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News Archives for Oct. 2007

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Story Date
Bear briefs 10/31/2007
BGCT rebuffs 'no-confidence' vote at meeting 10/31/2007
Bookstores beware 10/31/2007
BU M.E.D.S. attendance sees growth spurt 10/31/2007
Congress Democrats weigh war funding 10/31/2007
Country legend to play pre-game party 10/31/2007
Duncan gets new contract 10/31/2007
Editorial: StuGov: positively politicizing 10/31/2007
Elbowing and last-second timeouts need to be abolished 10/31/2007
Family-owned Jalisco's offers fine service at fast-food prices 10/31/2007
Letters to the editor 10/31/2007
On-campus graffitti gives grief 10/31/2007
Recording industry targets illegal file-sharing students 10/31/2007
Recreational, competition fishing runs in student's family 10/31/2007
Same mistakes mar BU offense 10/31/2007
Shuttle offers relief for injured students' campus trek 10/31/2007
Volleyball heats up, takes on Kansas 10/31/2007
'Game of Millennium' looms large for undefeated Patriots, Colts 10/30/2007
Achieving the study state 10/30/2007
Bear briefs 10/30/2007
BGCT elects first woman president 10/30/2007
Britney's back, but not better 10/30/2007
BU confronts reality of another bowl-less year 10/30/2007
Dead poets to haunt Armstrong-Browning 10/30/2007
Editorial: Election Day nearing, and your vote matters 10/30/2007
Executive MBA program jumps up 10 spots in national ranking 10/30/2007
Faculty Senate talks tenure, promotion policy 10/30/2007
Instead of complaining, women should have chivalry, too 10/30/2007
Latina journalist to speak on breaking stereotypes, sexism 10/30/2007
Letters to the editor 10/30/2007
Nelson, Green show love for the South at Dallas concert 10/30/2007
Pulitzer Prize winner lectures on Civil Rights 10/30/2007
Recital to spook students 10/30/2007
Scrubbing in for the last season 10/30/2007
Web site to ease scholarship hunt 10/30/2007
Yankees extend head position to Girardi 10/30/2007
Alzheimer's patients to be honored at special church service Sunday 10/26/2007
Bear briefs 10/26/2007
Bears to face Wildcats in final Big 12 North game 10/26/2007
Bin Laden criticism creates backlash 10/26/2007
BU keeps FACTS in check for federal funding 10/26/2007
Congress can do better than militarizing border to obtain security 10/26/2007
Editorial: Goin' beyond Steppin' 10/26/2007
Freeman, Nelson lead Kansas State to 51-13 win over Baylor 10/26/2007
Maine school's contraceptive plan makes good sense 10/26/2007
Safety concerns close BU Costa Rica program 10/26/2007
Shoutfest 2007 brings Christian music, message 10/26/2007
Student Senate doles out $9,925 to campus groups 10/26/2007
'Museum' playwright to participate in Foote festival 10/25/2007
Baylor leaders bound to hone skills in classroom 10/25/2007
Baylor police officer nabs Skinny's robbery suspect 10/25/2007
Baylor student finds joy, fulfillment in disc golf 10/25/2007
Bear briefs 10/25/2007
Broosova mops up competition in Lubbock 10/25/2007
BU cross country preps for finale 10/25/2007
Christian right causing rest of us to lose faith 10/25/2007
Court may eliminate appeals delay 10/25/2007
Editorial: Poverty solution means limiting our pollution 10/25/2007
Festival tries to foster new playwrights 10/25/2007
For Waco's homeless, Friday Morning Breakfast is served 10/25/2007
Henry Hoops scores on and off the court 10/25/2007
Microsoft, Google compete for attention, stock in Facebook 10/25/2007
Minority professors underrepresented 10/25/2007
Report card gives BU a C- 10/25/2007
San Diego family loses possessions, not faith 10/25/2007
Soccer offense glad to have Sherrell 10/25/2007
The gospel of sunshine as told by Joel Osteen 10/25/2007
Wildfire damages reach $1 billion 10/25/2007
'Real Life' deals dose of laughter, tears 10/24/2007
Anthropologist to expose beneficial side of Central America child labor issue 10/24/2007
Balloons to honor victims 10/24/2007
Cell phones using GPS make hiding difficult 10/24/2007
Editorial: U.S. owes Arar an explanation 10/24/2007
Emphasis on leadership key for struggling Bears 10/24/2007
Firefighters forced to admit defeat 10/24/2007
Former MCI executive to speak on the reality of business ethics 10/24/2007
Harvard professor to speak on faith, friendship 10/24/2007
Missionary talks Colombia, culture and cartels 10/24/2007
Second impressions of new series not great 10/24/2007
Sizing up stem cells' potential 10/24/2007
Somatic stem cells solve debate 10/24/2007
Transient senior quarterback finally touches down 10/24/2007
Volleyball rallies after plane troubles 10/24/2007
Waco Civic Theatre to turn into party after performance 10/24/2007
Water polo finds new facility, renewed vigor this season 10/24/2007
Bear briefs 10/23/2007
Bears lose 10th straight Longhorn matchup 10/23/2007
Committee formed to foster political education 10/23/2007
Disaster hits home for some 10/23/2007
Editorial: Endowment spending showing positive signs 10/23/2007
Financial legislation proposes cap on student credit 10/23/2007
Group hopes to raise death penalty awareness 10/23/2007
In other news, the Velveteen Rabbit liked gophers... 10/23/2007
Mayor DuPuy to talk on Waco operations 10/23/2007
Missions Week celebrates world culture 10/23/2007
Quarter-million people urged to flee as fires menace Southern California 10/23/2007
Students should keep UT and A&M out of campuswide fashions 10/23/2007
Turkey sends additional troops to Iraq border 10/23/2007
Baylor assistant resigns Thursday amid controversy 10/20/2007
Longhorns hold on at Floyd Casey 10/20/2007
Opinion: Machen an improvement at quarterback 10/20/2007
Alum Robbie Seay creates faith-filled music for coffee culture 10/19/2007
Attack rocks Pakistan 10/19/2007
Aversions rule A&M, Nebraska showdown 10/19/2007
Battle of the Bands brings rock and roll to SUB bowl 10/19/2007
BU authors honored by Library Association 10/19/2007
BU quarterback still undecided as Texas looms 10/19/2007
Bush veto upheld 10/19/2007
Editorial: We are Bears (And so can you!) 10/19/2007
iPhone chemicals raise health concerns 10/19/2007
Letters to the editor 10/19/2007
Making a difference in Waco part of stepping out of BU 10/19/2007
Mammoth site receives $320,000 10/19/2007
Senate allots funds for ASA, ISSA events 10/19/2007
Supreme Court ruling may affect Baylor business 10/19/2007
T-shirt sales fund senior gift 10/19/2007
Tom's: top-notch burgers, service 10/19/2007
Torre finished with Yankees 10/19/2007
Ultimate Frisbee provides useful outlet for BU students 10/19/2007
Baylor ahead of push for tuition relief 10/18/2007
Bear briefs 10/18/2007
Best YouTube video to promote book will receive $1,000 10/18/2007
BU Theatre to open 'Museum' 10/18/2007
Bush praises religion politics of Dalai Lama 10/18/2007
Editorial: Let's make Floyd Casey go green 10/18/2007
Letters to the editor 10/18/2007
Musical show to feature ex-student 10/18/2007
Rick Perry endorses Giuliani for president 10/18/2007
Senior running back: 'I am tired of losing' 10/18/2007
Stephen Colbert announces candidacy for president 10/18/2007
Students can connect with local youth in King's Club 10/18/2007
Students can go hands-on with BaylorVision class 10/18/2007
2 Baylor organizations to greet troops at DFW 10/17/2007
Accomplished junior seasons men's tennis roster 10/17/2007
Atheism's moral philosophy not consistent with Baylor's mission 10/17/2007
Bear briefs 10/17/2007
Brigades in Iraq to reduce to 19 10/17/2007
BU quarterback in limbo this week 10/17/2007
BU, local musicians find worth in Waco music scene 10/17/2007
Business school ranks in Top 50 10/17/2007
Coach suspended indefinitely after citation 10/17/2007
Culture crash course 10/17/2007
Debate team sweeps Vegas tournament 10/17/2007
eChug part of 'preventive' alcohol program 10/17/2007
Editorial: Armenian resolution not in current interests 10/17/2007
Knicks coach used weak defense in harassment case 10/17/2007
Komen raises cancer awareness 10/17/2007
Madonna left label for Live Nation 10/17/2007
Outdoor adventure offers unusual challenges 10/17/2007
Unbeatens try to stave off losses 10/17/2007
West Dr Pepper Maze offers outdoor escape 10/17/2007
'The Golden Age' examines reign of famous British queen, Elizabeth I 10/16/2007
Baylor Bears reflect on Jayhawks loss 10/16/2007
Distress of student debt 10/16/2007
Editorial: Fair trade laws pose viable alternative 10/16/2007
Exhibit presents WWII Fly Girls 10/16/2007
Latest loss spells curtains for Coach Morriss 10/16/2007
Lonely Russian e-mails give taste of true love 10/16/2007
Mukasey hearings to focus on Bush terror policy limits 10/16/2007
Rice hopes to close peace gap 10/16/2007
Russell Gymnasium offers SLC alternative 10/16/2007
SPJ set for visit from NPR's John Burnett 10/16/2007
Baylor falls hard for third straight conference loss 10/13/2007
African culture week focuses on positive 10/11/2007
AIDS walk to raise awareness 10/11/2007
As graduation looms, students must overcome real-world gloom 10/11/2007
Bear briefs 10/11/2007
Bears look to eliminate major fundamental errors 10/11/2007
Blue October's newest CD a bit stale, repetitive 10/11/2007
Cross country looks to recover from Notre Dame 10/11/2007
Editorial: New hate crimes law will finally include all 10/11/2007
Gunman injures 5 at Cleveland school before killing self 10/11/2007
Lawsuit against God just shows our own problems 10/11/2007
Student health care headache 10/11/2007
Technology gap closing, study says 10/11/2007
Bear briefs 10/10/2007
Booing spells bad sportsmanship 10/10/2007
Clinton promotes 401(k) with tax cut incentive 10/10/2007
Editorial: BU issues are deeper than survey 10/10/2007
Ethan Durelle brings indie bands to Waco 10/10/2007
Faculty Senate enacts university code of ethics 10/10/2007
GOP candidates clash on spending, economic policy 10/10/2007
Kansas' schedule goes soft 10/10/2007
Receiving becomes an art form for Gettis 10/10/2007
Religious setting teaches cultural values 10/10/2007
Smoking targeted for ban 10/10/2007
Texas Tech bans Michael Vick T-shirts 10/10/2007
Time to let football hear the boos 10/10/2007
U.S. officials leaked information on al-Qaida video, says SITE director 10/10/2007
Waco Holistic Association holds health fair 10/10/2007
Women's golfer gives whole heart for game 10/10/2007
BAA considers adopting Baylor 2012 10/9/2007
Bear briefs 10/9/2007
British prime minister to cut its Iraq troops in 2008 10/9/2007
Editorial: New SUB not high priority 10/9/2007
Entrepreneur Living & Learning Center to open fall '09 10/9/2007
Government can't solve health ills 10/9/2007
Grammy-winning quartet to hold performance tonight 10/9/2007
Law draws new map for college aid 10/9/2007
Mistakes, missed opportunities help Buffaloes stampede Baylor 10/9/2007
New Stiller movie proves to be heartbreakingly bad 10/9/2007
Officials consider adding programs to study abroad 10/9/2007
Stinging loss dampens BU spirits 10/9/2007
Teaching award lecture series begins 10/9/2007
Time for coverage to be universal 10/9/2007
Wisconsin deputy kills 6, injures 1 after old girlfriend rebuffed him 10/9/2007
Miscues, errors lead to Colorado's rout of Baylor 10/6/2007
3 athletes charged with alcohol offense 10/5/2007
Administration denies memo authorized was previously renounced 10/5/2007
After Dark to showcase students' array of artistic talents 10/5/2007
Allocation request sparks long debate 10/5/2007
Alumni By Choice gives tradition to Baylor supporters 10/5/2007
Baylor looks for redemption against Colorado 10/5/2007
Baylor's Mu Phi Epsilon named International Chapter of the Year 10/5/2007
Bear briefs 10/5/2007
Behind scene, other players prep for game 10/5/2007
Bennett defines student athlete 10/5/2007
Choirs come together for concert 10/5/2007
Downtown works on face-lift 10/5/2007
Editorial: BU, alumni dispute needs resolution 10/5/2007
Football game a chance to recycle, promote going green 10/5/2007
Giving back to Baylor 10/5/2007
Letters to the editor 10/5/2007
Parents League offers peace of mind, Baylor information 10/5/2007
Pawelek excited about weekend's Colorado reunion 10/5/2007
Seven new call boxes installed on campus 10/5/2007
Student training benefits public 10/5/2007
Students should appreciate their freedom 10/5/2007
Technology-based aids in tandem with better study habits 10/5/2007
Tidwells to receive BU family award 10/5/2007
Tragedies return to Treff's stage tonight 10/5/2007
Undergraduates practice ministry in new program 10/5/2007
'The Kingdom' combines culture with carnage 10/4/2007
3,000 South African workers trapped in gold mine 10/4/2007
AIDS lecture to address social response 10/4/2007
Baylor treats major stress 10/4/2007
Bear briefs 10/4/2007
BU club tennis grows 10/4/2007
Bush vetoes popular child health care proposal 10/4/2007
Bush: U.S. may talk with Iran 10/4/2007
Crime report shows drop in student violations 10/4/2007
Editorial: Activism goes beyond blogging 10/4/2007
Ensemble to jazz up standards tonight 10/4/2007
Floyd Casey stadium maintained to keep fans coming 10/4/2007
Letters to the editor 10/4/2007
New lockers placed in SLC to curb theft 10/4/2007
New TV dramas aim to save self, not world 10/4/2007
Photo League offers practice, community 10/4/2007
Radiohead innovates for 'Rainbows' release 10/4/2007
Red Raiders fall to Lady Bears volleyball 10/4/2007
Sudanese security confronted 10/4/2007
BU football noticing lack of support from students at away games 10/3/2007
Building on passion 10/3/2007
Cries from the left coast don't speak for the rest of us 10/3/2007
Editorial: Turning the page on censorship 10/3/2007
Equestrian drops opening competition but keeps title aspirations 10/3/2007
First trial over music downloading begins 10/3/2007
Lectures set healthy habits 10/3/2007
New Testament scholar speaks at BU 10/3/2007
No hazing reported in '06-'07 10/3/2007
Offense improves as record worsens 10/3/2007
Parking, Touchdown Alley add to game-day aura 10/3/2007
Poppa Rollo's spices things up with 'best pizza in Waco' 10/3/2007
Poverty awareness campaign brings movement to BU 10/3/2007
Questions raised at Guantanamo 10/3/2007
Senate passes billions for wars 10/3/2007
Shoes help fund heart surgeries in Iraq 10/3/2007
Sweet ride set to start: Who will emerge as October's biggest star? 10/3/2007
Texas QB looks to avenge 10/3/2007
Baylor alumna likely leader 10/2/2007
Bear briefs 10/2/2007
BU students provide crisis intervention 10/2/2007
Dropped passes make for long day in College Station 10/2/2007
Editorial: Lilley, Lariat striving for effectiveness 10/2/2007
Islam looks for BU voice 10/2/2007
Letters to the editor 10/2/2007
Memphis U athelete fatally shot 10/2/2007
Nursing campus to gain study resources 10/2/2007
Professor urged audience not to miss opportunity 10/2/2007
Ragweed singer speaks about new 'mission' 10/2/2007
Spears temporarily loses custody of children to Federline 10/2/2007
Survey shows pride 10/2/2007
Tough loss puts Bears on heels 10/2/2007
Tuesday tip-off 10/2/2007
Women's tennis sweeps tourney 10/2/2007