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News Archives for Sept. 2007

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Story Date
Baylor stumbles over first conference game 9/29/2007
Opinion: Offense's bad day could be a troubling omen 9/29/2007
'Jena 6' teen released on $45,000 bail 9/28/2007
Advisement made easier by Web site 9/28/2007
Banned books to be on display at library 9/28/2007
Battle of the Brazos returns 9/28/2007
Bear briefs 9/28/2007
Editorial: Recycling progress positive 9/28/2007
Financial relations in limbo 9/28/2007
Golf team hunts win at Notre Dame 9/28/2007
LEAF teaches housekeepers English, aid qualifications 9/28/2007
Photos capture our best memories, worst tragedies 9/28/2007
Prestigious grant awarded to Baylor 9/28/2007
Simple shapes star in movie adventure 9/28/2007
The truth about bottled water and Republicans' chances in 2008 9/28/2007
A heated religion 9/27/2007
Baylor buys $1.25 million supercomputer 9/27/2007
Baylor should be more friendly to groups of disbelief 9/27/2007
Bear briefs 9/27/2007
Choosing on-campus housing preferences made easier online 9/27/2007
Disgraced quarterback positive for marijuana 9/27/2007
Editorial: It's time for God's people to go green 9/27/2007
Halo 3 greets gamers with great graphics, fresh features 9/27/2007
Judge declares mistrial in Spector case 9/27/2007
Lecturer talks about Plato, Jewish Talmud 9/27/2007
Letters to the editor 9/27/2007
Memorial golf tourney Friday 9/27/2007
Men's tennis fails to claim singles title for first time in five years 9/27/2007
New SUB to start from scratch 9/27/2007
Senate talks tenure 9/27/2007
Senior adds veteran touch 9/27/2007
Students live on the edge rappelling on, off campus 9/27/2007
Symposium brings host of technology experts 9/27/2007
Texas A&M hands Lady Bears volleyball loss, 3-0 9/27/2007
Weekend festival to offer array of artistic activities 9/27/2007
'Cavemen' undergoes pre-debut evolution 9/26/2007
Ahmadinejad: Iranian nuclear issue closed case 9/26/2007
Baylor in New York program offers chance of a lifetime for students 9/26/2007
BU alumnus joins history institute 9/26/2007 to connect students 9/26/2007
Concert connection 9/26/2007
Dead pigs found on campus, student houses 9/26/2007
Eclectic safety Lake walks his own path 9/26/2007
Editorial: Give equal classes for all majors 9/26/2007
Grape: Good food, slow service 9/26/2007
LiveHire to give students edge 9/26/2007
Mayor speaks at Brooks Tea 9/26/2007
Minority student numbers increase 9/26/2007
New system has soccer on track 9/26/2007
Once-absent running game adds new dimension to offense 9/26/2007
Pink Floyd's Gilmour rehashes classics with fresh feel 9/26/2007
Some Christians committing heresies of ignorance 9/26/2007
Study says loneliness affects immune system 9/26/2007
'Remedy' wins worshippers with synthesized sounds 9/25/2007
15-minute intervals to ease rush 9/25/2007
Bear Briefs 9/25/2007
Book shows individual belief trends 9/25/2007
Bouldering offers new take on old tradition 9/25/2007
Cheerleading debate rages on among students 9/25/2007
Crawford, home of protests 9/25/2007
Editorial: Groups should extend 'red or blue' conversation 9/25/2007
Letters to the editor 9/25/2007
Local peace groups coexist separately 9/25/2007
Study: Spouses unlikely to see silver anniversary 9/25/2007
War and peace 9/25/2007
With the Cubs, you just never know 9/25/2007
'Jena Six' Spark Protest 9/21/2007
Baylor Round Table Tea welcomes newest members 9/21/2007
Bear briefs 9/21/2007
Beatnix second anniversary boasts creativity, coffee 9/21/2007
BU football set for long distance clash with Buffalo 9/21/2007
Editorial: Justice unserved in Jena 9/21/2007
Ex-Baylor professor writes novel on 'experience' 9/21/2007
ID talks fail to satisfy 9/21/2007
KWBY sponsors World War II documentary 9/21/2007
Lab to use safer chemicals 9/21/2007
Leal's: From the border to your buds 9/21/2007
Letters to the editor 9/21/2007
MAZE duo to perform illusions 9/21/2007
Men's tennis rested, ready to open fall season 9/21/2007
Photographs show what love is all about: sacrifice 9/21/2007
Senators awaiting approval 9/21/2007
Soccer limps into weekend battles 9/21/2007
Softball schedule reveals tough road 9/21/2007
Vera Wang makes frugal fashion line 9/21/2007
Website trumps iTunes 9/21/2007
Bear Briefs 9/20/2007
BU offense hitting its stride 9/20/2007
Cowboys' Johnson ready for his second chance 9/20/2007
Displaced Baylor Crew looks for new source of funding 9/20/2007
Documentary delves into world of 'Donkey Kong' domination 9/20/2007
Editorial: Lilley's two cents are missing 9/20/2007
Entertainment briefs 9/20/2007
Hybrid embryo sparks debate on life, ethics 9/20/2007
Kanye West scores sale contest victory of rival 50 cent 9/20/2007
Letters to the editor 9/20/2007
Mammoth dig raises funds to go public 9/20/2007
Measure to regulate length of combat tours fails 9/20/2007
New tennis assistant blends experience, winning mindset 9/20/2007
Phishing emails mimic Bank of America 9/20/2007
Professor to speak on NASA, space missions 9/20/2007
Rather sues CBS for $70 Million 9/20/2007
Soldiers' cognitions assesed 9/20/2007
Student spins the 'Wheel of Fortune' 9/20/2007
Students need all the facts when making choices about sex 9/20/2007
Tennessee death procedure ruled cruel, unusual 9/20/2007
Texas mom accused of burning her kids 9/20/2007
Tunstall's 'Drastic Fantastic' fails to live up to its name 9/20/2007
Web site promotes safe surfing 9/20/2007
Bear Briefs 9/19/2007
Cheating is rampant, moving on even more so 9/19/2007
Editorial: Campus in need of sex talk 9/19/2007
Florida student arrested at Kerry campus forum 9/19/2007
Hispanic heritage month kicks off 9/19/2007
ID debate to continue in new film 9/19/2007
Lady Bears look to win over Colorado Buffaloes 9/19/2007
Local cops crack down on underage drinking 9/19/2007
Political forum aims to encourage dialogue 9/19/2007
US suspends diplomatic travel outside Green Zone 9/19/2007
9 strategic proposals accepted 9/18/2007
Author advises how to 'stand out' to get hired 9/18/2007
Bear Briefs 9/18/2007
BU administration silencing science by design 9/18/2007
BU senior netter takes long journey to top spot 9/18/2007
Editorial: Summit summons awareness 9/18/2007
Former students guilty 9/18/2007
Freshman receiver takes advantage of first start 9/18/2007
Growing pains temper BU victory 9/18/2007
Learning centers go global 9/18/2007
Legal experts question Simpson's treatment 9/18/2007
Letters to the editor 9/18/2007
Morriss deserves more time to save Baylor football 9/18/2007
Mukasey nominated for attorney general 9/18/2007
Music fest heats up Austin 9/18/2007
Race issues steal spotlight in 'Spinning into Butter' play 9/18/2007
Study says social work schools too political 9/18/2007
Survey gives BU low marks on sexual health 9/18/2007
Texas State gives Bears tough time 9/15/2007
Baylor center to undergo internal audit 9/14/2007
Bear Briefs 9/14/2007
Bush announces partial troop drawdown 9/14/2007
Editorial: BU opens old wounds with Marks 9/14/2007
Group allotted $800 9/14/2007
Lady Bears to meet tough competition in California 9/14/2007
Letters to the editor 9/14/2007
Picking a church not easy for your average Bear 9/14/2007
Records may break Saturday 9/14/2007
Retreat offers freshmen opportunity to explore their faith 9/14/2007
River Jam Festival to give proceeds to community 9/14/2007
Side order of crazy comes with role of superstardom 9/14/2007
Success Center fosters professional skills 9/14/2007
Tsunami kills at least 10 people in Indonesia 9/14/2007
'Curtis' packed with profanity, performers galore 9/13/2007
Acoustic Café to showcase students' talent as rising artists 9/13/2007
Baseball opens fall practice season 9/13/2007
Bear Briefs 9/13/2007
BU blackout caused by line failure 9/13/2007
Choosing a career part of waking up to life's calling 9/13/2007
Cops confirm insurance coverage quicker 9/13/2007
Cowboys' Romo, Witten enjoy positive rapport 9/13/2007
Editorial: Safe ride will protect students 9/13/2007
Indonesia rocked by twin earthquakes 9/13/2007
Internet video class taps student interest 9/13/2007
Lady Bears lose against Cyclones 9/13/2007
Letters to the editor 9/13/2007
Mental health summits aim to alleviate ailments 9/13/2007
Milk prices gouge students' pocketbooks 9/13/2007
Senate Democrats reject Petraeus' plan 9/13/2007
Tropical storm threatens Texas coast with heavy rains, flooding 9/13/2007
West defiantly 'stronger' on third album 9/13/2007
Are some pop culture crimes too heinous to forgive and forget? 9/12/2007
Bear Briefs 9/12/2007
Bin Laden lauds hijacker in new video 9/12/2007
BU faculty, alumni go off-Broadway 9/12/2007
Burleson announced chaplain 9/12/2007
Bush plans to cut U.S. troops in Iraq by 30,000 9/12/2007
Campus construction becoming a tradition at Baylor 9/12/2007
Concert Connection 9/12/2007
Drew forms foundation for successful season 9/12/2007
Editorial: Iraq report a surging failure 9/12/2007
Faculty Senate focuses on involvement 9/12/2007
Freshman class officer results 9/12/2007
Honor the Texas flag by keeping God out of pledge of allegiance 9/12/2007
Lecturer declares Wesleyan theology dead 9/12/2007
Project Promise grant renewed 9/12/2007
Regents increase tuition by 6.5 percent 9/12/2007
Smith grabs touchdown, new beginning at BU 9/12/2007
Texas-Oklahoma rivalry takes bloody turn over T-shirt dispute 9/12/2007
Baylor reflects on Sept. 11 terrorist attack 9/11/2007
Bear Briefs 9/11/2007
BU alums successfully revamp Western '3:10 to Yuma' 9/11/2007
BYU student found dead 9/11/2007
Editorial: So many nukes, so little need 9/11/2007
Enrollment up from fall 2006 9/11/2007
Gen. Petraeus suggests partial withdrawal 9/11/2007
Lack of winning tradition no excuse for missing out on game day 9/11/2007
Monument reminds of tragedy's ability to bring together 9/11/2007
New book celebrates Pat Neff 9/11/2007
New group to offer legal aid programs to Waco community 9/11/2007
New intelligent design conflict hits BU 9/11/2007
PawPrints to go green, save paper 9/11/2007
Proposed initiative aims to reduce drunken driving 9/11/2007
Szymanski rewrites school records with historic performance 9/11/2007
Teamwide improvement guides BU rout of Rice 9/11/2007
Transfer students reach highest numbers ever 9/11/2007
Video Music Awards bounce back despite Britney bomb 9/11/2007
BU overcomes TCU demons to rout Rice 9/8/2007
Apple apologizes, offers $100 refund 9/7/2007
Associate professor aims to 'FOCUS' students 9/7/2007
Bear briefs 9/7/2007
Chaplain chase down to one 9/7/2007
Editorial: BU needs to tackle hot topics 9/7/2007
Geology building torn down 9/7/2007
IBM makes nanotech innovations 9/7/2007
Internships worthwhile despite coffee runs and copying 9/7/2007
King to speak on abortion danger, cultural issues 9/7/2007
Lilley discusses idea of new SUB 9/7/2007
Officials: Virus likely cause of outbreak 9/7/2007
Police blotter 9/7/2007
Progress by degrees 9/7/2007
Rice could cause Bears trouble 9/7/2007
Southwestern Seminary serves up regressive home-ec program 9/7/2007
Apple announces updated iPods, $200 iPhone price drop 9/6/2007
Athletes charged with assault 9/6/2007
Bomber mistakenly armed with six nuclear weapons 9/6/2007
Children's health comes first 9/6/2007
Dave Matthews Band could 'crash' at Baylor 9/6/2007
E-learning benefits schools 9/6/2007
Entertainment Briefs 9/6/2007
Familiar face rejoins, deepens beat-up offensive line 9/6/2007
Guerrillas going bananas with new, improved improv 9/6/2007
Iraq forces dependent, study says 9/6/2007
Journal designed to enable service reflection 9/6/2007
Magnificat! tour brings unique message to BU 9/6/2007
Politicians should set an example, not break the rules 9/6/2007
Privacy changes made to social networking site 9/6/2007
Shooting doesn't slow Bears' linebacker coach 9/6/2007
Students shouldn't follow nationwide trend of being uninformed 9/6/2007
Terrell Owens in good humor before season 9/6/2007
Aviation adventurer Fossett missing 9/5/2007
BU football left searching for answers after shutout 9/5/2007
Concert connection 9/5/2007
Dickenson discusses major Iraq faults 9/5/2007
Editorial: Language program reform laudable 9/5/2007
Employers to crack down on illegal immigrants 9/5/2007
EVP pushes community involvement 9/5/2007
Hurricane season marked by twin storms 9/5/2007
Letters to the editor 9/5/2007
Libraries launch new IM service 9/5/2007
Motocross kicking up interest in Central Texas 9/5/2007
Sen. Craig reconsidering resignation over sex scandal 9/5/2007
Superpowers, nerds and rich people: a few of fall's TV trends 9/5/2007
Texas moves on after scare 9/5/2007
Vick should've tried other commercial dog ventures 9/5/2007
Waco housing market bucks U.S. trend 9/5/2007
Zombie's 'Halloween' scares, scars viewers 9/5/2007
Baylor shut out in opener at TCU 9/1/2007
Miscues, TCU blanks Bears 9/1/2007