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News Archives for Dec. 2009

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Story Date
Griner gets first triple-double in Lady Bears history 12/16/2009
Volleyball falls at NCAA Regional Semifinal 12/11/2009
Griner leads No. 8 Lady Bears past Louisiana Tech 12/5/2009
Volleyball wins NCAA first and second rounds 12/5/2009
'Ceremony of Carols' serves as study break 12/4/2009
2012 vision provokes discord among students 12/4/2009
Afghanistan needs additional schools, not more troops 12/4/2009
Assistant Dean talks on perks of campus living 12/4/2009
Australian man dives face-first into deadly jellyfish 12/4/2009
Baylor dad directs upcoming Disney film 12/4/2009
Baylor declines BAA's contact list request 12/4/2009
Baylor expresses concern for housing 12/4/2009
Briles, Baylor bid farewell to football seniors 12/4/2009
Carter scores 27, Baylor tops Arizona State 64-61 12/4/2009
Christmas CD, concert blend music, philanthropy 12/4/2009
Editorial: Extra wellness class for Lincoln University students with high BMI unfair requirement for graduating 12/4/2009
Fleeing robbers injure 4 at day care center 12/4/2009
Harrington to house art annex 12/4/2009
India to slow carbon emissions growth 12/4/2009
Local ranch raises rare breed of cattle 12/4/2009
McLennan County employment increases 12/4/2009
Mulkey's emphasis on defense defines team success 12/4/2009
Pakistan: We need more clarity on US plan 12/4/2009
Point of View: Inadequate parking causes frustration in staff writer 12/4/2009
Push Play seeks a Juliet with hit single 'Midnight Romeo' 12/4/2009
Reel World Sense: Year provides renewed perspective 12/4/2009
US to open against England at World Cup 12/4/2009
YouTube star climbs charts with popular debut album 12/4/2009
'Zoo Studio' brings out its musical wild side 12/3/2009
Annual Civil War re-enactment relives hard times 12/3/2009
Baylor family texts and drives despite dangers 12/3/2009
Baylor graduation goes green with caps and gowns, promotes recycling 12/3/2009
Editorial: New college ranking system gives more accurate view 12/3/2009
Hasan faces attempted murder 12/3/2009
McCoy leads Heisman race heading into Big 12 Championship Game 12/3/2009
Men's basketball travels to Arizona for Big 12/Pac-10 Challenge 12/3/2009
Music books follow legendary artists' exploits 12/3/2009
Point of View: Females often under unreasonable appearance pressure 12/3/2009
Point of View: Living in Waco: It's what you make it 12/3/2009
Saturday contest reunites hall of famers 12/3/2009
Student tells of lessons learned 12/3/2009
Study: Spirituality peaks in college 12/3/2009
Texting while driving proves risky 12/3/2009
Tiger Woods speaks for first time since accident 12/3/2009
Troops hopeful plan will wind down war 12/3/2009
'Up in the Air' director centers on lonely characters 12/2/2009
AT&T, Verizon end lawsuits over cell ads 12/2/2009
Athletic chaplain embraces role for Baylor students-athletes 12/2/2009
Conference held for AIDS awareness 12/2/2009
Editorial: President Obama's plan courageously, responsibly crosses political lines 12/2/2009
Exit plan will boost troops in Afghanistan war 12/2/2009
Lariat Letters: Gender discrimination, student loan debt 12/2/2009
Legendary Florida State football coach retires 12/2/2009
Local band exhibits love for music, performing 12/2/2009
Mammoth site to open to public 12/2/2009
Point of View: Teach for America combats poverty with education 12/2/2009
Protesters seek war's end 12/2/2009
Seattle police kill suspect in officer slayings 12/2/2009
Site ranks BU top seven nationwide 12/2/2009
Skeptical Dems told 30,000 more troops can win war 12/2/2009
Unemployment rises in almost half of metro areas 12/2/2009
'It is a kingly act to assist the fallen' 12/1/2009
'Ninja Assassin' mortally wounds audience's intelligence 12/1/2009
Bomber kills anti-Taliban lawmaker in Pakistan 12/1/2009
December Madness 12/1/2009
Deeper look: Jimmy Dorrell 12/1/2009
Director encounters difficulty adapting 'The Road' 12/1/2009
Editorial: Court should rule in favor of lender in student loan case 12/1/2009
Eviction hoax startles, confuses Waco residents 12/1/2009
Extending help to the classroom 12/1/2009
Football season ends with disheartening defeat 12/1/2009
Going green could mean saving money 12/1/2009
Italy may accept more Gitmo detainees 12/1/2009
Kennedy heralds health care reform 12/1/2009
Lariat Letters: Atheist article wonderfully unbiased 12/1/2009
Lariat Lettesr: Remembering nearby factory 12/1/2009
Movement under way in California to ban divorce 12/1/2009
Obama orders troops abroad 12/1/2009
Point of View: Noble journalist leaves mark on Lariat writer 12/1/2009
Salahi denies being White House party crasher 12/1/2009
Salvation Army serves poor in community 12/1/2009
Sports Take: Press box takes backseat to stadium's spectacles 12/1/2009
Suspect in coffee shop killing eludes law in Seattle 12/1/2009
Theater, holiday events fill university calendar 12/1/2009