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News Archives for April 2007

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Story Date
ATO receives prominent fraternal award 4/27/2007
Bears ready for A&M rivalry series 4/27/2007
Big John pushes athletes to excel 4/27/2007
Crime scene investigation 4/27/2007
Disputes arise over Student Life Fund 4/27/2007
End-of-year assessment reveals disappointments, satisfaction 4/27/2007
Event to benefit Invisible Children 4/27/2007
Late nights, lack of sleep will not stop new Lariat editor 4/27/2007
Outgoing editor leaves newsroom with ideals intact 4/27/2007
Poverty in U.S. raises more questions about social reform 4/27/2007
Runner sets lofty goals 4/27/2007
Student gets prestigious Russian scholarship 4/27/2007
Trabajando para la reforma 4/27/2007
Tyler James, Amparan bring tunes to Common Grounds 4/27/2007
Vatican curator brings St. Pauls tomb discovery presentation to BU 4/27/2007
Volleyball limps into final spring tournament 4/27/2007
Abandoned pets more likely among college students 4/26/2007
After graduation, thoughts turn to what comes next 4/26/2007
Baylor athletic rankings climbing 4/26/2007
Campus peppered with new construction projects 4/26/2007
Dems, Bush butt heads over timeline 4/26/2007
Downtown Waco to get face-lift 4/26/2007
Endowment lags behind projection 4/26/2007
EVP, cabinet recognized with their own day in Waco 4/26/2007
Fashion show to display students' collaborative work 4/26/2007
Great Texts, quality of grad students spearhead new academic programs 4/26/2007
Growth of 2012 not up to par 4/26/2007
Involvement ties BU to alumni, community 4/26/2007
Learning boosts mean class tweaks 4/26/2007
New system to offer parking decals online 4/26/2007
Officials want upperclassmen to live on campus 4/26/2007
Overhyping of prospects contributes to drama of NFL draft 4/26/2007
Pleasing spaces making impact 4/26/2007
Research goals key to Imperative III 4/26/2007
Study abroad participation remains on consistent level 4/26/2007
Study: Many professors alienated 4/26/2007
The Hierarchy of Evil 4/26/2007
Theater produces witty British play 4/26/2007
Turning students to stewards 4/26/2007
Tutoring, SI up retention rate 4/26/2007
Album hypnotizes listeners 4/25/2007
Arts, Sciences select new dean 4/25/2007
Avril's new album has harsh sound, lyrics 4/25/2007
Baransi claims run-off for IVP 4/25/2007
Developing integrity gives purpose and meaning to everyday life 4/25/2007
Fourth-ranked Bears still hungry 4/25/2007
In light of any tragedy, the best we can do is learn 4/25/2007
Lecture to focus on future of clones as food 4/25/2007
McCains Bomb-Iran joke not a laughing matter 4/25/2007
No. 9 softball sets aim on Big 12 title claim 4/25/2007
Students cry foul play in textbook prices 4/25/2007
Virginia governor targets gun laws 4/25/2007
BU acts cautiously with mental illness 4/24/2007
Campus creates major issues 4/24/2007
Choirs join voices for spring show 4/24/2007
Darwin expert comes to Baylor 4/24/2007
Political giant begins lectures 4/24/2007
Predictable plot not lethal to thrill of Vacancy 4/24/2007
Va. Tech Web site focuses on victims, not shooter 4/24/2007
Baseball looks to build upon recent success 4/20/2007
Bearobics Bash to raise heart health awareness 4/20/2007
BU equestrian teams set for record school finishes 4/20/2007
Earth Week aims to make BU greener 4/20/2007
For goodness sake, freakin get over your problem with cursing 4/20/2007
International videoconference to highlight global environment issues 4/20/2007
Juvenile politics must end 4/20/2007
Landing careers harder than expected 4/20/2007
More to jobs than GPA 4/20/2007
Music meets activism at festival 4/20/2007
Orchestral, choral concert to feature almost 300 musicians 4/20/2007
Professor-student team addresses college loan debt 4/20/2007
Remembering past influences key to future success 4/20/2007
Students contribute to Brooks construction 4/20/2007
Switchfoot comes to campus for BYX Island Party 4/20/2007
Tattoos affirm beliefs for Christian students 4/20/2007
Too close to call: IVP comes to run-off 4/20/2007
Track to host second meet of outdoor season 4/20/2007
Waco proves faithfulness to other historical landmarks 4/20/2007
Womens golf takes 3rd at tournament 4/20/2007
Womens tennis tops Toads, 7-0 4/20/2007
Wrecking ball may demolish fond memories 4/20/2007
Baylor dumps program that shares loan money 4/18/2007
Bears drop to 3rd at Big 12 tournament 4/18/2007
BU ready for clash of Big 12 titans 4/18/2007
Committee meets to discuss BU's accreditation status 4/18/2007
Concert band to play diverse repertoire 4/18/2007
Concert to benefit Invisible Children 4/18/2007
Killer identified as troubled English student 4/18/2007
Model Arab League earns top award at competition 4/18/2007
MTVs Sweet 16 offers nothing but mindless entertainment 4/18/2007
Panel discusses staff wage raise 4/18/2007
Plummer, Hay, Fonville make strong government trio 4/18/2007
Schools close after threats 4/18/2007
Seminar recalls impact of Holocaust 4/18/2007
Senior does not let success go to head 4/18/2007
Teen remake unexpectedly enjoyable 4/18/2007
The Race: Executive Candidates Gear Up 4/18/2007
Award-winning drummer to liven ensemble's show 4/17/2007
Bears D shines in exhibition 4/17/2007
Bears still in search of kickers 4/17/2007
BU extends streak with OSU sweep 4/17/2007
Court rules in favor of Fonville Facebook group 4/17/2007
Dozens killed at Virginia Tech 4/17/2007
Education school gets new dean 4/17/2007
Gunshot ends life of graduate-to-be 4/17/2007
Late Waco resident donates $1 million to Baylor museums 4/17/2007
Mixed panel to discuss adequate wage issue 4/17/2007
New degree plan offers business majors more options 4/17/2007
Offense sputters in spring game 4/17/2007
Random attacks difficult to stop 4/17/2007
Saving the earth only takes a few simple changes 4/17/2007
Sleep-in missed the point 4/17/2007
Students help teach English to local youth 4/17/2007
Off Campus Student Death 4/14/2007
America needs to elect more than a first in a new president 4/13/2007
Baylor, Then and Now 4/13/2007
Bedell honored by Big 12 4/13/2007
Extension shows skewed priorities of BU athletics 4/13/2007
Five quarterbacks battle for top billing 4/13/2007
Latin Dance Society to embrace culture workshop 4/13/2007
NewtTube apology not enough 4/13/2007
Senate allocates $9,800 4/13/2007
Taqueria deserves notice 4/13/2007
Texas lawmakers haggle over budget 4/13/2007
Track washed out in Austin, heads north for Denton 4/13/2007
Associate professor examines better marketing tactics 4/12/2007
Bears win at OU, prep for tourney 4/12/2007
Bong hits case is immature but still free speech 4/12/2007
Diplomacy is only hope for nation 4/12/2007
Events raise funds for cancer awareness 4/12/2007
Faculty salaries begin to rise 4/12/2007
FCC campout aims to raise awareness for homelessness 4/12/2007
IVP candidate forced to close group 4/12/2007
Orchestra presents final concert of the semester 4/12/2007
Push for Pies helps disabled 4/12/2007
Taking it to Austin 4/12/2007
Taking it to the capital 4/12/2007
When looking for a job, keep future career dreams in mind 4/12/2007
Avoiding the money pit 4/11/2007
Baseball falls to Horned Frogs, 6-3 4/11/2007
Bright Eyes channels creativity on Cassadaga album 4/11/2007
BU All-American finds place in nation's capital 4/11/2007
BU celebrates Honors Week 4/11/2007
Council elects new members 4/11/2007
Court needs to grow up 4/11/2007
Fiesta brings Hispanic culture to Baylor community 4/11/2007
Fraternity to hold annual tournament 4/11/2007
Men's tennis wins two at home court 4/11/2007
Mulkey signs 10-year deal 4/11/2007
Reading for school proves to be a valuable experience 4/11/2007
Softball continues winning streak after slump 4/11/2007
Struggling pitchers look to bounce back 4/11/2007
Students aim to keep BSB open 24 hours 4/11/2007
Track shines at Stanford, travels to Austin 4/11/2007
Women's tennis levels Horns, 6-1 4/11/2007
Armstrong to host Shakespeare play 4/5/2007
CARE Week will now include Locks of Love 4/5/2007
Chaplain addresses faith, politics 4/5/2007
Court orders funds repaid 4/5/2007
Food, music meet for Bach seminar 4/5/2007
Going back on your word has serious consequences 4/5/2007
Group targets sexuality policy 4/5/2007
Iran leader releases captive British sailors 4/5/2007
Just leave the BMW at home 4/5/2007
Mystics take Mosby 6th 4/5/2007
Struggling pitchers look to bounce back 4/5/2007
Track shines at Stanford, travels to Austin 4/5/2007
What music would Jesus listen to? Probably not Christian rock 4/5/2007
Womens tennis levels Horns, 6-1 4/5/2007
Baylor wins mock trial championship again 4/4/2007
Bears cruise against Cougs for 12-6 win 4/4/2007
BU tennis takes down Aggies, 5-2 4/4/2007
Bush blasts Dems for taking time off 4/4/2007
Domestic adoptions suffer while people look abroad 4/4/2007
Exhibit raises global awareness 4/4/2007
Freshmen hold second Late Night 4/4/2007
Getting Back on the Mound 4/4/2007
New Gere film is a hoax of its own 4/4/2007
Private schools narrow gap 4/4/2007
Quarterlife crisis affects recent grads 4/4/2007
Time to shut down Gitmo 4/4/2007
What is in a name? Turns out, a lot more than you may think 4/4/2007
Armstrong to lead A Capella Choir 4/3/2007
Baylor softball continues streak 4/3/2007
Conference to mix faith, business 4/3/2007
Court allows Hay to run in election 4/3/2007
Cover men look to lock up positions 4/3/2007
Dallas museum exhibits artifacts from Jesus time 4/3/2007
Event to let students experience global hunger 4/3/2007
Homestead Heritage deli, bakery reflects name in atmosphere, quality 4/3/2007
Language is key to the future 4/3/2007
Law rank made official 4/3/2007
Northcutt Lecture to feature well-known church musician 4/3/2007
Real women need to counter negative media images 4/3/2007
Senate chaplain latest speaker in series 4/3/2007
Student charged in thefts 4/3/2007
Students need motivation to keep up with global competition 4/3/2007