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News Archives for Jan. 2009

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Story Date
Bears stumble on road, 89-72, for 3rd straight loss 1/31/2009
Softball scrimmage preps Lady Bears for season 1/31/2009
'The Office' to air after Superbowl 1/30/2009
Art Ambush to build artistic range offering indie music, creative art 1/30/2009
Bears carry 2-game skid to Mizzou 1/30/2009
Bookstore struggles to maintain stock 1/30/2009
Editorial: PETA'S message lost in extreme, outrageous acts 1/30/2009
Environmental incentives for buying used textbooks 1/30/2009
Fans: lay off Lomers 1/30/2009
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich thrown out of office 1/30/2009
Letters to the editor 1/30/2009
Opening this week in a Theater Near You 1/30/2009
Professor co-writes inspirational book 1/30/2009
Senate discusses sustainability staff position 1/30/2009
State looks to casinos for economic fix 1/30/2009
Street-style dance moves onto Baylor campus 1/30/2009
Suicide rises among U.S. troops 1/30/2009
SWAT standoff leads to arrest 1/30/2009
Tennis team is hopeful after being on the road 1/30/2009
Texas sees 2 percent population jump 1/30/2009
Volunteers needed for Waco's Poverty Summit 1/30/2009
Wedding sickness not so abnormal 1/30/2009
White-out for Baylor basketball's "Big Monday" 1/30/2009
Bear briefs 1/29/2009
Bush makes appearance at Baylor women's basketball game 1/29/2009
Capital's sights offer gaze into history 1/29/2009
Chinese tradition sees new faces 1/29/2009
Editorial: BBB's ratings unfair 1/29/2009
Financial aid for students in House bill 1/29/2009
Icy conditions cause wrecks, late openings 1/29/2009
Italian Garden serves up a blend of delicious food, comfortable atmosphere 1/29/2009
Letters to the editor 1/29/2009
Massive deficits, lower mail volume may lead to 5-day delivery week 1/29/2009
OU proves tough opponent for Bears 1/29/2009
Repeal of global gag rule long overdue 1/29/2009
Salmonella spawns investigation 1/29/2009
Seals may hold heart disease answers 1/29/2009
Study: Kidney donors experience no long-term health consequences 1/29/2009
Talking track with Baylor's record breaking sprinter 1/29/2009
Baylor University will delay opening until 10 a.m. 1/28/2009
Bear briefs 1/28/2009
Editorial: Allocated funds for Dia too excessive, unnecessary 1/28/2009
Gov. Perry asks for $2 Billion in funding to supplement budget 1/28/2009
It's time to set new moral compass 1/28/2009
New Living and Learning Center for growing AFROTC program 1/28/2009
North Texas feels chill of ice storm 1/28/2009
Spiritual life center creates open worship service for students 1/28/2009
Student arrested in connection with burglary 1/28/2009
Tax team goes to Washington, D.C. 1/28/2009
Training for Bearathon: a test of endurance 1/28/2009
Undefeated teams face off 1/28/2009
Undercover missions can't justify breaking laws 1/28/2009
'Revolutionary Road' offers solid acting but lacks story 1/27/2009
Baylor connects Waco's homeless with community 1/27/2009
Baylor students contribute to rising video game industry 1/27/2009
Bear briefs 1/27/2009
Bears fighting for rebound 1/27/2009
Coach pleads not guilty in case 1/27/2009
Digital is officially delayed, Senate votes to postpone 1/27/2009
Editorial: Greek life, philanthropy can go hand-in hand 1/27/2009
Jennings supplies advice at baseball dinner 1/27/2009
Koresh's mother found dead, stabbed 1/27/2009
Layoffs strike Dallas-based 'instruments' 1/27/2009
Libraries commemorate 400 years of Baptist history 1/27/2009
New program to fight addiction 1/27/2009
Pope Benedict XVI joins digital age with Vatican YouTube page 1/27/2009
Sports briefs 1/27/2009
Stigma against fifth-year students unnecessary, unfair 1/27/2009
Teams expose need for BCS playoffs 1/27/2009
Texas holds on for 23rd straight win 1/27/2009
Wilson leads Lady Bears to victory over Tech's Red Raiders 1/27/2009
Griffin, Sooners blast Baylor 95-76 1/24/2009
Wilson leads Lady Bears to 5-0 in Big 12 1/24/2009
Broadway comes to fine arts center 1/23/2009
BU Law wins Supreme Court case 1/23/2009
Cars less hectic than mass transit 1/23/2009
Diadeloso gets music festival 1/23/2009
Editorial: Coed rooms spell trouble 1/23/2009
It's time to make recycling a habit 1/23/2009
Lady Bears eye TTU 1/23/2009
Left outside in the bitter cold 1/23/2009
Man charged in robbery of four students sentenced to 40 years 1/23/2009
No. 6 Oklahoma next test for Bears 1/23/2009
Obama signs to close Guantanamo 1/23/2009
Oscar nominations include fan favorites, a few surprises 1/23/2009
Pat Green talks about coming back to Waco, career in country music 1/23/2009
Police name possible suspect in automobile burglary cases 1/23/2009
Razorback Invite next tournament for Bears 1/23/2009
Sorority's rush focuses on philanthropy 1/23/2009
Texas education debates evolution in school systems 1/23/2009
The Blackberry here to stay, Obama family back on track 1/23/2009
Acy bringing fire to court 1/22/2009
Alumni recall changes in Baylor's civil rights views 1/22/2009
Czech cafe offers tasty treats 1/22/2009
Day one: Obama gets to work 1/22/2009
December grad hits streets in pursuit of employment 1/22/2009
Economy top priority for new administration 1/22/2009
Editorial: Bigger isn't always better 1/22/2009
Energy of inauguration crowd more than media hype 1/22/2009
Hundreds to gather for World Mandate of nations 1/22/2009
Inaugural speech, events seek to spread message of inclusivity 1/22/2009
Local rock band to heat up 'Waco Winter Meltdown' 1/22/2009
Presidency fuels abortion debates 1/22/2009
RecycleMania boosts sustainability 1/22/2009
Sophomore guard secures victory over Kansas State 1/22/2009
Sports briefs 1/22/2009
Sports team managers should stop meddling 1/22/2009
Students and faculty work together to find new Student Life VP 1/22/2009
Texas coach suspended after drunk driving charge 1/22/2009
U.S. Airways in D.C. packed 1/22/2009
Women's basketball nabs win against A&M by narrow margin 1/22/2009
'Defiance' tugs at heart strings 1/21/2009
'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' lacks sophistication of good comedy 1/21/2009
Accomplished pastor to speak at annual MLK celebration on campus 1/21/2009
Alumnus Allan Marshall leads youths to D.C. 1/21/2009
Alumnus performs in choir in D.C. for inauguration 1/21/2009
Art Center Waco showcases work from Central Texas photographers 1/21/2009
Baylor alumna's debut album offers catchy melodies, meaningful lyrics 1/21/2009
Baylor ITS director goes to D.C. with enthusiasm, hope 1/21/2009
Baylor students at the Inauguration 1/21/2009
BCS doesn't budge 1/21/2009
Behind the scenes: videographer helping Briles win 1/21/2009
Bush returns to Texas; lands in Waco 1/21/2009
Editorial: Price of inauguration fits today's standards 1/21/2009
Facebook gives insight to student opinions 1/21/2009
Gordon, Townsend set BU records at Wes Kittley Invitational 1/21/2009
Massive crowds invade Capital for inauguration 1/21/2009
Meaning of historical inauguration goes beyond rousing rhetoric 1/21/2009
Men's tennis ranked No. 7 1/21/2009
Men's, women's basketball begin week-long road trip 1/21/2009
Michelle Obama sets fashion trends 1/21/2009
Obama takes office as 44th president 1/21/2009
Obama travels ball to ball 1/21/2009
Personal, mutual respect most needed 1/21/2009
Player battled with wounded knee 1/21/2009
Save food, feed volunteers 1/21/2009
Softball prepping for 2009 1/21/2009
Sports briefs 1/21/2009
Sports world stops for Obama 1/21/2009
Student, local organizations hold watch parties for inauguration 1/21/2009
University in stable financial standing, Garland says 1/21/2009
University in stable financial standing, Garland says 1/21/2009
Waco man on Most Wanted list 1/21/2009
Waco's religious revival underway 1/21/2009
Women looking toward 4-0 1/21/2009
Bear briefs 1/20/2009
Bears survive wild finish, win 98-92 1/17/2009
Lady Bears distribute work load, hand OSU 75-57 loss 1/17/2009
Shawn Bell to be recommended as Clifton's head football coach 1/16/2009
Alumni association president: independence beneficial 1/15/2009
Bears lose first conference game 84-73 against TAMU 1/14/2009
Interim President Garland speaks at annual spring faculty meeting 1/14/2009
Lady Bears hold off Cyclones 68-57 1/14/2009
Hudson, Hathaway discuss 'Bride Wars' 1/9/2009