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News Archives for Aug. 2008

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Story Date
Lady Bears travel to Canada 8/30/2008
Griffin shines in 41-13 loss 8/29/2008
DNC initiates unsteady campaign 8/27/2008
'The Rocker' delivers slapstick comedy, predictable message Slapstick comedy 8/23/2008
'Pictures and Sound' debut mixes meaningful lyrics, organic sounds 8/23/2008
Baylor ranked low in Forbes report 8/23/2008
Baylor-themed coffee line, energy drink coming this fall 8/23/2008
Big 12, ACC experience trump raw ability 8/23/2008
Board of Regents increases budget, votes for new degrees 8/23/2008
Briles brings attitude adjustment for Baylor football 8/23/2008
Briles era brings exciting possibilities for freshmen 8/23/2008
Briles uses new recruits, experience for firepower 8/23/2008
Campus programs seek to aid international students 8/23/2008
Classics, comedy fill year's theater 8/23/2008
Controversial jokes, actors disappoint in 'Thunder' 8/23/2008
Decreasing drinking age fails to solve problems 8/23/2008
Defense to gain third LB 8/23/2008
Expanded occupancy spaces assuage housing crunch 8/23/2008
Former child development major imprisoned, fined for abusing boy 8/23/2008
Four seniors bike to Alaska to aid in suicide prevention 8/23/2008
House demolition stuns former tenants 8/23/2008
Innovative menu, healthy standards make Chipotle inexpensive winner 8/23/2008
Lilley fired; Garland takes office 8/23/2008
Lilley's exit not a big surprise 8/23/2008
Loudspeakers added as emergency measure 8/23/2008
New bell tones aim to synchronize university time, classes 8/23/2008
New facility hopes to improve athletics 8/23/2008
New faculty center offers place for dining, fellowship 8/23/2008
O'Brien vacates provost position 8/23/2008
Office rearrangement brings new faces into Pat Neff Hall 8/23/2008
Potential, speed qualify talented true freshman 8/23/2008
Program seeks fusion of faith, doctoral studies 8/23/2008
Sports Briefs 8/23/2008
Staind's 'Progress' missing excellence, individual sound 8/23/2008
Swing states keep presidential candidates on their toes 8/23/2008
Tenure process revision imminent 8/23/2008
UTEP sweeps Lady Bears 1-0 8/23/2008
Waco coffee shop closures reflect nationwide economic slowdown 8/23/2008
Waco Hall sound, stage renovated 8/23/2008
Garland appointed Interim President 8/20/2008