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Baylor Police Briefs

Sept. 12, 1996

By Josh Jacquot

Lariat Reporter

*A Baylor student told police a man attacked her after forcing his way into her apartment at 66 Daughtrey Ave.

The student described her attacker as a white male in his mid-30s and weighing about 200 pounds. The woman screamed when the man entered the apartment, prompting her roommate to dial 9-1-1. No arrests were made after an extensive search for the escaped assailant by both Waco police and the Baylor Department of Public Safety.

*Baylor police arrested a man for criminal trespass Tuesday after he entered the Kokernot Residence Hall. Police warned the man Monday to stay off campus, said Chief Jim Doak, director of the department.

*The department arrested Billy Overstreet, address unknown, approximately 6:30 pm Tuesday in the 800 block of Bagby for two warrants related to theft. After a routine traffic stop for expired registration, the officer discovered the outstanding warrants in a routine check.

Police did not arrest the driver of the car in which Overstreet was a passenger.

In the car, police found sex toys and a fixed-blade knife, Doak said. The pair told police they cruised the campus watching students run on the Bear Trail.

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