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Gear up for intramurals

Sept. 12, 1996

Jeff Andresen/The LariatIntramural sports allow everyone to compete in a fun atmosphere.

By Whitney Daniels

Lariat Reporter

Members of the recreational sports department are gearing up for intramural sports as flag football and bowling seasons open Sept. 16.

Intramurals are not limited to Baylor clubs and organizations, said Debbie Kelo, assistant director of recreational sports. Students who live in any one of the seven women's dorms or the three men's dorms may join a residence hall team.

Open league teams are available to students who live off-campus and who are not involved in a campus organization or Greek club, although Kelo said these students are difficult to reach.

' We try to put the guidelines out in places where they [off-campus students] can find them easily...apartment laundry rooms, cashier's counters, the student building,' Kelo said.

According to the guidelines booklet issued by the recreational department, intramural participation is 'an opportunity to discover lasting friendships, increased physical fitness, and strengthened character through individual and team play.'

Damon Welborn, a Lake Charles, La. senior, said he agreed with that concept of the team events.

'When I transferred in [from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, La.], I got to know twelve guys right away, just playing football,' Welborn said.

He said he is now coaching a women's open league team as well as playing.

'I love sports, especially football, and it [coaching/playing] gives me an opportunity to use my talents in an organized way,' Welborn said.

Each league is divided into an 'A' league and a 'B' league. Kelo said the 'A' leagues are designed for students with average to exceptional ability, while the 'B' leagues are usually made up of people who just like to play.

Many students get involved for the sometimes intense competition.

'The Grateful Daisies' is a women's open league team whose name at the University has become synonymous with intramural victory, Kelo said. The members participate in every sport offered, and have accumulated some impressive records.

Welborn said he is also familiar with intense university competition.

He went to a Louisiana state competition with McNeese State intramurals.

'They're [intramurals] big everywhere,' Welborn said.

For more information on how to get involved in intramurals, the recreational sports department has a web site located at, under 'Events and Sports,' Kelo said.

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