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News Archives for Sept. 2006

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Story Date
25 years altered by AIDS 9/29/2006
African family reunited 9/29/2006
Bears hope to save fading bowl dreams 9/29/2006
Don't give up hope on midseason football situation 9/29/2006
Hezbollah presented in new light 9/29/2006
Local art, music and cuisine offered at weekend festival 9/29/2006
Nessie reminds us to embark on college adventures 9/29/2006
Old military technology impacting businesses 9/29/2006
Online resources should be available to all students 9/29/2006
Simple changes could help planet 9/29/2006
Soccer seeks conference win 9/29/2006
Students get hands-on help with organic chemistry sessions 9/29/2006
Students say gunman was 'pervert' 9/29/2006
Bearathon training, motivation hinged on accountability partners 9/28/2006
Darkness conceals priceless art 9/28/2006
Director gets back to roots 9/28/2006
Find true Texas barbecue at Jasper's 9/28/2006
Fossil fuels linked to hazards 9/28/2006
Friends unfold love, talent 9/28/2006
Offense, defense, special teams cause frustration 9/28/2006
Round Table opens with tea 9/28/2006
Six to join BU Athletic Hall of Fame 9/28/2006
Student groups unite for festival recognizing Latin cultures 9/28/2006
Student killed by gunman 9/28/2006
Students need more emphasis on news 9/28/2006
Sudanese aid will help color lives of refugee children 9/28/2006
T.O. denies suicide attempt 9/28/2006
Theater captures heart of New York 9/28/2006
Baylor joins search for alternative fuels 9/27/2006
Bikers take note: Pay attention to sleepy pedestrians 9/27/2006
Duo brings fresh skill, chemistry to Lady Bears volleyball team 9/27/2006
Grandfather, grandson escape from blaze 9/27/2006
Gutenberg replica available for students 9/27/2006
Legendary golfer Nelson dies at 94 in Irving home 9/27/2006
Mars Volta emanates infectious ingenuity 9/27/2006
Masons survive attacks, controversy for centuries 9/27/2006
Modern Times sticks to classic themes 9/27/2006
NYC pastor preaches on faith, reason 9/27/2006
Piercings present dangers 9/27/2006
Researchers link economics, religion 9/27/2006
Running game improves as record worsens 9/27/2006
U.N. needs to show leadership, authority 9/27/2006
Black Knights bring Baylor football to 1-3 9/26/2006
Etiquette sets grads apart 9/26/2006
Friedman offers no apologies for comment 9/26/2006
Hamlet kicks off theater season 9/26/2006
Lab researches water quality 9/26/2006
Lady Bears drop home games to Texas, Texas A&M 9/26/2006
Lifelong fans won't lose heart over football losses 9/26/2006
Major offers unique blend 9/26/2006
Plummer, Marshall making waves in a good way 9/26/2006
Pop, rock artists to hit stage 9/26/2006
Separation of church, state focal point of debate 9/26/2006
Consumers skeptical of dropping gas prices 9/25/2006
1424 makes elegant night out in downtown Waco 9/22/2006
Activities to perk up weekend 9/22/2006
After Dark will feature music, dance, more 9/22/2006
Authentic Mexican flavors delight cultured taste buds 9/22/2006
Baylor defense greatly improved, but team still 1-2 9/22/2006
BU, KSU trade faculty art for special exhibit 9/22/2006
Cafe serves up more than just coffee 9/22/2006
Campus caters to healthy eaters 9/22/2006
Chaplain plays big brother to hall residents 9/22/2006
Defensive battle looms 9/22/2006
Early-action admissions come at good time 9/22/2006
Eatery gives fruitful charm 9/22/2006
Equestrian coaches ready for 20 new freshman riders 9/22/2006
EVP puts together community summit 9/22/2006
Knowing Bear Trail safety enhances experience 9/22/2006
Lady Bears' soccer team conference schedule kicks in today 9/22/2006
Laundry gets easier with send-out option 9/22/2006
Leaving the nest a difficult journey 9/22/2006
Men's tennis ratchets up for tourney 9/22/2006
Mission Waco gives students inside look at living poor 9/22/2006
President travels U.S. to support Republicans 9/22/2006
Replacing Shawn Bell isn't answer to Baylor football woes 9/22/2006
Student government strives to serve entire student body 9/22/2006
Student mascots encompass Baylor spirit, enthusiasm 9/22/2006
Students brush off Freshman 15 myth 9/22/2006
Students influenced by parents 9/22/2006
Students plan, perfect Parents Weekend events 9/22/2006
StuGov funds dance 9/22/2006
Advisement including upper class 9/21/2006
Belgium music series infuses BU 9/21/2006
Campuses should be safe haven 9/21/2006
Celebrity lives are not as meaningful as caring family 9/21/2006
Diet of supplements is not healthiest eating option 9/21/2006
Food for Thought satisfies healthy eaters 9/21/2006
Freshmen to get head start with program 9/21/2006
Lack of focus sticks Bears in ditch 9/21/2006
Lady Bears plunder Tech's pride 9/21/2006
Study humanizes homeless 9/21/2006
T-shirts mark memories 9/21/2006
Venezuelan president rips into Bush at U.N. Assembly 9/21/2006
Young adults grow away from church 9/21/2006
Chemicals spilled after train derailment 9/20/2006
FDA should monitor produce carefully 9/20/2006
General says Thaksin overstepping bounds as leader 9/20/2006
Lady Bears looking to plunder win from Lady Raiders 9/20/2006
Location change opens eyes to other's perceptions 9/20/2006
Mission Waco offers helping hand to area homeless 9/20/2006
Thai military stages coup in capital city 9/20/2006
Zionism, Hezbollah discussed 9/20/2006
Baylor targets males, minorities 9/19/2006
Coal plant proposals hit too close to home 9/19/2006
Cougars scratch Bears Record 9/19/2006
Delicate, historic jewelry on display 9/19/2006
Faculty master position filled at Brooks 9/19/2006
International interns see world of possibility 9/19/2006
IVP aims to extend building hours 9/19/2006
Largest minority group on campus celebrates heritage 9/19/2006
Last Kiss leaves viewers stressed 9/19/2006
Middle East conflict will last until one side expires 9/19/2006
Muslims worldwide protest remarks from Pope Benedict 9/19/2006
There is no place like home for BU soccer 9/19/2006
Waco schools narrow focus 9/19/2006
Wartime ushers in questions of Constitutional interpretation 9/19/2006
All athletes need armor to face their warrior competitors 9/15/2006
Apprentice star shares success story with students 9/15/2006
Balloons to light up evening sky 9/15/2006
Bears to face WSU Cougars 9/15/2006
Campus crime rate fluctuates 9/15/2006
Down on the Bayou cajun concert will benefit Youth Connection 9/15/2006
Environmentalist condemns coal plants 9/15/2006
Icon leaves lasting mark 9/15/2006
Leading to attack, shooter felt postal 9/15/2006
Richards leaves legacy 9/15/2006
Servant leadership involves going beyond the norm 9/15/2006
Student senate gives money for self-defense 9/15/2006
Volunteer opportunities abound in Waco 9/15/2006
Women begin season with fall invitational 9/15/2006
Barnes blasts Kansas State with killer serves in 3-1 win 9/14/2006
Baylor alum takes over at Hewlett-Packard 9/14/2006
BU pair runs for border, winds up in Mexican jail 9/14/2006
Canadian college attacked 9/14/2006
Concert to pay tribute to revered composer 9/14/2006
Cornerback Wilson makes a name for himself 9/14/2006
ExxonMobil employees, grads share advice 9/14/2006
Government should save tax dollars for our home planet 9/14/2006
Groups clash on will of God 9/14/2006
Interpreters channel new technology 9/14/2006
New movies, sequels lacking in creativity department 9/14/2006
Paris DUI not an issue of feelings 9/14/2006
Religion department looks to new leadership 9/14/2006
Teamspot facilitates group projects 9/14/2006
Waco Civic shines in Sound of Music 9/14/2006
Walk to benefit MS research fund 9/14/2006
Zoo's lion cubs overcome illness 9/14/2006
Against the Grain 9/13/2006
Baylor educates students to eliminate fire risks 9/13/2006
Bears hope to beat KSU 9/13/2006
BRAN to debut artist CD 9/13/2006
Colorful items draw shoppers 9/13/2006
Cross country team disheartened by ranking 9/13/2006
Dean of student development aims at expansion 9/13/2006
Dorms to sign offline 9/13/2006
Ethanol will not fix problems 9/13/2006
Internships land BU students jobs 9/13/2006
John Mayer: Continuum far exceeds past works 9/13/2006
Love your neighbor, speaker advises 9/13/2006
Nine programs to be ranked among best 9/13/2006
NoZe Brothers have fallen one step behind The Funny 9/13/2006
Senate eyes changes 9/13/2006
Shelton catches up to Baylor record 9/13/2006
U.S. Embassy bombing ploy snuffed out in Syria 9/13/2006
America, Split on Religion 9/12/2006
Baylor retains high percentage 9/12/2006
Bears stomp Demons in 47-10 rout 9/12/2006
Bush addresses fight on terrorism 9/12/2006
Faculty, staff updated on school priorities 9/12/2006
Muslims share Sept. 11 thoughts 9/12/2006
Retention rates need attention 9/12/2006
Romania caught between stifled past, booming future 9/12/2006
Short-lived rainfall will not end drought 9/12/2006
Student views vary on religion 9/12/2006
World Trade Center film conveys poignant heroism 9/12/2006
Baylor researchers release religion survey results 9/11/2006
ABC miniseries comes under fire 9/8/2006
Acceptance rate low as Baylor receives record applications 9/8/2006
Alga infection wreaks havoc on fish, town economy 9/8/2006
Any football game during college season worth a watch 9/8/2006
Barbie goes silver at 25th annual fair 9/8/2006
Bears ready to exorcise Demons 9/8/2006
Facebook 'feeds' an unwelcome change 9/8/2006
Lilley fields diversity questions from student senate 9/8/2006
Mosley muscles past defense 9/8/2006
Out of Darkness and into Light 9/8/2006
Posh practice facility opens doors to athletes 9/8/2006
Quarterback sounds off on final year 9/8/2006
Tragedy survivor follows path to God 9/8/2006
Zeigler surpasses predecessors 9/8/2006
161-year icon stays current with students 9/7/2006
Assistant professor receives NEH fellowship to write book 9/7/2006
Baylor keeper lives up to her stature 9/7/2006
Brooks Hall residents bond over memories 9/7/2006
BU Health Center networks with insurance companies 9/7/2006
Chapel changes aimed at attracting interest 9/7/2006
Fake IDs purchased on Web 9/7/2006
Frat seeks redemption 9/7/2006
Haunted stories gory, not fearsome 9/7/2006
It is easy to lose your appetite over health code scores 9/7/2006
Lecture analyzes spirituality quests in Shyamalan films 9/7/2006
Math department to move; no campus location set 9/7/2006
No Child Left Behind analysis denies facts 9/7/2006
NoZe brothers invade Chapel again 9/7/2006
Prepackaged PowerPoints do not benefit us 9/7/2006
Sixteen freshmen take new posts 9/7/2006
Skunk stench clouds Piper again 9/7/2006
Stan the Man son focused on Baylor baseball 9/7/2006
Agassi loses to former BU standout 9/6/2006
Audioslave combines musicianship with solid lyrics 9/6/2006
Baylor boxers find niche in ring 9/6/2006
Bush defends war strategy 9/6/2006
Costs of living drain accounts 9/6/2006
Do not overstep boundaries: Jesus is not your homeboy 9/6/2006
Early lead not enough to overcome 17 straight points 9/6/2006
Facebook feature causes dispute 9/6/2006
Lady Bears win every match, set at tournament 9/6/2006
Largest National reserve located in Gulf waters 9/6/2006
Pluto demotion affects more than outdated textbooks 9/6/2006
Reports not way to keep CLs accountable 9/6/2006
Skunk smell clears out child care center 9/6/2006
Solicitor general shares experience with students 9/6/2006
Spread offense nets 7 points in losing effort 9/6/2006
Students get taste of Texas at Bobo 9/6/2006
Truett assistant dean awarded position as Hinson Endowed Chair of Christian Scriptures 9/6/2006
Tommy Emmanuel comes back to the Bosque River Stage 9/5/2006
Ads evolve with wired generation 9/1/2006
BU combats mental illness 9/1/2006
Crickets here to stay for now 9/1/2006
Gerontology awarded $75,000 for interns 9/1/2006
Hurricane pounds Pacific Mexico 9/1/2006
Live the blessings buried under school, life stresses 9/1/2006
Martin exhibits toxic pictures 9/1/2006
Meet Your Press 9/1/2006
Morriss, Drew eras bringing in talent, winning opportunities 9/1/2006
Old rivals BU, TCU break new ground 9/1/2006
Police beef up security prior to weekend kickoff 9/1/2006
Runners chasing NCAA titles 9/1/2006
Tightened security worth wait 9/1/2006
Westfest serves up more than kolaches 9/1/2006