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News Archives for Sept. 2009

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Story Date
'Baghdad ER' turns off the lights 9/30/2009
34 dead as tsunami hits Samoas 9/30/2009
Befriending society's fringe 9/30/2009
Boutique expands Waco's shopping selections 9/30/2009
BU defense further depleted with Baker's injury 9/30/2009
Chapel set to offer alternatives in 2010 9/30/2009
Editorial: Student leaders must openly communicate with students 9/30/2009
EU report: Georgian attack started war with Russia 9/30/2009
Lariat Letters: lab tech defends Fine Arts basics, grad student mourns for RG3 9/30/2009
Local Dairy Queen robbed 9/30/2009
New iTunes site features free audio, video files 9/30/2009
Point of View: EVP encourages community involvement 9/30/2009
Prison sought for 26 Americans in CIA case 9/30/2009
Senate panel rejects insurance option 9/30/2009
'Surrogates' fails to substitute good sci-fi 9/29/2009
Barrymore and Page team up in 'Whip It' 9/29/2009
Bears' lopsided win overshadowed by injuries 9/29/2009
Campaign targets military teens' alcohol, drug use 9/29/2009
Editorial: Fist bump less of an issue than reported by other media outlets 9/29/2009
French minister defends filmmaker 9/29/2009
Lariat Letters: Two alumni share questions, comments on BAA merger proposal 9/29/2009
Law students buy participation grade 9/29/2009
NATO leader agrees war strategy should be reviewed 9/29/2009
NYC terror suspect pleads not guilty, kept in jail 9/29/2009
Point of View: Music alleviates strained moods 9/29/2009
Recruiter brings experince of Peace Corps 9/29/2009
Season ends for Griffin, Baker 9/29/2009
Service group searching for future student leaders 9/29/2009
Students, Garland discuss alumni proposal 9/29/2009
Tamer's Twelve 9/29/2009
The new All-American sport: recycling 9/29/2009
Gas dips below $2.50 for first time in 2 months 9/28/2009
Iran tests most advanced missiles 9/28/2009
Olympics plea: Obama's risks, possible reward 9/28/2009
Bears wins highest-scoring game in 67 years 9/27/2009
Acoustic artists talk tunes 9/25/2009
Baylor soccer loses 1-0 in conference opener 9/25/2009
Bears back to work 9/25/2009
Blink-182 reunites, goes on tour after 6-year breakup 9/25/2009
Browned-butter pecan pie 9/25/2009
Consul General warns about global effect of man 9/25/2009
Delays prevalent in soldiers' school funds 9/25/2009
Editorial: Environmental health major great addition to curriculum 9/25/2009
Faith and the South 9/25/2009
Griffin determined to revert to previous run success 9/25/2009
Lariat Letters: Student questions role of mortality rates, pre-natal care in health care reports 9/25/2009
Man behind the lens 9/25/2009
Point of View: Lariat has many uses- umbrella, anyone? 9/25/2009
Sports Briefs 9/25/2009
Student senators question alumni proposal 9/25/2009
The Art of recruiting 9/25/2009
U.S. jobless claims fall 9/25/2009
Warnings of door-to-door scammers promote safety 9/25/2009
Weekly NCAA picks 9/25/2009
Wild West Bike Tour celebrates 25 years of fundraising 9/25/2009
Bears of the Week 9/24/2009
Bears upset Cyclones in historic match 9/24/2009
China: Sanctions not the way push Iran on nukes 9/24/2009
Dropping soles to kindred souls 9/24/2009
Editorial: Student Aid Act crucial for students, nation's economy 9/24/2009
Film presentation to spark health care discussion 9/24/2009
Flavored cigarettes go up in smoke 9/24/2009
House passes bill stopping Medicare premium hikes 9/24/2009
Huge California wildfire on verge of containment 9/24/2009
International students seek welcome, connect with peers 9/24/2009
Kill it like Christenson 9/24/2009
Lariat Letters: Associate professor of philosophy agrees CLs need single room, encourages Baylor 2012 9/24/2009
Latest 'Halo' game receives high marks 9/24/2009
New book delves into president's relationship 9/24/2009
Photo: I am woman, watch me pledge 9/24/2009
Point of View: Baylor's lower-level art classes should allow self-expression 9/24/2009
Potato farmer's holy grail: McDonald's french fries 9/24/2009
Residents complain about CL residency requirements 9/24/2009
Soccer team's offensive improvement readies it for Big 12, coach says 9/24/2009
Teacher killed at Texas high school; teen held 9/24/2009
U.N. chief demands greater efforts for global peace 9/24/2009
Women's golf captures third place finish 9/24/2009
Yearlong interim approved as director of Armstrong Browning 9/24/2009
25 percent Waco adults uneducated 9/23/2009
BAA considers proposal to join with university 9/23/2009
Confidant: Kennedys want ex-DNC chairman in Senate 9/23/2009
Editorial: Give thanks for economy's upturn 9/23/2009
Entrepreneurship program jumps in rankings 9/23/2009
Facebook to end Beacon tracking in settlement 9/23/2009
Families hope to speak to US hikers held in Iran 9/23/2009
Mission Waco volunteers walk to aid homeless 9/23/2009
One Book, One Waco editor visits campus 9/23/2009
Photo: Lounging Back in Time 9/23/2009
Photo: Simply Stunning Symphonic Band 9/23/2009
Plans for Brazos cleanup in the bag 9/23/2009
Point of View: Most modern music has lost meaning 9/23/2009
Point of View: Prank brings remembrance of safety tips 9/23/2009
Reel World Sense: Television writers should emotionally invest 9/23/2009
Senate Democrats propose surveillance law changes 9/23/2009
Sports Take: Cowboys stadium brings special ambiance 9/23/2009
Taking center stage: Senior offensive lineman inherits leadership role 9/23/2009
'Cloudy' faithfully recreates children's book 9/22/2009
Baylor Alumni Association questions university's merger proposal 9/22/2009
Baylor initiatives charity involvement with United Way 9/22/2009
BearBills brings new services 9/22/2009
Bears learn from loss 9/22/2009
Cody captures teenage angst in 'Jennifer's Body' 9/22/2009
Deposed Honduran president holed up in embassy 9/22/2009
Drug, alcohol violations on continuous decline since 2001 9/22/2009
Editorial: Congress makes admirable advances to suspend ACORN money 9/22/2009
Freshman class elects officers 9/22/2009
Lariat Letter 9/22/2009
Leading researchers join Baylor faculty 9/22/2009
Mideast summit unlikely to relaunch peace talks 9/22/2009
More troops needed, general says 9/22/2009
Photo: CD release draws a 'Crowd' 9/22/2009
Photo: That Good Old Baylor Line 9/22/2009
Point of View: Campus housing begins to feel like home, after relocating to off-campus housing 9/22/2009
Regents propose alumni merger 9/22/2009
Saudi to launch elite science, tech university 9/22/2009
Sports Briefs 9/22/2009
Store robbed, man arrested 9/22/2009
Students expand cross-culturally 9/22/2009
Tamer's Twelve 9/22/2009
UConn offense slows Baylor drive 9/22/2009
UConn beats Bears, 30-22. 9/19/2009
After bye week, Bears poised for home opener 9/18/2009
After tough loss, volleyball rolls on 9/18/2009
Autism center aims to provide resources, help 9/18/2009
Baylor alum enjoys success as ESPN host 9/18/2009
Baylor defense prepares for unfamiliar run game 9/18/2009
Baylor's student record label seeking talent 9/18/2009
Baylor's top tweets 9/18/2009
Business students give back 9/18/2009
Captain leads by example 9/18/2009
Cowboys' DeCamillis role model for team 9/18/2009
Editorial: Public figures must hold themselves to higher standards 9/18/2009
Fashion Week brings new trends to life 9/18/2009
Former astronaut to talk of NASA experience 9/18/2009
Former Briles' quarterback gets opportunity to start for Eagles 9/18/2009
Former fireman handles heat of battling defenses 9/18/2009
H1N1 claims 99 percent of Texas cases 9/18/2009
Health care bill to impact young graduates 9/18/2009
Historic broadcasting program goes off the air 9/18/2009
Hockey team starts seasons, hopes for recognition 9/18/2009
House votes to deny all federal funds for ACORN 9/18/2009
Instructor recognized for child obesity research 9/18/2009
Librarian creates innovative additions for students 9/18/2009
Man charged for murder in Yale student case 9/18/2009
Network connects alumni community worldwide 9/18/2009
Obama junks Bush's European defense plan 9/18/2009
Point of View: Garage elevators poorly represent Baylor facilities 9/18/2009
Point of View: Working daily with the weight of words 9/18/2009
Professor researches in Turkey, values culture 9/18/2009
Rangers' struggles dampen morale 9/18/2009
Sierra Club to host Waco event supporting EPA 9/18/2009
Student Senate 9/18/2009
Tailgate recipes help on game day 9/18/2009
Talent show gathers campus wide participants 9/18/2009
Veteran, rookie runners thrive off each other 9/18/2009
Waco festival attracts artists 9/18/2009
Baylor's top tweets 9/17/2009
Editorial: More stringent nuclear policy warranted if Iran's lack of cooperation continues 9/17/2009
Point of View: CL's job proves difficult with roommate 9/17/2009
Point of View: Hurricane Ike's anniversary prompts remembrance 9/17/2009
Professor researches in Turkey, values culture 9/17/2009
Sports Take: Professional athletes' tempers out of control 9/17/2009
Tragedy sparks campus safety precautions 9/17/2009
Wild pitch decides Reds' 6-5 win over Astros 9/17/2009
Baylor police involved in late-night car chase 9/16/2009
Baylor, Big 12 talk tech 9/16/2009
Campus sports continue success 9/16/2009
Cheap eats under $10 9/16/2009
Foreign students in good PAWS 9/16/2009
Hybrid major offers high job potential 9/16/2009
Longhorns beat Lady Bears in opener, ruin winning streak 9/16/2009
Marvel, DC games aim to recreate lives of classic superheroes 9/16/2009
Printmaking: An art 9/16/2009
Professor earns congressional recognition 9/16/2009
Study: Sleep habits affect weight gain, study skills 9/16/2009
UC officials push for steep tuition increases 9/16/2009
UConn battles injuries, illness before Baylor game 9/16/2009
Bears begin Big 12 slate 9/15/2009
Blockbuster contemplating 960 closures 9/15/2009
Campus gets Crowd-ed 9/15/2009
Carter: Wilson's public outburst 'based on racism' 9/15/2009
Damon brings irreverent 'Informant' to life 9/15/2009
Editorial: President deserves citizens' respect 9/15/2009
Former models weigh in on CW's 'Beautiful Life' 9/15/2009
Point of View: Bad sportsmanship incited player's punch 9/15/2009
Point of View: Inspiration in former first lady 9/15/2009
Pregnancy center brings Huckabee, raises awareness 9/15/2009
Recent graduates find relief in payment plans 9/15/2009
Revenge not source of motivation for Longhorns 9/15/2009
School benefits from national 'box top' program 9/15/2009
Sports take: Media's obsession with USC's Barkley overbearing 9/15/2009
'Sorority' girls can't make slasher film worthwhile 9/14/2009
'Whiteout' too bland to keep viewers' attention 9/14/2009
African professor fills void 9/14/2009
Campus Kitchen grows, provides nourishment 9/14/2009
Editorial: Baylor seeks truth with sexual misconduct research 9/14/2009
Extra tailgating, parking for 2009 9/14/2009
Health center overflowing with clients 9/14/2009
International Ministry team helps students transition 9/14/2009
Mike Huckabee to visit Waco, speak on life 9/14/2009
Point of View: Neon fashions prove faux pas 9/14/2009
Point of View: Procrastination can build character, if you hold off long enough 9/14/2009
Sports take: Tamer's Twelve 9/14/2009
Students offer language help 9/14/2009
Sustainability Committee helps students help environment 9/14/2009
Swayze dies at 57 9/14/2009
Volleyball wins tourney, earns national ranking 9/14/2009
Yale lab killing was not at random, police say 9/14/2009
'Just Give Me Jesus' returns to campus, speaks of God 9/11/2009
40 percent jobless in journalism career field 9/11/2009
Austin quartet brings ambience to music scene 9/11/2009
Beatlemania returns 29 years after breakup 9/11/2009
Briles keeps team composed after poll recognition 9/11/2009
Editorial: Proposed Senate bill on texting beneficial to drivers 9/11/2009
Freshmen: larger class, lower scores 9/11/2009
Law students venture south of border for experience 9/11/2009
Letter: Hairstylst column proves buzz-worthy 9/11/2009
Museum on hunt for Sept. 11 videos 9/11/2009
Outburst surprises South Carolina voters 9/11/2009
Point of View: Nostalgic outlook brings future to mind 9/11/2009
Point of View: Surprising finds in Waco 9/11/2009
Rookie soccer player creating impact 9/11/2009
Rookie soccer player creating impact 9/11/2009
Rugby looking to repeat history 9/11/2009
Sports take: Baylor deserves men's soccer program 9/11/2009
Students intern in New York 9/11/2009
Ex-Tech player holdout detrimental to team, image 9/10/2009
Gettis expects strong senior year 9/10/2009
Graphics overshadow plot in '9' 9/10/2009
Jay-Z creates colossus with latest 'Blueprint' 9/10/2009
Man hijacks Mexican plane after 'revelation' 9/10/2009
Men's golf benefits from Michigan State transfer 9/10/2009
New survey notes ethnic races at BU 9/10/2009
Study abroad fair offers cultural opportunities 9/10/2009
'Gamer' makes audience wish for game over 9/9/2009
Backpacking through Europe 9/9/2009
Baylor professor receives excellence award 9/9/2009
Degree program expands students' views in Nashville 9/9/2009
Editorial: Outdated accommodations create classroom inequalities 9/9/2009
Eighth straight win for Bears 9/9/2009
Faculty Senate focuses on attendance policy 9/9/2009
Hand scanners bring convenience to SLC 9/9/2009
Latest Austen parody serves up monsters 9/9/2009
New pre-health director keeps future in mind 9/9/2009
Obama addresses Senate, talks on stopping bickering 9/9/2009
Point of View: Corrupt system in dire need of reform 9/9/2009
Point of View: European culture discovered, appreciated during time abroad 9/9/2009
Point of View: Sporting events enhance college experience 9/9/2009
Sunbright Disposal works to encourage recycling in Waco 9/9/2009
Survey looks at abuse, clergy 9/9/2009
Tamer's Twelve 9/9/2009
The Baer Necessities: Wake Forest win polluted with subplots 9/9/2009
Bears win, garner votes in rankings 9/8/2009
Drug Arrest at The Arbors 9/8/2009
Editorial: Foreign language requirements abound with inconsistencies 9/8/2009
New features, structure set for Chapel 9/8/2009
Point of View: Imperative II offers parking solution 9/8/2009
Texas tops bureau's uninsured list 9/8/2009
Washington St. outbreak may be easing 9/8/2009
VICTORY: Baylor football secures 24-21 win 9/5/2009
Alum opens art gallery 9/4/2009
Late Baylor photographer named national finalist 9/4/2009
One Book, One Waco announces fall selection 9/4/2009
Swine flu scare worries those attending Westfest 9/4/2009
18 die in drug center murders 9/3/2009
Baylor, Wake Forest face similar challenge 9/3/2009
Bears headed to battle Deacons 9/3/2009
BU joins service learning initiative 9/3/2009
Editorial: Baylor's campus master plan threatens student culture 9/3/2009
Former Baylor greats give 49ers fan hope 9/3/2009
Graduate school council self-evaluates policies 9/3/2009
It's bowl or nothing for Baylor in 2009 9/3/2009
Letter: Upperclassmen should explore parking options 9/3/2009
Men's golf unable to retain lead 9/3/2009
New lab to study paleoclimatology 9/3/2009
NFL All-Star gives back to Waco 9/3/2009
Point of View: A haircut in Waco spells disaster 9/3/2009
Point of View: Capital offers learning, exposure 9/3/2009
Protesters let off steam at local tea party 9/3/2009
Student upset by lack of free parking spaces 9/3/2009
Waco mayor, city officials to visit Dr. Pepper hour 9/3/2009
'First clown in space' has serious mission goals 9/2/2009
American to cut 921 flight attendants jobs 9/2/2009
Best-selling Bible to undergo revision 9/2/2009
Cricket influx disturbs students 9/2/2009
Current student Web site gets makeover, provides information 9/2/2009
Dating doctor to bring students advice, humor 9/2/2009
Decline in parking sparks student interest 9/2/2009
Earthquake leaves 44 dead, dozens missing in Indonesia 9/2/2009
Editorial: BU's reaction plan to swine flu commendable 9/2/2009
Editorial: Health care reform can wait 9/2/2009
Erich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops director, dies at age 74 9/2/2009
Families, friends of detained hikers speak out 9/2/2009
Hippodrome revives classics for new generation 9/2/2009
Lecture to discuss Facebook, life 9/2/2009
Letter: Economics professor speaks out about government 9/2/2009
Letter: MLB steroid argument should be put to rest 9/2/2009
Napolitano: 'Big Influx' of new infections likely 9/2/2009
Nursing school turns 100, celebrates with yearlong event 9/2/2009
Oil company drills deepest well in Gulf of Mexico 9/2/2009
Organization links business, environment 9/2/2009
Point of View: Fiji water furthers fads 9/2/2009
Point of View: Media building needs revamp 9/2/2009
Point of View: Scenic route brings pleasant surprises 9/2/2009
Point of View: Small decisions yield real meaning 9/2/2009
Research fuels student fellowship abroad 9/2/2009
Self-defense program focuses on women's safety, concerns 9/2/2009
Senior volleyball player enjoys last season 9/2/2009
Southwest adds charge to board sooner 9/2/2009
Students prepare for social work project in Kenya 9/2/2009
Tenured team, coach face promising season 9/2/2009
The Used merges new styles to create "Artwork" 9/2/2009
US fares poorly in child welfare survey 9/2/2009
Waco aims for greenest city 9/2/2009
Waco residents favor Baylor's community involvement 9/2/2009
Central Texas H1N1 cases increase 9/1/2009
Economists demystify link between health care, national debt 9/1/2009
Editorial: Patience for presidential search 9/1/2009
Engineers With a Mission aid Honduras, Rwanda 9/1/2009
Lariat Letters: Mother of two praises Baylor's BearBucks policy 9/1/2009
Meaning of Ramadan lies in sacrifice 9/1/2009
Point of View: Steroids in MLB tarnish image 9/1/2009
Police release footage of theft suspect 9/1/2009
Second-year coach places odds on playing Lotto 9/1/2009
Soccer team battling for Big 12 respect 9/1/2009
Sports Take: Last season's record not indicative of team's success 9/1/2009
Students research together, look deeper into Waco water 9/1/2009
Well-known member of Baylor family passes 9/1/2009