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News Archives for Oct. 2009

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Story Date
Green helps Nebraska to 20-10 win over Baylor 10/31/2009
Alumni to preview horror movie at Hippodrome 10/30/2009
Author speaks on journalism experience 10/30/2009
Bears to face Huskers Saturday 10/30/2009
Capitalizing on opportunity 10/30/2009
Did Blake Adams get this headline right? 10/30/2009
Downtown inn offers 'suite' 10/30/2009
Editorial: More Fulbright aid, more good will 10/30/2009
Lariat Letters: Alumna supports removal of Regents, BAA proposal 10/30/2009
Pelosi proposes new health care bill 10/30/2009
Point of View: Registration secrets revealed for you 10/30/2009
Professor reaches out through Cuban ministry 10/30/2009
Tuition will rise 6.5 percent in 2010 10/30/2009
Weekend Matchup: Baylor football vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers 10/30/2009
"Lineup" author takes a closer look at mystery writers 10/29/2009
Baylor fashion majors aid in Harley Davidson show 10/29/2009
Editorial: 'Option 2' best proposition for Waco smoking ordinance 10/29/2009
EU leaders debate climate aid to poor at summit 10/29/2009
Flo-ing with God's spirit 10/29/2009
Fright Night scares up crowds for noble cause 10/29/2009
Lariat Letters: Two readers respond to Lariat opinions 10/29/2009
Meyer worked to stop suffering 10/29/2009
Military ballot law has states in a time squeeze 10/29/2009
Obama considering scaled-down Afghan war plan 10/29/2009
Obama signs broad hate crime law 10/29/2009
Point of View: Backpacking trip enhances inner freedom 10/29/2009
Poverty summit expands, features world leaders 10/29/2009
Reporter offers new take on ethics 10/29/2009
Teachers need testing to be seen as 'highly qualified' 10/29/2009
Volleyball team loses in five sets to No. 9 Iowa State 10/29/2009
Afghan president's brother denies getting CIA pay 10/28/2009
Attorney: Chicago terror suspect could have been duped 10/28/2009
Behind the microphone: Zarroli shares expertise 10/28/2009
BU remembers controversial former theater professor's legacy 10/28/2009
BU withdraws proposal to BAA 10/28/2009
Director speaks out against tabloid rumors 10/28/2009
Editorial: Rohde's stellar articles reveal, redefine harsh realities of war 10/28/2009
Forum to speak on finance ethics 10/28/2009
Graffiti takes new role in bringing community together 10/28/2009
Lead innovator recognizes student 10/28/2009
Leadership application process simplified 10/28/2009
Make the best of your Halloween this year 10/28/2009
Point of View: Facebook: When does 'research' become stalking? 10/28/2009
Point of View: Less play, less pay for women's tennis 10/28/2009
Professors praise study abroad, recommend Baylor in Oxford 10/28/2009
Singletary returns to Texas 10/28/2009
Tamer's 12: Texas begins pulling away from conference 10/28/2009
UN vote condemns US embargo on Cuba 10/28/2009
Vertical Ministries seeks union with students 10/28/2009
'Wanted' writer rolls out newest novel at bookstore 10/27/2009
2 Chicago men accused of plotting terror attacks 10/27/2009
BAA: We want all viewpoints represented 10/27/2009
Baylor withdrawls BAA proposal 10/27/2009
Bill to ban foreign nuke waste makes small advance 10/27/2009
BU continues losing streak 10/27/2009
BU education program outshines national standards 10/27/2009
BU mourns loss of Baker, Meyer 10/27/2009
Campus Kitchen travels to D.C. for millionth meal 10/27/2009
Editorial: Justice should lose license for unjustly refusing to allow interracial marriage 10/27/2009
Former regents recall homecoming memories 10/27/2009
Hines provides insight into marriage in 'Moonlight' 10/27/2009
Impassioned award prospect speaks 10/27/2009
Interviews for new president under way 10/27/2009
Lariat Letters: Bradford, Baylor football, and BAA independence 10/27/2009
New technology park unveiled 10/27/2009
Point of View: Grace for nation's leaders 10/27/2009
Regents grant doctoral program for School of Social Work for 2011 10/27/2009
Runaway convert back in Ohio after 3-month flight 10/27/2009
14 Americans killed in 2 Afghan helicopter crashes 10/26/2009
Castro's sister says she collaborated with CIA 10/26/2009
Jordanian pleads not guilty in Dallas bomb plot 10/26/2009
Baylor loses its 100th anniversary Homecoming game to Oklahoma State 10/24/2009
'Antichrist' gives insight into human suffering 10/23/2009
'Halo' composer draws legendary comparisons 10/23/2009
'Saving Abel' tops debut album with Southern tour 10/23/2009
100 Years of Homecoming: Stories of Tradition 10/23/2009
31 years of Baylor Alumni Association history 10/23/2009
Alumna shares secret to 29-year-old 'Baylor Brownies' recipe 10/23/2009
Anabaptists: 'Waco chose us' 10/23/2009
Arrest in bike thefts 10/23/2009
Austin Film Festival begins with a bang 10/23/2009
Baylor Campus Kitchen sends members to D.C. 10/23/2009
Baylor hockey enjoying lavish new home 10/23/2009
Baylor regents present update on president search 10/23/2009
Baylor, local leaders announce Central Texas Research and Technology Park 10/23/2009
Bear Downs makes return 10/23/2009
Believing the ordinary can be extraordinary 10/23/2009
Brotherhood NoZe no boundaries 10/23/2009
BU Chamber enacts new traditions 10/23/2009
Century-old Traditions 10/23/2009
Chamber reconnects past and present 10/23/2009
Common Grounds and Uproar make sweet music 10/23/2009
Crush's crash: When disaster struck 10/23/2009
Donor recounts story behind Baylor loyalty 10/23/2009
Dorms and social norms 10/23/2009
Editorial: Time for students to speak up about the BAA, regents dispute 10/23/2009
Ella in charge: Past Lariat editor spends life fighting for equality 10/23/2009
Family-owned store forced to relocate, prospers in new site 10/23/2009
Fashion forward: From fine fashions to faux pas, the Baylor campus has seen it all 10/23/2009
Floats through the years 10/23/2009
Hankamer marks 50-year accreditation 10/23/2009
Highers Athletics Complex awarded certification 10/23/2009
Homecoming memories major part of family tradition 10/23/2009
Krispy Chicken: Deep-fried fun since 1979 10/23/2009
Life of the real Baylor bears 10/23/2009
Mayborn hopes to attract homecoming aficionados 10/23/2009
More than just a name 10/23/2009
Neighborhood watch: Couple moves to give back 10/23/2009
New regents share homecoming memories 10/23/2009
NoZebody attends BAA's sesquicentennial annual meeting 10/23/2009
Pigskin: new acts, same great feel 10/23/2009
Point of View: BAA member says proposal follows association's mission 10/23/2009
Point of View: Former BAA president lays out 'seven sins' regents should avoid 10/23/2009
Professors touch lives since 1850...or close to it 10/23/2009
Redefining Adversity 10/23/2009
Reel World Sense: Vampire trend sucking culture dry 10/23/2009
Searching for victory 10/23/2009
Sports take: Bradford's misfortune lesson for others 10/23/2009
Student government leaders dedicated to serving 10/23/2009
Texas historical buildings recognized for role in tradition 10/23/2009
Tidwell built in remembrance of professor 10/23/2009
Weekend Matchup: Baylor football vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys 10/23/2009
Weekly NCAA picks: Week 8 10/23/2009
Women's basketball begins practice with high expectations 10/23/2009
100,000 women say they're offended by Berlusconi 10/22/2009
Crabtree eager to make pro debut in home state 10/22/2009
Editorial: Respect of open dialogue better prepares us for outside world 10/22/2009
EDUCAUSE books BU librarian 10/22/2009
Lariat Letters: BAA board member hopes dispute will cease, proposal will pass 10/22/2009
Local church sends students to serve 10/22/2009
Microsoft, Google win search deals with Twitter 10/22/2009
More than 1,100 feds, LA police conduct gang sweep 10/22/2009
Point of View: Baylor's athletics disappoint 10/22/2009
Poll: Americans' belief in global warming cools 10/22/2009
Portrait of disfigured soldier to be displayed at Smithsonian 10/22/2009
Reel World Sense: Dismal themes provide needed contrast 10/22/2009
Sweat lodge survivor speaks out 10/22/2009
Valiant efforts for vagrants 10/22/2009
Volleyball utilizing bye week to regroup 10/22/2009
'Astro Boy' punches cultural barriers into orbit 10/21/2009
Bears begin recuperation process 10/21/2009
Big 12 Power Rankings: UT stays atop Week 8 10/21/2009
Editorial: No-tolerance policies may exclude eating utensils 10/21/2009
Former Lariat sports editor discusses newspaper demise 10/21/2009
Gaming industry mogul promotes 'Borderlands' 10/21/2009
House panel says states can protect consumers 10/21/2009
Jonze's adaptation captures book's 'Wild' side 10/21/2009
Lariat Letters: Instructor advocates 'truly democratic' procedure in health care debate 10/21/2009
Marine pleads guilty in hero hoax, to be sentenced 10/21/2009
Obama trying to boost party money, morale 10/21/2009
Open access allows professors to publish research for public viewing 10/21/2009
Point of View: Parking should be forefront campus improvement issue 10/21/2009
Racial bias suit to pay out millions 10/21/2009
UN: For 7th year, warming emissions grew again 10/21/2009
Waco Chamber 'ahead of the curve' 10/21/2009
Youngsters pay it forward 10/21/2009
'Activity' more annoying than paranormal 10/20/2009
BU to compete in battle of the brains event 10/20/2009
Charges may come next week in balloon boy case 10/20/2009
Connecticut cornerback killed in on-campus fight 10/20/2009
Editorial: Snowe boldly, admirably risks cold shoulder from her party 10/20/2009
Exhibit commemorates 30th anniversary 10/20/2009
Gasoline prices on the rise for third week 10/20/2009
New Vatican plan to welcome disaffected Anglicans 10/20/2009
Obama talks amid protests 10/20/2009
Obama welcomes Karzai's decision on vote 10/20/2009
Point of View: Alumni, current students should speak up while they still can 10/20/2009
Point of View: Heroes come in both rescuers, rescued form 10/20/2009
Religion professor dishes on heavenly coffee rolls 10/20/2009
Victims, families outraged by NC inmates' release 10/20/2009
We're talkin' about practice 10/20/2009
Former nurse's aide in US becomes Ugandan king 10/19/2009
In Hawaii, school's out for recession 10/19/2009
Obama to offer incentives to Sudanese government 10/19/2009
Soccer team grasps overtime victory in 2-1 decision 10/19/2009
Iowa State beats Baylor 24-10 to snap Big 12 skid 10/17/2009
Hundreds protest Obama's A&M visit 10/16/2009
A fine-tuned fair, rodeo 10/15/2009
Art center offers mixture of affordable classes 10/15/2009
Award brings teacher to BU 10/15/2009
Bears travel north, challenge improved Iowa State squad 10/15/2009
Chi Omega holds 'green' Greek social event 10/15/2009
Dow ends day above 10,000 10/15/2009
Editorial: New option should replace extinguished flame's historic violence 10/15/2009
Flower shop adds artistic quality to arrangements 10/15/2009
Mayor salutes stimulus spending in Waco 10/15/2009
Point of View: Peace Prize awarded to president prematurely 10/15/2009
Point of View: Prize given because of unique effect on nation 10/15/2009
Rangers, legendary hitting coach sever ties 10/15/2009
Reel World Sense: Indie artists need your help 10/15/2009
Sports take: Victory essential for Baylor to remain in bowl hunt 10/15/2009
Unheard student voices 10/15/2009
Volleyball suffers second-straight loss 10/15/2009
Weekend Matchup: Baylor football vs. Iowa State Cyclones 10/15/2009
Weekly NCAA picks: Week 7 10/15/2009
6 Fla. members of Bonanno crime family admit guilt 10/14/2009
Baylor alumna recognized for teaching zeal 10/14/2009
Bradford, McCoy have cordial rivalry 10/14/2009
Business panel stresses social responsibility 10/14/2009
Chamber extinguishes eternal flame 10/14/2009
Chemical spill clears BSB 10/14/2009
Editorial: Fast-food golden arches are poor additions to Louvre 10/14/2009
Ernest goes to work 10/14/2009
Faculty senate discusses policy changes 10/14/2009
Fans give all for volleyball team 10/14/2009
Griffin has season-ending surgery 10/14/2009
Iraq suspends university for politics 10/14/2009
Iraqi shoe thrower says he would do it again 10/14/2009
Lariat Letters: Director says magazine reflects Baylor well 10/14/2009
Navy flirts with putting women on submarines 10/14/2009
Point of View: Garland hopes joining BAA, BOR would enhance harmony 10/14/2009
Reel World Sense: Exploring childhood stories brings meaning 10/14/2009
Underoath drummer expands musical horizons 10/14/2009
Vaughn, Favreau can't save 'Couple's Retreat' 10/14/2009
Waco mayor confronts America's crisis 10/14/2009
9-year-old Alaskan boy hunts, kills bowhead whale with darting gun 10/13/2009
Alumna named Greater Waco chamber director 10/13/2009
Bears moving forward following Texas A&M defeat 10/13/2009
Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 6 10/13/2009
BSB re-opened after chemical spill 10/13/2009
BU professor follows father's mission legacy 10/13/2009
California storm prompts debris flow concerns 10/13/2009
Court to decide constitutionality of bad advice 10/13/2009
Cutbacks prolong school time 10/13/2009
Dems stir after warning from health insurers 10/13/2009
Editorial: Changes to original shield law caustic to journalistic integrity 10/13/2009
Globally-minded leaders 10/13/2009
Lariat Letters: Three alumni talk about BAA merger proposal 10/13/2009
New York pianist to play with Jazz Ensemble 10/13/2009
Obama stimulus plan rescues teaching jobs 10/13/2009
Oldest BU club sails into boating competition 10/13/2009
Point of View: Jon Gosselin's actions appear disgraceful 10/13/2009
Red-zone defense gives Baylor bright spot in loss 10/13/2009
Senate committee approves health care plan 10/13/2009
State law nixing cell phones gains strength in Waco area 10/13/2009
Summit in D.C. addresses music downloads, piracy 10/13/2009
Supreme Court will hear appeal of Enron's Skilling 10/13/2009
Clinton to press Russia on Iran, arms control 10/12/2009
College cutbacks make it harder to earn degrees 10/12/2009
Insurance industry assails health care bill 10/12/2009
No. 17 Volleyball falls to Aggies, 1-3, despite record crowd's support 10/11/2009
OU's Bradford has big game in return, beats Baylor 10/11/2009
Baylor begins Big 12 slate against Oklahoma 10/9/2009
Editorial: Obama admirable to deliberate troop decision 10/9/2009
Forbes: Waco third-best job haven 10/9/2009
From Japan, with love 10/9/2009
Local anchor, lifelong Bear 10/9/2009
Point of View: BAA VP debates cost of being unique 10/9/2009
Point of View: Regents support shared governance 10/9/2009
Professor reveals vintage recipe for teacakes 10/9/2009
Sluggish drainage cause of flooding 10/9/2009
Student comedy group brings laughs 10/9/2009
Student Senate resolution fails 10/9/2009
Students invest in future generation 10/9/2009
Students leaders learn to break cultural barriers 10/9/2009
Surprised, humbled Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize 10/9/2009
Texas Supreme Court appoints first Latina judge 10/9/2009
The Baer Necessities: Sooners in unfamiliar territory at 2-2 10/9/2009
Veteran sculptor visits Waco 10/9/2009
Weekend Matchup 10/9/2009
Weekly NCAA picks 10/9/2009
Accident at local school kills one 10/8/2009
Baylor distributes vaccine 10/8/2009
Bears wreck Tech in three sets 10/8/2009
Better Syria-Saudi ties could ease Mideast tension 10/8/2009
BU sustainability grade improves to C 10/8/2009
Crabtree signs with 49ers 10/8/2009
Editorial: Broadening Medal of Honor criteria will discount award's significance 10/8/2009
New technology helps translate pages to Braille 10/8/2009
Obama loan relief plan hits goal early 10/8/2009
Orchestra combines majors, campus talent 10/8/2009
Poage committee chairman shares life as politician 10/8/2009
Point of View: Alumna speaks out against regents' proposal 10/8/2009
Point of View: Lesson learned: No more clothes worth falling for 10/8/2009
Proposed health bill would cost $829 billion 10/8/2009
Sharp debate at high court 10/8/2009
UK postal workers vote for national strike 10/8/2009
Aid reaches villagers deep in Indonesia quake zone 10/7/2009
Alumnus helps soldier tell emotional story 10/7/2009
Editorial: New Chapel options are great additions to on-campus worship 10/7/2009
Egypt severs ties with Louvre over artifacts 10/7/2009
Flight school aids future fliers 10/7/2009
Freshman finds role with team 10/7/2009
Inexperienced secondary ready to challenge Big 12 10/7/2009
Lawsuit looks to regulate carbon dioxide emissions 10/7/2009
Less vaccine than expected comes to Texas 10/7/2009
Obama takes Afghan review deliberately 10/7/2009
Perry makes stop at local hotspot 10/7/2009
Point of View: Living alone: important for personal growth 10/7/2009
Point of View: Other countries deserve their time to shine 10/7/2009
President gets commander's Afghan troop request 10/7/2009
Race to the Top criticized for reliance on standardized testing 10/7/2009
Sports take: Aggie hockey fans can't equate with team's success 10/7/2009
Student senate seeks on-campus concerns 10/7/2009
Veteran Uproar artist continues to perfect sound 10/7/2009
2016 Olympics a crowning glory for Brazil leader 10/6/2009
ACL draws in 137 bands 10/6/2009
BearAware Campaign promotes computer awareness 10/6/2009
Bill allowing same-sex marriage in DC introduced 10/6/2009
Dalai Lama receives rights award at Capitol 10/6/2009
Editorial: Even without Griffin, Baylor football season has potential 10/6/2009
Farm bureau endorses Hutchison 10/6/2009
Florence flourishes in start 10/6/2009
Lariat Letters: BAA president speaks out about publication 10/6/2009
Life on a mountain's ledge 10/6/2009
Perry visits Waco, answers questions 10/6/2009
Point of View: Letters still relevant in technology age 10/6/2009
Soccer notches first goal of conference season in win against Colorado 10/6/2009
Students meet across the globe, exchange stories 10/6/2009
Visiting professor: 'We are a narrative species' 10/6/2009
Court won't block release of sex abuse papers 10/5/2009
More GOP lawmakers meet with Micheletti 10/5/2009
Samoans flock to churches to mourn tsunami victims 10/5/2009
Baylor defeats Kent State, 31-15 10/4/2009
Bears play host to Kent State in final non-conference game 10/2/2009
Cameron Park face-lift brings new features 10/2/2009
Campaign breaks financial goal for fifth straight year 10/2/2009
Capturing history's voice: Institute compiles veterans' stories from World War II 10/2/2009
Editorial: Community should work to raise Waco education rate 10/2/2009
Gear Up Waco aims to reduce school dropouts 10/2/2009
Lariat Letters: BIC positive addition to college experience 10/2/2009
Library Living: Baylor alumnus ran low on cash, used study carrel for home 10/2/2009
Math professor gives formula for dessert 10/2/2009
Nigeria turns 49; students celebrate on campus 10/2/2009
Point of View: 'Communist' stereotypes perhaps not good idea 10/2/2009
Sorority fundraiser urges bands to 'battle' 10/2/2009
Students fill Laredo need 10/2/2009
Szymanski ready to shoulder load of Griffin's injury 10/2/2009
The Baer Necessities: This isn't your same Blake Szymanski 10/2/2009
Theater arts department puts on first performance 10/2/2009
Ware still seeking first sack for Cowboys 10/2/2009
Banned books revived for week of recognition 10/1/2009
Bears of the Week 10/1/2009
BIC professors promote multicultural exposure 10/1/2009
Big 12 representative to compete in Yankee Stadium bowl game 10/1/2009
Death toll in Indonesia earthquake rises to 777 10/1/2009
Debate team resumes success, prepares for next tournament 10/1/2009
Editorial: FDA cigarette ban valiant effort, but not enough to achieve goals 10/1/2009
Florida taking cautious measures with Tebow 10/1/2009
Gervais' 'Invention' creates witty dialogue 10/1/2009
Gov't seeks ban on texting truckers, bus drivers 10/1/2009
Inmate freed by DNA testing 10/1/2009
Lariat Letters: Lariat miscommunication concerning Student Government 10/1/2009
Local park revamps brings new features 10/1/2009
Missions Week presents students with life questions 10/1/2009
Palestinian women prisoners return to new worlds 10/1/2009
Point of View: Health care debate lacks tolerance 10/1/2009
Reel World Sense: Polanski needs to be detained 10/1/2009
Rux claims titles at Baylor HEB Intercollegiate 10/1/2009
Study: Stressful traffic induces heart problems 10/1/2009
Survey says clergy dismiss mental issues 10/1/2009
Tsunami death toll: 120 10/1/2009
Volleyball advances record start with win against Missouri 10/1/2009