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News Archives for March 2008

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Story Date
Student Foundation's Bearathon a success 3/29/2008
Baylor student finalist in TV show 3/28/2008
Bear briefs 3/28/2008
Bears overcome SMU, 5-2 3/28/2008
City smog increases in summer 3/28/2008
Covenant celebration to repeat historic event 3/28/2008
Documentary 'Shines A Light' 3/28/2008
Editorial: Tenure process lacks transparency 3/28/2008
Edwards, Hutchison, Peake tour VA hospital 3/28/2008
Gates orders full U.S. nuclear inventory after mistaken parts delivery 3/28/2008
Letters to the editor 3/28/2008
Monks on Tibet freedom: 'It's all lies' 3/28/2008
Mukasey: politics irrelevant in charging public officials 3/28/2008
Sports briefs 3/28/2008
Student art pushes boundaries in diverse mediums 3/28/2008
Tar Heels reach NCAA round of 8 3/28/2008
Tenure, living wage discussed by senate 3/28/2008
To end world hunger we must first acknowledge it 3/28/2008
Track and field back in action 3/28/2008
Trends show change in study abroad destinations 3/28/2008
Variety on the menu for new Basaberu 3/28/2008
'Yuma' writers screen film at BU 3/27/2008
'Odd' is the new cool for Gnarls album 3/27/2008
Bear briefs 3/27/2008
Bears improve season to 12-2 at home 3/27/2008
Bowling, raffle gear up to Relay 3/27/2008
DA says he can't indict ex-minister 3/27/2008
Democratic primary continues at county conventions 3/27/2008
Editorial: Homeschool court ruling ridiculous 3/27/2008
Emil Brown leads Athletics to 5-1 win over Red So 3/27/2008
Harris County voting discrepancies investigated 3/27/2008
Holocaust film series opens with Downfall 3/27/2008
Honors college students don't deserve their negative stereotype 3/27/2008
Lady Bears tennis team fall short to Wildcats 3/27/2008
Lecture series to address leaders 3/27/2008
Softball trounced by Texas A&M, 8-0 3/27/2008
Teriyaki Park serves sweet deals, sushi 3/27/2008
Value of travel can't be measured by material gain 3/27/2008
Violence in Tibet causes Bush to brave Chinese leader 3/27/2008
Women make up 1.5 percent of capital punishment convictions 3/27/2008
'Much Ado' to be presented in Armstrong Browning 3/26/2008
'The Bank Job' banks on new perspective in heist film genre 3/26/2008
12 of 30 teachers up for tenure denied 3/26/2008
Alumni construct Web site, use converging media to reach users 3/26/2008
Bears pound Houston, 12-4 3/26/2008
BIN still offline 3/26/2008
Designer jeans half-off today 3/26/2008
Editorial: Reflections on Iraq war lack depth 3/26/2008
Fan behavior shows different sides to the stands 3/26/2008
Fault for financial disaster rests in forgotten details 3/26/2008
French president raises pressure on China 3/26/2008
Gas prices guzzle dollar value down 3/26/2008
Shiite militia fight U.S., Iraqi troops 3/26/2008
Softball loses to Texas State, 5-2 3/26/2008
XM-Sirius satellite radio deal approved 3/26/2008
Danity Kane's 'Dollhouse' may disappoint 3/25/2008
Lady Bears season was far from a failure 3/25/2008
Pittsburgh knocks out Lady Bears, 67-59 3/24/2008
Digesting the men's tourney ... brief as it was 3/23/2008
Lady Bears beat Fresno State, 88-67 3/22/2008
'Yael Naim' soothes through soft sound 3/20/2008
Baylor alumna awarded President's Volunteer Service Award 3/20/2008
Baylor looks to push past Purdue 3/20/2008
Bear briefs 3/20/2008
Brooks CL accepted to Harvard Law 3/20/2008
Bush defends high cost of Iraq War 3/20/2008
Economy hinders student loan options 3/20/2008
Editorial: Too few PawPrints to go around 3/20/2008
ELG to attend Dallas film festival 3/20/2008
Lady Bears to meet first NCAA opponent Saturday 3/20/2008
Local band debuts dance-rock CD 3/20/2008
Mayans and guerillas part of field work 3/20/2008
Monologues hit Hippodrome tonight 3/20/2008
Penland card swiper offers example, warm smile 3/20/2008
Purdue ends Baylor's season with 90-79 thumping 3/20/2008
Run-off election to decide constable, commissioner 3/20/2008
Softball drops Big 12 opener, 7-0, against Texas A&M 3/20/2008
Track to start outdoor season with Dr Pepper Invitational 3/20/2008
Baseball to face Missouri in first conference road game 3/19/2008
Baylor triumphs in domain dispute 3/19/2008
BU tournament bid reflects Big 12's strength 3/19/2008
Dorm renovation will open doors to men, women in fall 3/19/2008
Editorial: More work needed for living wage campaign 3/19/2008
H-E-B to distribute digital network converters 3/19/2008
Handgun laws could change come June 3/19/2008
Iraq 5 years later 3/19/2008
Juicy Campus brings junior-high pettiness to college 3/19/2008
Letters to the editor 3/19/2008
Religion professor honored with award 3/19/2008
Softball to start conference play 3/19/2008
Sports briefs 3/19/2008
Storms soak Texas, bring DFW air traffic to a crawl 3/19/2008
Women's role in war still debated 3/19/2008
Armstrong-Browning director's contract not renewed 3/18/2008
Baylor law student charged with unlawful carry of a weapon 3/18/2008
Baylor to hold first summit on women's leadership 3/18/2008
Bear briefs 3/18/2008
Bears battle Boilermakers Thursday 3/18/2008
Bible course may be elective in Texas schools 3/18/2008
Director of Human Genome Project to discuss God versus science 3/18/2008
Editorial: Primary re-vote unfair 3/18/2008
Florida democrats abandon mail-in primary redo plan 3/18/2008
Foot-washing ritual misses point of Christ's message 3/18/2008
Friends most important to young adults, study finds 3/18/2008
Global warming gets Baptist attention 3/18/2008
Health Camp: A hamburger joint with throw-back flavor 3/18/2008
Kentucky State hires Morriss as offensive line coach 3/18/2008
Lady Bears awarded No. 3 NCAA seed 3/18/2008
Letters to the editor 3/18/2008
No break for baseball this spring Break 3/18/2008
Obama urges tax cut 3/18/2008
South by Southwest 3/18/2008
Suicide bomber kills 43 in Karbala 3/18/2008
Baylor selected for NCAA tournament 3/16/2008
2OT: Colorado 85, Baylor 81, 25.4 seconds remaining 3/13/2008
All done in Kansas City 3/13/2008
Colorado 48, Baylor 34, 15:43 2nd 3/13/2008
Colorado shocks Baylor in double-overtime 3/13/2008
Double overtime CU 74, BU 74 3/13/2008
Final-2OT: Colorado 91, Baylor 84 3/13/2008
MBB: Baylor 21, Colorado 21 7:46 1st 3/13/2008
MBB: Baylor 65, Colorado 65, 21.6 second remaining 3/13/2008
MBB: Baylor 8, Colorado 6, 15:45 1st 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 32, Baylor 24 5:03 1st 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 36, Baylor 28 2:44 1st 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 44, Baylor 31 Halftime 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 53, Baylor 42, 11:32 2nd 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 59, Baylor 45, 8:57 2nd. 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 60, Baylor 52, 7:01 2nd 3/13/2008
MBB: Colorado 61, Baylor 59 3:38 2nd 3/13/2008
OT: Baylor 72, Colorado 71, 52 seconds remaining 3/13/2008
OT: Baylor 74, Colorado 74 15.4 remaining 3/13/2008
Overtime in Kansas City 3/13/2008
Overtime: Colorado 69, Baylor 67 2:15 3/13/2008
Pregame at the Sprint Center 3/13/2008
Tip off at the Sprint Center 3/13/2008
31-point swing sends Baylor home, Texas foward 3/12/2008
Tough loss for KSU 3/12/2008
WBB: Baylor 24, Texas 15 3/12/2008
WBB: Baylor 43, Texas 32 15:30 2nd 3/12/2008
WBB: Baylor 43, Texas 41 11:22 2nd 3/12/2008
WBB: Texas 12, Baylor 9 13:46 1st 3/12/2008
WBB: Texas 64, Baylor 54 1:26 2nd 3/12/2008
WBB: Texas 76, Baylor 61, Final 3/12/2008
WBB: Texas pregame 3/12/2008
WBB:Texas 50, Baylor 46 5:56 2nd 3/12/2008
Big 12 Tourney Opening 3/11/2008
Big 12 title all but stripped away by OSU 3/7/2008
Bread and soup fare for fundraising feast 3/7/2008
BSM to spend spring break serving Louisiana 3/7/2008
Cold weather still looming, meteorologist says 3/7/2008
Critics should realize media are just doing their job 3/7/2008
Editorial: Gym idea right on target 3/7/2008
Letters to the editor 3/7/2008
Men regrouping for Texas Tech 3/7/2008
Student Senate supports ban on campus 3/7/2008
Texas Rangers CFO talks life after Baylor 3/7/2008
Times Square letters investigated 3/7/2008
Track star on road to prolific career 3/7/2008
Bear briefs 3/6/2008
Bears triumph over Louisiana Tech, 7-6 3/6/2008
Democratic race far from over 3/6/2008
Editorial: Prison reform needed 3/6/2008
Fans get feisty as Bears fall to Aggies, 71-57 3/6/2008
Flood released to boost Grand Canyon ecosystem 3/6/2008
Former director of Bill Daniel Student Center dies at 71 3/6/2008
Group to appear on mtvU to raise suicide awareness 3/6/2008
Letters to the editor 3/6/2008
Obama campaign going strong but race isn't over 3/6/2008
Recyclemania breaks tonnage record with 32.6 3/6/2008
Single-day fasting can have benefits 3/6/2008
Softball begins Florida tournament 3/6/2008
Tisdale to face Cowgirls in final home game 3/6/2008
Work, life topics of speech 3/6/2008
Alcohol-related offenses often become another stupid crime 3/5/2008
Anderson re-elected Texas state rep 3/5/2008
Bears set to wrestle with Aggies, emotion tonight 3/5/2008
Bulldogs end Bears' winning streak 3/5/2008
Chesney leads ACM Award nominations with 11 total 3/5/2008
Clinton wins Ohio; Texas too close to call 3/5/2008
Early Easter due to moon 3/5/2008
Editorial: Family housing needed 3/5/2008
Faculty Senate holds meeting on pay increase, tenure issues 3/5/2008
Fashion merchandising raises ethical questions 3/5/2008
Former student shot 3/5/2008
Harvard gym to accommodate Muslim women; some protest 3/5/2008
Iranian-American to speak on film, life after Sept. 11 3/5/2008
McCain clinches Republican nomination 3/5/2008
McCain's victory party 3/5/2008
Military officials: Iran continuing to train insurgents 3/5/2008
Packers QB Brett Favre retires 3/5/2008
Rice request for revival of peace talk rebuffed 3/5/2008
The Black Crowes back with impressive blues, rock blend 3/5/2008
Tired phrases add nothing to sports but irritation 3/5/2008
American Scientific Affiliation to hold design discussion 3/4/2008
Barrymore donates $1 million to food program 3/4/2008
Baseball retains trophy 3/4/2008
Bear briefs 3/4/2008
Book authors generate community discussion 3/4/2008
Boredom from 'Boleyn Girl' outshines brilliant acting 3/4/2008
British news organization to broadcast student discussion 3/4/2008
Chelsea supports her mom in Waco 3/4/2008
Editorial: Coal plants must be stopped 3/4/2008
Huckabee drops out of GOP race 3/4/2008
Increase in Christians who don't go to church 3/4/2008
Lady Bears to aim at title 3/4/2008
McCain visits Waco town hall meeting 3/4/2008
Movie Review: Animation meets politics in Persepolis 3/4/2008
Obama, Clinton face Texas, Ohio votes that could decide long campaign 3/4/2008
Obama, McCain take Vermont 3/4/2008
Paris designers tone down bling as economic worries loom 3/4/2008
Pig nose portrays beauty in 'Penelope' 3/4/2008
Post players to pose threat against A&M 3/4/2008
Ron Hall answers questions for the Lariat 3/4/2008
Sacrificing rights cost of freedom 3/4/2008
Suspension of liberties never just 3/4/2008
Tunnel opens eyes 3/4/2008
Water treatment research active 3/4/2008
Women's History month gets speaker 3/4/2008
Women's tennis No. 4 defeats Wake Forest University 3/4/2008
Actors visit Obama's Waco officce and ask for support 3/3/2008
Teams battle for NCAA tournament spot 3/3/2008
Baylor softball sweeps Louisiana-Monroe 3/2/2008
Huckabee's Crowd in Waco 3/1/2008
Max endorses Barack Obama 3/1/2008
Men's basketball makes history with win over Missouri 3/1/2008
On the Front Row 3/1/2008
The Inside Scoop on the Huckabee Interview 3/1/2008