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News Archives for Nov. 2009

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Story Date
House panel sets hearing on White House breach 11/30/2009
Mysterious 'Saddam Channel' drops off Iraqi TV 11/30/2009
Russian train toll hits 26; Police release sketch 11/30/2009
Bears late rally insufficient, fall to Texas Tech 20-13 11/28/2009
Baylor eliminated from bowl contention with disparaging loss to Texas A&M 11/21/2009
Baylor vs. Texas Tech: Still something to play for 11/21/2009
'New Moon' barely delivers on massive hype 11/20/2009
Atheism: Striving for knowledge, but not faith 11/20/2009
Bowl implications enhance Battle of the Brazos 11/20/2009
BRIC: An economic force for Waco 11/20/2009
Editorial: Court-ordered demolition unjust in McGregor cat-rescuer's situation 11/20/2009
Global Community serves tea, learns about cultures 11/20/2009
Group traps UCLA regents in building 11/20/2009
Journalism lecturer bikes for dream, charity 11/20/2009
Point of View: 2012 paranoia yielding undue concern 11/20/2009
Point of View: Sleep lacking from college-student lifestyle 11/20/2009
Reel World Sense: 'Twilight' saga outpaces classics 11/20/2009
Texas prisoner executed after pardon denied 11/20/2009
Volleyball faces stiff test in home finale 11/20/2009
'The Gift of Thanks': When gratitude itself can be a gift 11/19/2009
Baylor athletes remain at top of class 11/19/2009
Baylor Religious Hour presents 'Cocoa, Christmas and Carols' 11/19/2009
BU prof talks on drugs at Harvard 11/19/2009
Editorial: New Waco lofts blend urban living, cheap prices 11/19/2009
FDA to evaluate combinations of alcohol, caffeine 11/19/2009
Germany calls for binding climate deal in 2010 11/19/2009
Inconsistencies fluster Baylor, Texas A&M 11/19/2009
Lariat Letters: All men have inalienable rights 11/19/2009
Lecturer gives spinach dip recipe 11/19/2009
Navy finds lax behavior on sub in collision 11/19/2009
New Lutheran body to form after gay pastor vote 11/19/2009
Obama answers questions from top Cuban blogger 11/19/2009
Point of View: Views on life, death bring humanity to forefront 11/19/2009
Police with beanbag guns at UCLA fee hike protest 11/19/2009
Runner's aspirations place her at head of the pack 11/19/2009
Search engine leaps beyond common abilities 11/19/2009
Senate's health care bill bottom line: $849 billion 11/19/2009
Source says ex-official will head Fort Hood review 11/19/2009
Students cash in on geocaches around campus 11/19/2009
Switchfoot finds itself in creation of new album 11/19/2009
Tamer's 12: Big 12 North unproven 11/19/2009
Uproar's Greenway has big plans, vision for music 11/19/2009
Volleyball suffers defeat 11/19/2009
Women and higher education 11/19/2009
Bishops discuss authority over Catholic colleges 11/18/2009
China govt pleased but ordinary folk cool on Obama 11/18/2009
Clifton Robinson: Our roots are here 11/18/2009
Editorial: White House should slow down on passing health care bill 11/18/2009
Food for thought: Ending Texas hunger 11/18/2009
Former Mafia boss shares views on women in business 11/18/2009
Journalism professor recognized for latest book 11/18/2009
Lady Bears beats Eagles, 100-55 11/18/2009
Law school to promote National Adoption Day 11/18/2009
Point of View: Compassion International allows people to look outside themselves 11/18/2009
Point of View: Sept. 11 terrorists should be handled differently 11/18/2009
Schwarzenegger rules out another run for office 11/18/2009
Seniors aim to leave legacy 11/18/2009
'2012' delivers realistic special effects, little plot 11/17/2009
Afghans say attack in east shows Taliban strength 11/17/2009
Airlines boost peak-day surcharges 11/17/2009
Army suicides to top 2008, but progress reported 11/17/2009
BAA not invited to graduation 11/17/2009
Bears complete three-game marathon unscathed 11/17/2009
Charting a course for defense in Fort Hood shooting rampage 11/17/2009
China, Obama disagree on freedom 11/17/2009
Controversial church largely ignored 11/17/2009
Editorial: Fed changes overdraft fees; college students rejoice 11/17/2009
Fellows gives pre-meds post-graduation flexibility 11/17/2009
Football still clinging to bowl hopes 11/17/2009
Lariat Letters: Students, faculty must lose intolerance for truly academic environment 11/17/2009
Local church tries to bring the world home 11/17/2009
NC searchers find body of missing 5-year-old girl 11/17/2009
Obama urges delay of Fort Hood probe 11/17/2009
Point of View: Fasting shifts focus from outside world to spiritual disciplines 11/17/2009
Reel World Sense: Remaking classic films taints originals 11/17/2009
Steppin' Out helps students interact in Waco community 11/17/2009
Women's basketball suffers opening loss against Lady Vols 11/17/2009
Astronauts board space shuttle Atlantis for launch 11/16/2009
Gasoline prices remain near 2009 high 11/16/2009
Judge frees Rwandan, overturns genocide conviction 11/16/2009
Udoh hits game-winning shot to catapult Baylor 71-69 11/15/2009
Baylor rattled by No. 2 Longhorn elevens 11/14/2009
Annual book sale relies on volunteers, donations to benefit Waco community 11/13/2009
Association aims to improve graduate student life 11/13/2009
BU officials: Funds fine despite loss 11/13/2009
Carter prepared to inherit leadership role for Baylor 11/13/2009
Country band Gloriana makes big debut with Swift 11/13/2009
DASHing through Waco on a big yellow bus 11/13/2009
Dunn explodes for 32 points in Bears' season-opening victory 11/13/2009
Editorial: Proposition Four is great addition to research, state 11/13/2009
Football welcomes challenge of spoiler role 11/13/2009
Fulbright program creates post-graduation opportunity 11/13/2009
Hasan gets 13 counts of murder 11/13/2009
Lariat Letters: Kistler not good source for Fort Hood article 11/13/2009
Lariat Letters: Trafficking article real reminder of important issue 11/13/2009
Latest Switchfoot album resonates with longtime fans 11/13/2009
Lucado: Imagine your life without fear 11/13/2009
Obama promises clear mission for U.S. troops 11/13/2009
Point of View: Making the most of what we have 11/13/2009
Prominent coaches to face off Sunday 11/13/2009
Prosecutors attempt to seize 4 mosques, tower linked to Iran 11/13/2009
Reel World Sense: Stop with the computer animation 11/13/2009
Texas gas emissions rate down 11/13/2009
Transitioning into a new era 11/13/2009
'Sesame Street' characters continue to entertain after 40 years 11/12/2009
4-year graduation now difficult feat 11/12/2009
Army: Fort Hood suspect charged with murder 11/12/2009
BRIC: A place for engineers' research 11/12/2009
Conference sets focus on information technology 11/12/2009
Editorial: Tweets flying unbridled 11/12/2009
Fort Hood suspect drew concern of superiors months ago 11/12/2009
Green supporters suggest less driving, more walking 11/12/2009
Lariat Letters: Give empty stadium space to men and women of Fort Hood 11/12/2009
Lucado, Baylor daughter share life stories 11/12/2009
No. 3 recruit signs to play with Bears 11/12/2009
Norway: Kidnapped journalist freed in Afghanistan 11/12/2009
Obama wants war options changed 11/12/2009
Point of View: Bears for Life president asks for bill that protects all life 11/12/2009
Point of View: Beauty found in unlikely sport 11/12/2009
Second-half stinginess 11/12/2009
Uproar artist finds solace in creating music 11/12/2009
Volleyball wins game in 3 sets 11/12/2009
Volunteers make Christmas blessed for less fortunate 11/12/2009
Women face tough choices on abortion coverage 11/12/2009
Affordable events for the week 11/11/2009
Azerbaijan opposition bloggers sentenced to jail 11/11/2009
Cowboys driving into Green Bay showdown 11/11/2009
Editorial: Fort Hood tragedy proves every threat should be taken seriously 11/11/2009
Faculty Senate discusses Baylor Alumni Association 11/11/2009
Fort Hood Memorial Service 11/11/2009
Iran condemns Oxford for honoring slain protester 11/11/2009
Lariat Letters: Diversity vital to student development at Baylor 11/11/2009
McCain calls Fort Hood shooting an 'act of terror' 11/11/2009
Point of View: Remembering veterans on this day 11/11/2009
School of Music takes it 'From the Top' 11/11/2009
Speech evokes varying reactions 11/11/2009
Tamer's 12: Texas is still the best team in the Big 12 11/11/2009
Telling soldiers' untold stories 11/11/2009
Top chefs from Baylor teach green cooking 11/11/2009
Baylor students sweep contest, learn diplomacy 11/10/2009
Bin Laden appears on al-Qaida videos found in Chicago home 11/10/2009
Celebrating 20 years since fall of Berlin Wall 11/10/2009
Choir brings back worship hour 11/10/2009
Clooney and crew 'Stare' down conventional story 11/10/2009
Community offers support in aftermath 11/10/2009
Crew establishes precedent with seventh-place finish 11/10/2009
DC sniper's execution set for Tuesday night 11/10/2009
Documentary to highlight human trafficking awareness 11/10/2009
Editorial: Soda tax not correct method of alleviating obesity in U.S. 11/10/2009
English professor receives award for book on Twain 11/10/2009
Florence's record-setting day escalates Baylor past Mizzou 11/10/2009
Ida weakens to a depression, heads east to Fla. 11/10/2009
Journalism professor shares seasonal family recipe 11/10/2009
Lariat Letters: Organization's views do not match rest of university 11/10/2009
Lariat Letters: Tuition increase especially hard for out-of-staters 11/10/2009
Mock poverty comes to Baylor 11/10/2009
NATO seizes bomb-making materials in Afghanistan 11/10/2009
Pelosi tours, talks on new health care bill 11/10/2009
Point of View: College helplessness yields funny stories 11/10/2009
Remembering the Fallen 11/10/2009
Sports take: NFL quarterbacks' success not tethered to alma mater's status 11/10/2009
Suspected shooter, Sept. 11 hijackers may be linked 11/10/2009
Volleyball triumphs, beats Texas A&M 11/10/2009
House health bill unacceptable to many in Senate 11/9/2009
Merkel thanks Gorbachev on Berlin Wall anniversary 11/9/2009
Prosecutors say Chicago man had al-Qaida video 11/9/2009
Senator, Army chief of staff: examine rampage to address security, policy problems 11/8/2009
"Cop killer" gun was purchased legally 11/7/2009
Another attack leaves US Muslims fearing backlash 11/7/2009
As inquiry continues at Fort Hood, hope for survivors 11/7/2009
Brittney Griner dunks in 81-52 exhibition game win 11/7/2009
But for heroes, bloodbath could have been worse 11/7/2009
Family not surprised by officer's heroics 11/7/2009
Florence's passing helps Baylor top Missouri 40-32 11/7/2009
Fort Hood coverage 11/7/2009
Fort Hood rampage: Hasan still only suspect, hospitalized in San Antonio 11/7/2009
Fort Hood victims had different reasons for enlisting 11/7/2009
Hasan conflicted over "war against Islam" 11/7/2009
How to help Fort Hood victims, families 11/7/2009
Killeen, Fort Hood Christians hold vigil, pray for soldiers 11/7/2009
Obama praises those who ended Fort Hood violence 11/7/2009
Officer describes firefight that downed Hasan 11/7/2009
Perry says he's humbled after visiting wounded 11/7/2009
Preliminary Fort Hood inquiry finds no link to terror plot 11/7/2009
Shortage of military therapists creates strain 11/7/2009
'The Fourth Kind' is encounter of the worst kind 11/6/2009
'It was absolutely heart-wrenching' 11/6/2009
Band sets new 'Ordinance' for contemporary rock 11/6/2009
Baylor Democrats seek changes on campus 11/6/2009
Bears' basketball season officially under way 11/6/2009
Child injured during Bear Downs 11/6/2009
German Club to build Berlin Wall in remembrance 11/6/2009
Lariat Letters: necessary, but not sufficient 11/6/2009
Online threats linked to suspected shooter 11/6/2009
Point of View: Texts changing communication, build relationships 11/6/2009
Rampage at Fort Hood 11/6/2009
Volleyball team has '20' vision 11/6/2009
Weekend Matchup: Baylor football vs. Missouri Tigers 11/6/2009
1 tradition, 30 miles 11/5/2009
Amendment allots funds to research 11/5/2009
Award-winning author urges readers to listen to cultures 11/5/2009
BAA, Baylor move forward 11/5/2009
Editorial: BRIC: creating something beautiful out of something formerly neglected 11/5/2009
Editorial: Pilots who flew 150 miles off course should put laptops away 11/5/2009
Employers believe it's a lazy, unprofessional generation 11/5/2009
Fort Hood lockdown lifted 11/5/2009
Fort Hood Mass Shooting: One shooter identified 11/5/2009
Fort Hood Massacre: Suspected Shooter Not Dead 11/5/2009
Fort Hood schools' lock down lifted 11/5/2009
Gay leaders blame TV ads, Obama for loss in Maine 11/5/2009
High school team incorporates unique strategy 11/5/2009
Lariat Letters: Possible athletic attendance incentive? 11/5/2009
Mizzwho? 11/5/2009
OU sweeps match, series from Bears 11/5/2009
Planned parenthood files injunction against past director 11/5/2009
Point of View: Facebook statuses need to be removed or annoying updating practices must change 11/5/2009
Study abroad: the adventures not advertised 11/5/2009
Theater festival honors legendary playwright 11/5/2009
Yankees snap drought, clinch 27th title 11/5/2009
Baylor freshmen pursue love of God in music 11/4/2009
Church desires to revive community one block at a time 11/4/2009
Crash sends one to hospital with non life-threatening injuries 11/4/2009
Dejection fills ballroom after gay marriage vote 11/4/2009
Editorial: New Web site important for holding government officials accountable 11/4/2009
Equatorial Guinea coup-plotter returns home to UK 11/4/2009
Fan: Trevor's an old soul, and he's only 22 years old 11/4/2009
Filmmaker to present BBC documentary on Darwinism, Christianity 11/4/2009
Joel Porter: Off the field, on campus 11/4/2009
Lady Bears dominate first game 11/4/2009
Lariat Letters: Students should support our football team 11/4/2009
Palestinians seek Gaza war crimes justice 11/4/2009
Point of View: Journalism ignites both idealism, realism 11/4/2009
Soccer team heads to San Antonio 11/4/2009
Student officers present concerns to Garland, regents 11/4/2009
Texas voters pass 11 constitutional amendments 11/4/2009
The Lariat wins national award among college papers 11/4/2009
Waco smoking restrictions intensify 11/4/2009
"This Is It"positively captures Jackson's spirit 11/3/2009
A day to fight children's main killer 11/3/2009
Africans boycott meetings at UN climate talks 11/3/2009
Baylor Student Publications Award Winners: 2008-09 11/3/2009
Bears' defense shows potential in recent loss 11/3/2009
BU students work with Waco in revitalization 11/3/2009
Cambridge professor to speak at Baylor 11/3/2009
Defections, court fights test Scientology 11/3/2009
eBay removes selected items posted by anti-abortion activists 11/3/2009
Editorial: Administration mishandled retraction of BAA proposal 11/3/2009
Egypt-Israel frictions complicate US peace efforts 11/3/2009
Freshman launches a new era 11/3/2009
General election for proposed constitutional amendments 11/3/2009
Karzai elected for second term 11/3/2009
Lariat Letters: Tuition increase, Dr. Ramsower in need of a revision 11/3/2009
Mentalist correctly predicts Lariat headlines 11/3/2009
More companies plan to hire, not cut 11/3/2009
Mulkey's squad held to high expectations 11/3/2009
Point of View: In many ways, football similar to war 11/3/2009
Professors mesh with new gadgets 11/3/2009
Program gives youth creative outlet through music 11/3/2009
Reporter kidnapped and killed in northern Mexico 11/3/2009
Survey: LSAT scores outweigh internships, jobs 11/3/2009
Sustainability Committee creates list to help faculty, students go green 11/3/2009
Tamer's Twelve: Bears fall behind in Big 12 pack 11/3/2009
Obama to call Karzai on election victory 11/2/2009
Putin requests EU credits for Ukraine 11/2/2009
Suicide bomber kills 35 near Pakistan's capital 11/2/2009