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Student wins free ride for books from Rother+s

Sept. 13, 1996

Student wins free ride for books from Rother's

By Kristin Nelson

Lariat Reporter

Fifty dollars for one book can throw some students for a loop. However, as the register at Rother's Bookstore added up Courtney Bailey's total bill, she had no worries.

Bailey, a Dallas freshman, won Rother's University Book Store's first annual four-year book scholarship.

Rother's manager Yancy Parsons said all incoming freshmen were mailed flyers about the store and the drawing, which was held earlier this week.

'My mom entered my name,' Bailey said.

She said she really had no idea about it and it came as a big surprise when Rother's called her to notify her of the prize.

'The only other thing I've ever won was a go-cart when I was little,' Courtney said.

Molly Bailey, Courtney's mother, said she was excited to find out about her daughter's fortune.

'I think we're blessed,' Molly Bailey said.

The scholarship includes all books for the next eight semesters that Bailey is registered as a full-time student.

'The total amount could range anywhere from $200 to $300 per semester, depending on Courtney's major and how many classes she's enrolled in,' Parsons said.

'Books cost a lot more now than they did when I was at Baylor,' Molly Bailey said.

She agrees the book scholarship will significantly affect the total college bill for Courtney Bailey.

'She looked for many ways she could contribute, and this was finally a way she could,' Molly Bailey said.

Courtney Bailey said she wanted to find a way to ease the cost of her education on her parents.

'I don't get any scholarships from Baylor, so this is really cool, and I feel like I'm contributing to my parents in one small way,' Bailey said.

Parsons said Rother's held the drawing in an effort to get the bookstore's name out to students, and it was very successful. The drawing was also held at several other stores in the franchise.

'It [the drawing] helps us, plus it helps the students,' Parsons said.

Rother's will be offering the contest again in future years and plans to make it a tradition.

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