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News Archives for Sept. 2008

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Story Date
The University of Oklahoma may prove toughest opponent for football 9/30/2008
Aggies defeat women's soccer 9/29/2008
APO charity event looks for increase in blood donations 9/29/2008
Award-winning 'Urinetown' coming to town 9/29/2008
Bailout rejected, Dow takes a plummet 9/29/2008
Colleges evaluate SAT exam, question use in admissions 9/29/2008
Economic bail-out plan defeated 9/29/2008
Editorial: Career fair doesn't represent all majors 9/29/2008
Expert discusses immigration issues 9/29/2008
Imperative II will benefit students for generations to come 9/29/2008
Liquor violations top crime report 9/29/2008
NBA star back at BU 9/29/2008
Revised tenure made available for faculty input 9/29/2008
Soccer drops opening Big 12 match to Aggies, 1-0 9/29/2008
Workouts are about health and fitness, not looks 9/29/2008
Artists go solo for upcoming local concert 9/25/2008
Campus redoubles recycling efforts in 2008 9/25/2008
Editorial: "Hazy" definition leads to confusion 9/25/2008
Generation Y doesn't deserve narcissistic labeling 9/25/2008
Golf team hopes to strike win at weekend tournament 9/25/2008
Interim president confirms tuition increase, its necessity 9/25/2008
Roommates issues are common, not impossible to overcome 9/25/2008
Staff receives free language classes 9/25/2008
Baylor fishing club claims fifth place 9/24/2008
Breyfogle's spike gives BU win, 3-2 9/24/2008
Bush invites candidates to help with finance plan 9/24/2008
Eco-friendly baby steps can start with a fabric bag 9/24/2008
Editorial: Artists have the right to take risks 9/24/2008
Green River Ordinance, local artists to perform at Common Grounds 9/24/2008
Mid-Autumn Moon Fest to showcase Vietnamese traditions, culture, food 9/24/2008
Prostitution sting busts 18 suspects 9/24/2008
Soccer suits up for weekend matches against TSU, TAMU 9/24/2008
Web site offers students pay for good notes 9/24/2008
Ban works to nip smoking in the 'butt' 9/23/2008
Correction: HireABear Career Fair coming Thursday 9/23/2008
Denim Dash to sell popular jeans for charity 9/23/2008
Dining hall supports troops through a week-long event 9/23/2008
Editorial: Ceremony changes are necessary 9/23/2008
Griffin's freshman mistake should be overlooked 9/23/2008
New pre-law council seeks to strengthen program curriculum 9/23/2008
Price changes in vending machine snacks causes inconvenience 9/23/2008
Program hops up 11 spots to 12th in nation 9/23/2008
Softball announces new schedule 9/23/2008
Students juggle funding options to pay college tuition 9/23/2008
Volleyball set for 3-0 start 9/23/2008
Women's volleyball sees spike in wins 9/23/2008
'Ghost Town' delights with refreshing story line, jokes 9/22/2008
Briles' option offense on track 9/22/2008
Editorial: Poverty minor can help transform city 9/22/2008
Hundreds come for annual event 9/22/2008
Job market stable for college grads 9/22/2008
Men's basketball reveals schedule 9/22/2008
Native American stereotypes perpetuated by sports mascots 9/22/2008
Soccer stuffs Houston 1-0 9/22/2008
Student editorial plays key role in release of prisoner 9/22/2008
Student relief fund to aid Ike victims 9/22/2008
Taking sides in politics can be an intimidating affair 9/22/2008
Turtle Island String Quartet to bring sample of Coltrane to concert series 9/22/2008
Unstable economy creates uncertain future 9/22/2008
Vacancies alleviate crowding in dorms 9/22/2008
Women's cross country wins TAMU Invitational 9/22/2008
Bears fall to Huskies 31-28 9/20/2008
Baylor Hosts High School Cross Country Meet 9/18/2008
Bears hit the road for first travel game 9/18/2008
Definition of patriotism is more green than red, white and blue 9/18/2008
Diversity enhances college experience for students 9/18/2008
Editorial: Presidential search too critical to just settle 9/18/2008
Influx of diners challenge dining halls 9/18/2008
Island Party offers free music 9/18/2008
Ryder Cup drawing campus attention 9/18/2008
Student Government launches new logo and Web site 9/18/2008
Students transfer with help of council 9/18/2008
Study examines aspects of Americans' religious beliefs 9/18/2008
Survey results provide insight on faith 9/18/2008
'Silver Bear' proves thrilling experience, effortless read 9/17/2008
Academic upgrade in the 'SAC;' Students tested on competency 9/17/2008
Cultural Arts Fest to bring live music, poetry, art, crafts to Waco community 9/17/2008
Editorial: Students shouldn't have to pay more 9/17/2008
Flag football begins with 240 registered teams 9/17/2008
Girls Fight Back coming to campus 9/17/2008
Letters to the editor 9/17/2008
Poverty minor a major advantage 9/17/2008
Soccer team gives student an appreciation of sport 9/17/2008
Tweak made to calendar for spring 9/17/2008
Walk to travel through Waco, raise awareness of homeless 9/17/2008
Women's volleyball wins Big 12 opener 9/17/2008
'Death Magnetic' reaches back to Metallica's roots 9/16/2008
Dorsch advances over BU's Mueller 9/16/2008
Editorial: Fashion models still too skinny 9/16/2008
Four organizations punished for hazing 9/16/2008
Griffin's talent has chance to usher in new era 9/16/2008
How to eat cheap for $25 a week 9/16/2008
Letters to the editor 9/16/2008
Library sings political 'toon' with exhibit 9/16/2008
Student athletic trainers support players, wrap ankles 9/16/2008
Students avoid parking squeeze 9/16/2008
Waco's Tomlinson, Berkman inductees 9/16/2008
Well-rounded resume best kind 9/16/2008
'Burn' provides comedy, interesting characters 9/15/2008
Current enrollment largest in history 9/15/2008
Editorial: Response to Ike commendable 9/15/2008
Fencer wins top seed at tournament 9/15/2008
Fencing HP should be approved to further 2012 initiatives 9/15/2008
First-hand experience of evacuation changes life 9/15/2008
Fitness department now offers cycling classes, squashes court 9/15/2008
High cost of living hits home in Waco 9/15/2008
Hurricane's fury felt by students 9/15/2008
NY fashion week comes to a close 9/15/2008
Rushing performance brings Baylor freshman record 9/15/2008
Soccer splits weekend series with Arizona State, UTSA 9/15/2008
South Texans survey damage after Ike 9/15/2008
University Health Services receives high accreditation 9/15/2008
Evacuation shelters prepare for storm 9/13/2008
Evacuees stay in Waco for now 9/13/2008
Ike's damage not as bad as expected 9/13/2008
7 percent tuition hike approved for next year 9/12/2008
Bears storm past Cougars 45-17 9/12/2008
Big, fat Greek festival invades Waco Convention Center 9/12/2008
Inclement weather forces athletic events to reschedule 9/12/2008
Volunteers step up to aid those dodging hurricane 9/12/2008
Editorial: Gender should not be a factor 9/11/2008
Football game vs. WSU moved to Friday 9/11/2008
How is Hurricane Ike affecting you? 9/11/2008
Local updates related to Hurricane Ike 9/11/2008
Schedule change presses Cougars for time 9/11/2008
Seven years later, American way of life not defeated 9/11/2008
Student Government allocates funding for BYX Island Party 9/11/2008
Third-floor HRC chapel opening today 9/11/2008
This Week in Sports is now up and running 9/11/2008
'Beyond the Horizon' blends alternative-rock tones to create enjoyable sound 9/10/2008
'Rock the Vote' with three bands returning to Baylor for the cause 9/10/2008
Career Services launches new site 9/10/2008
Concerns about comic book doll unnecessary 9/10/2008
Defense's Pawelek leads by example 9/10/2008
Editorial: Environmental concerns shouldn't be just a trend 9/10/2008
Editorial: Stars, politics should not mix 9/10/2008
EFL teacher talks on African issues 9/10/2008
Faculty fitness program opens to students 9/10/2008
Faculty to showcase story through music 9/10/2008
Former student aims to energize students 'Rightnow' 9/10/2008
HP requirements putting strain on timely graduation 9/10/2008
In wake of RNC, Democrats no longer look invincible 9/10/2008
Jazz ensemble to bring swing beats to student concert 9/10/2008
Lady Bears place in tournament 9/10/2008
Library starts book exchange program 9/10/2008
Minimester offered after spring courses 9/10/2008
Robbie Seay Band newest addition to the Common Grounds backyard 9/10/2008
Runners to battle weather at TAMU 9/10/2008
Scholar given national grant award 9/10/2008
Senate passes strategy for president hunt 9/10/2008
Social work gets award for service 9/10/2008
South Texans look to Waco to escape Ike 9/10/2008
Stronger Waco translates to stronger Baylor 9/10/2008
Students urged to take the GRE 9/10/2008
Sun Devils, Roadrunners to test Baylor this weekend 9/10/2008
Tennis team lands two on top 10 lists 9/10/2008
Ultimate frisbee champions crowned 9/10/2008
Young conservatives to reconvene 9/10/2008
'Vote' campaign visits campus 9/8/2008
Average action, predictable plot dominate 'Bangkok' 9/8/2008
Bears win Baylor Classic, improve to 7-0 on season 9/8/2008
Briles brings more than offense to Baylor team 9/8/2008
Campus extends to I-35 9/8/2008
Clark, Fagan lead Bears past Prairie View 10-1 9/8/2008
Cyclist hit by car, sent to hospital 9/8/2008
Editorial: Marriage isn't the only answer 9/8/2008
Fantasy football offers alternative to pads and helmets 9/8/2008
Freshman to vote for officers 9/8/2008
Global Living and Learning Center engages students in culture 9/8/2008
Graves stir up heated debate 9/8/2008
Griffin unveils offense on Demons 9/8/2008
Increase in alternate transportation brings safety issues 9/8/2008
Baylor blasts Demons in 51-6 rout 9/6/2008
Baylor loses Curves research program, relocates to A&M 9/5/2008
Bears looking to exorcise Demons 9/5/2008
Ceramic art on display at Martin Museum 9/5/2008
City of Waco 'digs' fossils 9/5/2008
Crime Stoppers in Waco lead nation 9/5/2008
Improvements to NFC East division worth watching 9/5/2008
Lady Bears face Prairie View A&M 9/5/2008
Post-game food, music downtown 9/5/2008
Soccer siblings bring talents to BU 9/5/2008
Student recounts Iraq tour of duty 9/5/2008
Texas teachers pack heat 9/5/2008
'StuFu' earns a pat on the back 9/4/2008
Election drama starting to look like reality TV 9/4/2008
Lab gives students break from usual classrooms 9/4/2008
Worker wages increase to $7 9/4/2008
'Travel' offers beauty but lacks excitement 9/3/2008
Despite anonymity, O-line base for offense production 9/3/2008
Faculty, staff need to respect student parking 9/3/2008
Free societies should not take free press for granted 9/3/2008
Growing student body creates crowding 9/3/2008
Hydration key to avoid heat-related injuries 9/3/2008
McCain's VP pick is insulting to women voters 9/3/2008
Obama's running mate neither helps nor hinders 9/3/2008
Parents move to campus 9/3/2008
Students help sell shoes, raise funds for Iraqis 9/3/2008
Waco Co-Op to showcase local artists 9/3/2008
Waco public transportation in need of upgrade 9/3/2008
'Children of Eden' opens Civic Theatre season 9/2/2008
Area Democrats gather for speech 9/2/2008
Baseball makes club CWS 9/2/2008
Dining halls aim for eco-friendly measures 9/2/2008
For lineman Rhodes, life continues outside hashes 9/2/2008
Fumbles, offense woes hand BU 41-13 loss 9/2/2008
Garland brings life experience to office 9/2/2008
Gustav packs a punch to coast 9/2/2008
Interim president promises 'clarity' 9/2/2008
Lacking depth, character, 'Traitor' borders on mediocrity 9/2/2008
Lady Bears looking for first NCAA trip since 2001 9/2/2008
Professors awarded grant to continue ethanol research 9/2/2008
Stadium recycles trash, goes green 9/2/2008
University plans to continue, expand environmental efforts 9/2/2008