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News Archives for Feb. 2010

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Story Date
Griner helps Lady Bears rout Kansas 2/28/2010
Griner, Washington help Lady Bears steamroll Kansas 2/28/2010
Baseball falls to Texas A&M at QTI Baylor Classic 2/27/2010
Dunn's 21, Udoh's 20 lift Baylor past Oklahoma 2/27/2010
Huge quake hits Chile; tsunami threatens Pacific 2/27/2010
Baylor 'Idol' talks of Hollywood experience 2/26/2010
Bears grinding for top four seed 2/26/2010
Bordering districts vary in votes 2/26/2010
Christian author to speak out 2/26/2010
Church starts new parent workshop, enlists students 2/26/2010
Faculty Senate set to accept new members 2/26/2010
For Becker, Baylor prepared him for professional tennis 2/26/2010
Lariat Letters: New university president expected to meet high goals, hopes of entire student body 2/26/2010
Lariat Letters: Starr's political position must be pushed aside 2/26/2010
McCaw addresses Senate 2/26/2010
No-named defense excelling for Team USA 2/26/2010
Sing Reviews 2/26/2010
Sports take: Bears' success irrelevant come March 2/26/2010
StuGov should better represent its students 2/26/2010
The last frontier: Knowing 100 times more 2/26/2010
To some, video adds personal touch 2/26/2010
At home, Bears beat Aggies, 70-66 2/25/2010
Baylor student makes history, wins contest 2/25/2010
BU student groups ready for primaries 2/25/2010
Five vie for local House seat 2/25/2010
High fat intake poses major stroke risk to women, study finds 2/25/2010
New technology in copying now available in libraries 2/25/2010
Point of View: Fashion Week shines for last time in Bryant Park 2/25/2010
The race for Texas governor 2/25/2010
Whale kills trainer 2/25/2010
Editorial: Texas legislators should comply with Waco family's push for 'Kari's Law' 2/24/2010
Lariat Letters: Starr's political past, Baylor's future cannot be separated 2/24/2010
Point of View: Tiger Woods: the toughest battles still to come 2/24/2010
Austin man's suicide attack called 'heroic' 2/23/2010
Baylor closes campus beginning at 2 p.m. Tuesday 2/23/2010
Baylor MBA program receives funding gift 2/23/2010
Editorial: Protests, response allow respectful conversation instead of hostility 2/23/2010
El Niño source of odd pattern 2/23/2010
Lady Bears slide past A&M, 65-63 2/23/2010
Lariat Letters: Chance for students to engage in political process 2/23/2010
Pitching delivers Bears opening weekend success 2/23/2010
Point of View: Speed has trumped accuracy in journalism realm 2/23/2010
Waco tea partiers boast importance of Texas primary 2/23/2010
Baseball staves off Duke 2/20/2010
New lineup leads to Lady Bears victory 2/20/2010
Oklahoma State beats No. 22 Bears 82-75 2/20/2010
Basketball tournament for Special Olympics at BU 2/19/2010
Baylor's secret behind dynasties revealed 2/19/2010
Bears split opening day double-header 2/19/2010
Behind Sing: Prop crew keeps show smooth 2/19/2010
Body I.Q Week features Barbie, documentary 2/19/2010
Chamber returns to stage for first time since 1996 2/19/2010
Crash shocks, rattles nerves 2/19/2010
Dealing Aces 2/19/2010
Editorial: Years of success should allow Teach for America to keep federal grant 2/19/2010
Lady Bears yearning for consistency 2/19/2010
Lariat Letters: Does Starr power strengthen Baylor's roots? 2/19/2010
Obama's Tibet trip maddens Chinese 2/19/2010
People's Law School to educate with new courses 2/19/2010
Plane crash ruled deliberate 2/19/2010
Point of View: Courageous movement in skateboard ministry 2/19/2010
Point of View: It's not so easy to follow dreams 2/19/2010
Political forum brings heated issues to table 2/19/2010
Professors drawn to U.S. by academic ambition 2/19/2010
Raven + Lily helps women artisans 2/19/2010
Recipe: Braised Balsamic Chicken and Easy Angel Food Cake 2/19/2010
Sing alumni speak 2/19/2010
Sing takes steps to cut environmental effects 2/19/2010
Softball eager for home-opening tournament 2/19/2010
Steering Committee renews its involvement in Sing 2010 2/19/2010
Team receives grant for research on Boy Scouts 2/19/2010
Three students assaulted on campus 2/19/2010
Without high expectations, Baylor geared to prove doubters 2/19/2010
'Global weirding' rampant 2/18/2010
'Spirit paper' widespread at games 2/18/2010
'The Blind Side' director talks Oscar nominations 2/18/2010
A whole new scale of hot 2/18/2010
Austin Police Chief says crash is 'isolated incident' 2/18/2010
City budgets try to maintain their calm and cool despite snowy weather 2/18/2010
Coroner: British designer McQueen's death is suicide 2/18/2010
Editorial: Nurse acquitted: Bringing justice to unjust situation 2/18/2010
Forty years and still going strong at Baylor 2/18/2010
Judge frees 8 of 10 U.S. missionaries 2/18/2010
Lady Bears maul Tech, 65-48 2/18/2010
Lariat Letters: Pepperdine, Baylor grad praises choice 2/18/2010
Letter from suspected Austin crash pilot found 2/18/2010
Plane crashes into IRS building in Austin 2/18/2010
Point of View: Victory should give New Orleans push to rebuild 2/18/2010
Record-breaking All-American hinges success on work ethic 2/18/2010
Retiring prof: It was a memory, it will be a memory 2/18/2010
Student officers, Starr talk concerns 2/18/2010
Vancouver 2010 Olympics Update 2/18/2010
Vonn clinches gold 2/18/2010
Woods plans to make appearance 2/18/2010
Baylor Bears roll over Red Raiders, 88-70 2/17/2010
Baylor receives grant for sociology research 2/17/2010
Baylor softball struggles, comes out with win against Cougars 2/17/2010
Editorial: Court should rule to protect citizens against terrorist organizations 2/17/2010
Former Nazi Germany citizen shares experience 2/17/2010
Lariat Letters: Five-Starr choice? 2/17/2010
NASA scientist gives fresh perspective on global warming 2/17/2010
New JFK film released 2/17/2010
Point of View: Credibility lost when technology replaces creativity 2/17/2010
Regents approve first engineering doctoral program 2/17/2010
Students protest 'controversial' president 2/17/2010
Welcoming Kenneth Starr 2/17/2010
'Crazy Heart' impresses with simplicity, music and plot 2/16/2010
20/20/20 Vision 2/16/2010
Editorial: Starr is an unconventional, but positive addition 2/16/2010
Point of View: ABC shows journalistic initiative by gaining release of distinctly heart-wrenching 9/11 photos 2/16/2010
Point of View: Baylor falls short of concert-hosting potential 2/16/2010
Presidents of Baylor: Display of leadership and endurance 2/16/2010
Sports writer says Web skills vital 2/16/2010
Starr named 14th president 2/16/2010
Starr's resume illustrates his life 2/16/2010
The more money movies cost, the less money they make 2/16/2010
The road we took 2/16/2010
Baylor announces Kenneth Starr as new president 2/15/2010
Baylor University official statement on new president 2/15/2010
Biography notes: Kenneth Starr 2/15/2010
Udoh carries Baylor to victory with game-winning shot 2/13/2010
'Love a Bear' tour funds scholarships 2/12/2010
'Valentine's Day' produces merry-go-round feeling with many stars 2/12/2010
Acclaimed British designer found dead in home 2/12/2010
Bearathon implements green efforts 2/12/2010
Bill Clinton undergoes common heart procedure 2/12/2010
Canion adds artillery to repertoire 2/12/2010
Dallas All-Star games will be rare, Stern says 2/12/2010
Editorial: DNA: Property of the government 2/12/2010
Haitian judge may set 10 free 2/12/2010
Lady Bears' daunting schedule resumes with trip to Iowa 2/12/2010
Last-minute Valentine's gifts for the forgetful student 2/12/2010
Leading by example, with love and devotion 2/12/2010
Love never fails: Former P.O.W. shares his story 2/12/2010
Obama eyes funding revamp 2/12/2010
Point of View: Peculiarities of Moody enhance college experience 2/12/2010
Politics: Illinois versus New York 2/12/2010
PR Advice from the Hill 2/12/2010
Practice Court builds preparation, friendships 2/12/2010
Recipe: Cherry Berries on a Cloud 2/12/2010
Recipe: Heart Shaped Pizza 2/12/2010
Religion and school in Russia: Not an ideal mix 2/12/2010
Skiers believe Olympics aren't indicative of who's best 2/12/2010
Softball team charges into new season with eager freshmen, polished veterans 2/12/2010
Student Government reaches out to Waco schools 2/12/2010
Three films battle for top holiday spot 2/12/2010
Baylor in Thailand: Mixing adventure, work 2/11/2010
BU Missions prepares for Kenya trip in May 2/11/2010
Career Fair shows promise in job market 2/11/2010
Editorial: NASA needs clear future 2/11/2010
Ellen makes funny Idol debut 2/11/2010
Former Representative Charlie Wilson dies at 76 2/11/2010
Grad program attains national level of approval 2/11/2010
Helping a fellow Bear 2/11/2010
Lady Bears fall to Oklahoma in OT, 62-60 2/11/2010
Lariat Letters: Media is playing into hands of politicians 2/11/2010
Lt. Gov. Dewhurst stresses involvement of youth 2/11/2010
Men's basketball evades Lincoln with 55-53 victory 2/11/2010
No-Skill Fruit Tart 2/11/2010
Point of View: More nominees spur loss in cinema magic 2/11/2010
Snow snarls traffic, forces flight delays in Texas 2/11/2010
Three artists to heat up Common Grounds 2/11/2010
Vonn isn't shying away from lofty expectations 2/11/2010
Baylor grads have televised tailor-made wedding 2/10/2010
Biden providing tranquility for White House team 2/10/2010
Broosova sets record with tennis victory 2/10/2010
Editorial: Better commitment to Bears would prove loyalty 2/10/2010
Everybody is doing it: yoga, anywhere 2/10/2010
Faculty Senate focuses on presidential search, summer school, lecturers 2/10/2010
Freshmen BIC students take cultural field trip 2/10/2010
Grant funds church studies 2/10/2010
Griner elevates presence in wake of injured captain 2/10/2010
Love-struck showcase opens 2/10/2010
Men's tennis pummels UT-Pan Am, 7-0 2/10/2010
Saints' win becomes highest-viewed television event ever 2/10/2010
Snowstorm shuts down Washington 2/10/2010
The Baer Necessities: Saints fans deserved victory 2/10/2010
Varied views on U.S. terror 2/10/2010
Bears go 4-4 in first half of Big 12 2/9/2010
Bingo Walk promotes health, fun, unity 2/9/2010
Editorial: Attempted child-smuggling in Haiti 2/9/2010
First Lady fights childhood obesity 2/9/2010
Lariat Letters: Idea: Game day for all majors 2/9/2010
Michael Jackson's doctor pleads not guilty 2/9/2010
Point of View: Immortal Ten: Reminder in appreciation 2/9/2010
Point of View: Ten reasons to love sports 2/9/2010
Professors unveil study tactic 2/9/2010
Walmart backs Habitat's green home 2/9/2010
Yeasayer's latest album is top-heavy but good 2/9/2010
Men's hoops fall to Texas A&M, 78-71 2/6/2010
A long trip from 'Oprah' show to Congo 2/5/2010
All for ONE, two groups unite 2/5/2010
Baylor chosen for three-year science grant 2/5/2010
Bears anticipate battle against Aggies 2/5/2010
Editorial: Ad industry creates promising compromise for marketing 2/5/2010
Globe-trotting prof brings world to class 2/5/2010
Harts carving out 'Hall of Fame career' 2/5/2010
Lariat Letters: Obama's tactics, basketball fans, and abortion doctor 2/5/2010
Loan plan bolsters college hopefuls 2/5/2010
Possible lead in massacre 2/5/2010
Several factors define alumni independence 2/5/2010
Sparks' sixth movie adaptation proves mastery of romantic tales 2/5/2010
Super recipes for the Super Bowl 2/5/2010
Waco Transit to add more vans to fleet for increased availability 2/5/2010
Barack Obama: entertainment star or president? 2/4/2010
Basketball storms past Cyclones 2/4/2010
Border fence plagued by glitches, delays 2/4/2010
Briles snags top backyard talent 2/4/2010
Business team gains experience at competition 2/4/2010
Chinese New Year to be better cultural experience 2/4/2010
Dawn of a new era 2/4/2010
Former POW to release book 2/4/2010
Haunted Hippodrome 2/4/2010
Junior charged with possession of child porn 2/4/2010
Marketing prof wins Davidson for dissertation 2/4/2010
Nearby area ranks ninth for crime 2/4/2010
Point of View: Reflection on the highs and lows of growing up 2/4/2010
Point of View: Roeder trial should be wake-up call to Christian church 2/4/2010
Reel World Sense: Oscar winners and losers 2/4/2010
Stars unite to remake 'We Are the World' for Haiti 2/4/2010
Toyota extends hours for recall 2/4/2010
Uproar artist uses God's creation as inspiration 2/4/2010
'The Hurt Locker' and 'Avatar' battle it out at Oscars 2/3/2010
A world's aid stalled in Haiti 2/3/2010
Al-Qaida expected to attempt U.S. attack 2/3/2010
Baylor football signing list 2/3/2010
Baylor Theatre prepares for debut of 'The Seagull' 2/3/2010
Bears for Life to show screening of documentary 2/3/2010
BU students 'gear up' for teaching 2/3/2010
Editorial: Perry's refusal of education funds -- nothing but politics 2/3/2010
Editorial: Purification system encourages application of classroom learning 2/3/2010
Ex-Bear starring for Globetrotters 2/3/2010
From land to sea: Research in the Gulf of Mexico 2/3/2010
Heavy rains make Lake Waco spill over, flood 2/3/2010
Men's tennis seizes Indoor Nationals bid 2/3/2010
Point of View: James O'Keefe's journalistic conservative scandal is charade, at best 2/3/2010
Point of View: Salinger leaves gift of courage to adoring fans 2/3/2010
BU's tireless efforts rewarded in Austin 2/2/2010
Editorial: For President Obama, Wednesday's disappointment is Thursday's triumph 2/2/2010
Endowed professorships awarded 2/2/2010
Helping Haiti: Night of tunes to raise funds 2/2/2010
Helping Haiti: Off-the-wall cause aids Haiti 2/2/2010
Hutchison: Perry listens to lobbyists, not Texans 2/2/2010
Lariat Letters: Newspaper industry headed in right direction 2/2/2010
More talk, less action in latest Gibson film 2/2/2010
New 'One Waco' book spotlights childhood poverty 2/2/2010
Point of View: France should maintain full fashion freedom 2/2/2010
Religion in America: A marketplace of variety 2/2/2010
Gaps emerging in US census outreach to immigrants 2/1/2010
Investors miss bid deadline for Astros 2/1/2010