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Health, Wellness Office offers help for students seeking healthy life

Sept. 12, 1996

By Denise Crozier

Lariat Reporter

The Bill Daniel Student Center is a popular place for students to check their e-mail, satisfy their hunger pangs and socialize with friends.

What most students do not know is that the student center is also known for holding health awareness programs.

The Health Education and Wellness Office has two offices. One is located on the second floor of the student center in the Wellness Office and the other is in the Health Center. The office offers free nutritional counseling and the Brown Bag Lunches program, which offers guest speakers on subjects ranging from healthy lifestyles to managing stress. Cassie Findley, director of health education and wellness, is responsible for the Brown Bag Lunches program.

Findley said she selects the programs based on past requests and evaluations from students.

'The most successful programs are requested from students,' Findley said.

She said the attendance for programs in the past ranged from 15 to 300 students depending on topic interest.

The office is holding a health fair in the lobby of the student center today. The fair, available to students, faculty and staff, offers cholesterol screening. Results from the screening will be available at the first Brown Bag Luncheon.

The lunches are held once a month from 12 to 1 p.m. and involve a guest speaker. The first luncheon, 'Understanding Your Lipid Profile,' will be held on Wednesday in the White-Beckham Room. Wendy Deacon, a nurse from Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, will explain the cholesterol screenings from the health fair.

The second luncheon, 'What's Eating You,' will be Oct. 9 during Health Enrichment Week in the White-Beckham Room in the student center. Steve Arterburn, founder of Minirthmeier New Life Clinics, a counseling/treatment center, will discuss choosing healthy lifestyles by focusing on eating disorders and stress management.

The third luncheon, 'AIDS in Marriage,' will be Nov. 18 in the Barfield Drawing Room of the student center. This luncheon will feature Jennifer and Quinton Smith discussing how they cope with Jennifer's HIV-positive diagnosis and the importance of commitment in marriage.

The final luncheon, 'Surviving the Holidays,' will be held Dec. 4 in the White-Beckham Room. Baylor graduate Cindy Hanifan will discuss how to balance nutrition and stress management during the holidays.

To get more information or to speak with Findley, contact the office.

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