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News Archives for Jan. 2007

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Story Date
12th-day enrollment figures show slight increase 1/31/2007
BU supporters defend grant 1/31/2007
Fair gives away presents, opens doors for futures 1/31/2007
How can Baylor achieve 2012? 1/31/2007
MCC to hold dialogue discussing coal plants 1/31/2007
New smoking ban good idea for healthier campus 1/31/2007
No appointment necessary at SLC 1/31/2007
Sexism clearly seen in women's basketball games 1/31/2007
The Shins stir up indie rock genre with stylistic shift 1/31/2007
Women get down to business at discussion 1/31/2007
Baylor group lacks students to befriend local buddies 1/30/2007
Bears aim to beat Buffs, salvage season 1/30/2007
Film details media war 1/30/2007
Garner chick flick lacks bait for critic approval 1/30/2007
Magic China charms customers with exceptional service 1/30/2007
Martin exhibit highlights overlooked Texas art abstract 1/30/2007
No. 2 tennis routs Islanders, 6-1 1/30/2007
Opponents of library can hate Bush there, too 1/30/2007
PAWS offers intercultural exchange 1/30/2007
Popular television host lobbies for child safety 1/30/2007
Rehab center open for Iraq war vets 1/30/2007
Research initiatives to pick up steam in '07 1/30/2007
Student Activities series stresses leadership, ethics 1/30/2007
Survey says ... 81st? 1/30/2007
Swiftboat tactics won't work in 2008 1/30/2007
Abortion debate a lost cause for both sides; balance is key 1/26/2007
Baylor fans need to temper criticism of coaches 1/26/2007
Boys in boxers living blissful life 1/26/2007
Consequences of Bush library outweigh benefits 1/26/2007
Drama, stress, dishes make life fun 1/26/2007
Edwards entertains with experimental folk 1/26/2007
Expo offers health advice 1/26/2007
Lady Bears to end road trip with OSU 1/26/2007
Lebanon edges toward war as students riot over politics 1/26/2007
Men's basketball hopes to break losing streak 1/26/2007
National survey gives Waco homeless voice 1/26/2007
Senate passes OneBU bill 1/26/2007
Tennis aims high as season starts 1/26/2007
West Texas woman dead after confrontation with police 1/26/2007
Wikid research 1/26/2007
Bioethics topic of latest book 1/25/2007
Bush gets one last chance 1/25/2007
Dedicated Drew coaches 24-hours post appendectomy 1/25/2007
Dems challenge call to send more soldiers 1/25/2007
Diverse group garners awards from alumni 1/25/2007
Entire history of Texas sports lies across street 1/25/2007
MySpace pages dangerous, cause more problems than they solve 1/25/2007
No. 8 Jayhawks blast Bears 82-56 1/25/2007
Old Honor Code sees big changes 1/25/2007
Orchestra concert to feature student contest winners 1/25/2007
Perry stiffens border security 1/25/2007
Student government to explore ethics 1/25/2007
Women's tennis opens season ranked No. 6 1/25/2007
Age discrimination goes beyond older generation, affects students 1/24/2007
Ambitions take alums from farmland to GQ 1/24/2007
Anticipation for Incubus album deserved 1/24/2007
Baylor in Brazil initiates international impact 1/24/2007
Baylor prepared to invade Austin 1/24/2007
Bush: America must not fail in Iraq 1/24/2007
Open Season by Feist cleverly remixes hits 1/24/2007
Recycling everyday items not just for hippies 1/24/2007
Senate meetings offer chance to contribute 1/24/2007
Senior lecture focuses on efficiency 1/24/2007
Struggling Bears host Big 12's best 1/24/2007
Student government works to fill open positions 1/24/2007
Wakefield wrote the book on sports marketing, literally 1/24/2007
Watch party intends to spark interest 1/24/2007
Back-to-back losses leave Bears hungry 1/23/2007
Church needs to focus less on differences 1/23/2007
Dallas backs off library bid 1/23/2007
EMBA program kicks off recruiting 1/23/2007
Getting hot: Global warming debate clear as mud 1/23/2007
Give us five minutes 1/23/2007
Groups strive to move smokers 1/23/2007
Lady Bears right ship with home win 1/23/2007
Local leader offers advice to students 1/23/2007
Millions of songs free for collegians 1/23/2007
New date added for SING show 1/23/2007
Plot twists add new moves to overused story line 1/23/2007
President to emphasize domestic issues tonight 1/23/2007
Water running again after pipes burst 1/23/2007
Lady Bears Beat Wildcats 1/20/2007
Academics stressed for BU athletes 1/19/2007
Baylor alum to hold book signing at Barnes & Noble 1/19/2007
Brooks celebrates 'top out' 1/19/2007
BU joins arms race with $22M facility 1/19/2007
Immigration goes hand in hand with human rights 1/19/2007
New Year, New You 1/19/2007
Parking stresses increase 1/19/2007
Regent says students No. 1 priority of board 1/19/2007
Regents: Get to know us 1/19/2007
Rehearsals raise safety concerns 1/19/2007
SMU bid under scrutiny 1/19/2007
Students say class cancellation better late than never 1/19/2007
Waco Symphony spends 'A Night at the Movies' 1/18/2007
Apple hopes to devour cellular market with iPhone 1/17/2007
Baylor looking out for weather issues 1/17/2007
BU will not give up on library 1/17/2007
Dancing instructor leaves legacy 1/17/2007
DJ offers unique spin in career 1/17/2007
Involvement council joins interests of Baylor, Waco communities 1/17/2007
Lady Bears look to rebound from consecutive losses 1/17/2007
Little Miss Sunshine DVD delivers big 1/17/2007
Martin exhibit paints Texas in a new perspective 1/17/2007
Message to Texas: TAKS test needs to take a hike 1/17/2007
MLK's memory not served in Iraq 1/17/2007
New Beyonce CD soulfully satsifying 1/17/2007
New retirement plan a positive for some Baylor employees 1/17/2007
Partnership provides links for BU leaders 1/17/2007
Postmodern worship on rise 1/17/2007
Pricey textbooks drive students to Internet retailers 1/17/2007
Professors moonlight as hoops stars 1/17/2007
Saddam video should give indigestion to those with a stomach 1/17/2007
Senior forward bounces back after rough junior season 1/17/2007
Student gains fluency in Spanish, insight into culture cultu 1/17/2007
Suicide bombers kill 65 at Iraq university 1/17/2007
The Format in genre of its own 1/17/2007
Unofficial FAFSA Web sites charge students fees 1/17/2007
Oklahoma extends win streak, defeats Lady Bears 1/11/2007
Law, Aggies overcome Bears, 61-51 1/10/2007