to several individuals of non-Baptist backgrounds. I have stated that Baylor is a university that values diversity and has enough love to overcome prejudices. Regretfully, the Wall Street Journal article proved me wrong.

I encourage President Sloan to publicly condemn practices mentioned in this article and establish policies that protect all students and faculty against discrimination on any basis.

Through placing religious preference above academic achievement and credentials, Baylor devalues all our degrees.

R. Ryan Raffety

Alumni -- Class of 1994

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