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Sloan addresses students in Chapel-Forum

Sept. 12, 1996

By Lauren Grillot

Lariat Reporter

Baylor's future depends on the University successfully serving the intellectual, social and spiritual needs of its students, President Robert Sloan Jr. said Wednesday in Chapel-Forum.

'As a University we have no other reason for being here than to attempt to meet the needs of your life, so that your life will make a difference in this world,' Sloan said.

Sloan said he stressed for students that everything at the University is important, and serves as a renewing of the mind.

Sloan also quoted from Romans, encouraging students to 'know the will of God,' and 'to present yourselves as a living sacrifice....that which is good and perfect.'

Sloan said it is important to make a difference as well as have an influence in others' lives.

He illustrated this by telling a story concerning his mother. 'She said, 'I hope that when I look back on my life that I can say that I left footprints. Wouldn't it be terrible to go through this life never making a difference?',' Sloan said.

He said he challenged the students in continuing their college careers.

'Think of your life's work as a vocation, as a calling,' Sloan said.

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