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Frankly Scarlet doubly lucky with sister duo

Sept. 12, 1996

By Blake Riordan

Lariat Reporter

Few would have ever thought that two sisters would be able to work side by side every day without going crazy.

However, working together has come with significant ease for Kim and Kelly Brown of the acoustic pop alternative band Frankly Scarlet.

Both sisters are graduates of the University of Texas at Austin, but now they work out of Dallas.

They describe their unique name as a play on words involving Gone With the Wind and the color scarlet.

'We had a lot of debate concerning our name,' Kim Brown said. 'But Frankly Scarlet stuck immediately. We love that color and we consider ourselves southern women.'

Frankly Scarlet's influences include Sheryl Crow, Joan Osborne and Tori Amos.

However, Brown says that her favorite artists, including Alice In Chains and Soundgarden are not reflected in Frankly Scarlet's sound.

'The best way to classify our music is acoustic pop alternative,' Brown said. 'We did our best to find a middle ground between pop rock and alternative music. We have also attempted to create a kind of spirituality with our songs, and we give them a story-like quality,' she said.

Frankly Scarlet's last album, Stories I've Heard Before, did surprisingly well considering Frankly Scarlet is an independent band.

'The last album did a lot for us,' Brown said. 'We were expecting to get local radio play, but the album ended up being played almost nationwide. Its success also got us invitations to do television shows.'

Currently, Frankly Scarlet is working on a new album, but they are taking their time to ensure its quality.

'We are doing our best to get the new album ready,' Brown said. 'We want to take our time so that we don't get completely stressed out with each other.'

Kim and Kelly Brown understand their unique situation of being sisters in a band. They don't have the problems that would typically occur with sisters working together.

'Even if I think really hard about it, I can't find a downside to working with my sister,' Kim Brown said. 'We may have a few disagreements or personality conflicts, but working on our music just brings us closer.'

Both sisters have high aspirations about their future success.

They would love to play bigger audiences all over the world.

'We would like to achieve a certain level of success with our music,' Brown said. 'However, we both feel that you don't have to be a rock star to be successful. As long as we can perform and reach worldwide with our music, we will consider ourselves successful,' she said.

The Dallas-based duo will be traveling to Waco to play at Scruffy Murphy's Friday.

Both Kim and Kelly are excited about returning to Waco to.

'We love to play in Waco,' Brown said. 'The people there are real and genuine. We feel more comfortable playing with a friendly and open audience. '

They agree that Waco is a great town and that Scruffy Murphy's is a great place to play.

'Scruffy's is great because the crowd is so close to the stage, and the people there are really cool,' Brown said.

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