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News Archives for April 2006

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Story Date
Book offers help with cash quandaries 4/28/2006
BU faculty work to preserve special projects 4/28/2006
BU future looks bright 4/28/2006
Budget plans key to finance 4/28/2006
Club volleyball seeded 8th in nation 4/28/2006
FCS department to stride in style at fashion show 4/28/2006
Invisible Children sparks march 4/28/2006
Lady Bears slam Mean Green, 7-3 4/28/2006
Lariat staffers bid farewell ... for now 4/28/2006
Letters to the editor 4/28/2006
New buildings to pop up across campus 4/28/2006
Play details family's trials, faith in God 4/28/2006
ROTC students selected for Air Force pilot training 4/28/2006
Ukrainian teenager follows long path to reach dream of BU education 4/28/2006
Walter, Walters find love through Facebook search 4/28/2006
Big 12 tennis championships rev up 4/27/2006
Brooks Village coat of arms honors former president 4/27/2006
Faculty offer exam choices 4/27/2006
Friedman gets kinky at Baylor 4/27/2006
High gas prices result of lagging technology 4/27/2006
Lease gaps stir chaos 4/27/2006
Letters to the editor 4/27/2006
McNeese shuts out BU, 7-0 4/27/2006
Mock trial team honored at national competition 4/27/2006
Nomadic rock 'n' roll musician hitchhikes to destiny 4/27/2006
Renters, parents weigh safety benefits of gated apartment complexes 4/27/2006
Resisting 'Playboy' rules borders juvenile behavior 4/27/2006
Runners focus on Big 12 meet 4/27/2006
Snow fills McClellan's shoes as press secretary 4/27/2006
Students combat loan debt, interest rates after graduation 4/27/2006
Students have legal right to take 'Playboy' photos 4/27/2006
Suckers offer up nostalgia on a stick 4/27/2006
Summit to look at volunteering as curriculum 4/27/2006
'Louder Now' CD embodiment of upward mobility 4/26/2006
Animals don't stand a chance 4/26/2006
College grads swap little towns 4/26/2006
Colleges warn against forging essays 4/26/2006
Former Baylor football player gives back to new home 4/26/2006
Forum turnout lacks student dedication 4/26/2006
Hollywood reduces effort needed for marriage 4/26/2006
Letters to the editor 4/26/2006
Library employee compiling book to honor Baylor's lamppost heroes 4/26/2006
MySpace slows down college networks 4/26/2006
Paying on time deters high credit card debt 4/26/2006
Seniors honor Korpi with Collins Award 4/26/2006
Board passes annual budget 4/25/2006
BU takes series 2-1 over A&M 4/25/2006
Dean extends regret for pre-prom dinner 4/25/2006
Holocaust Remembrance Day chance to honor victims 4/25/2006
Honor's thesis featured in 'Pulse' lands undergraduate writing award 4/25/2006
Lecturer to discuss Rockwell's portraits 4/25/2006
Letters to the editor 4/25/2006
Library distractions occupy time 4/25/2006
O'Brien appointment fits well in Baylor vision 4/25/2006
Panel discusses plight of minority students 4/25/2006
Saving early leads to more money later 4/25/2006
Tennis teams win conference titles 4/25/2006
Track scores big with 15 wins, 16 regional qualifications 4/25/2006
University welcomes new leader 4/25/2006
'Newsweek' editor to speak at ceremony 4/21/2006
'Open-door policy' keeps president up-to-date with students' concerns 4/21/2006
Baylor professors explore impact of Gospel of Judas 4/21/2006
Bears, Ags battle for Brazos 4/21/2006
BU makes its mark in decade of Big 12 play 4/21/2006
Campus groups unite in support of Lilley 4/21/2006
Diadeloso goes global for alumni 4/21/2006
Dorsch admits accepting money 4/21/2006
Fitting into the first lady's shoes 4/21/2006
Forum to delve into minority involvement at BU 4/21/2006
Inauguration planning committee buzzes with energy for ceremony 4/21/2006
Leading the Baylor masses 4/21/2006
Letters to the editor 4/21/2006
Lilley joins legacy of Baylor leaders 4/21/2006
Lilley showed fascination with Baylor from early years 4/21/2006
Lilley talks about university's goals, future 4/21/2006
Lilley's return to Baylor means revisiting his Baptist roots 4/21/2006
Media portrayals of Christianity, Jesus remain popular 4/21/2006
Music offers Lilley keys to future 4/21/2006
Old legacy still guides young lives 4/21/2006
Softball pounds Nicholls State 4/21/2006
Student attendance vital to inauguration 4/21/2006
Track hosts annual meet 4/21/2006
University administration shifts during president's fresh term 4/21/2006
Unpredictable enemy leaves soldiers at luck's mercy 4/21/2006
Video games can create unhealthy addictions 4/21/2006
'Playboy' returns to Waco in effort to recruit students 4/20/2006
Browning Day to dedicate Texas historical markers 4/20/2006
Chapel concert series to liven up Waco Hall 4/20/2006
Diversity forum fuels ideas despite small turnout 4/20/2006
Fundraiser aims to raise youth awareness 4/20/2006
Gospel of Judas discovery doesn't discredit Christianity 4/20/2006
Island Party to feature live music, fair-like festivities 4/20/2006
Kappa Phi Gamma to sponsor events in support of cancer awareness 4/20/2006
Letters to the editor 4/20/2006
Memories must live on for Armenian genocide victims 4/20/2006
Men's tennis team ties for first in Big 12 4/20/2006
Professor wins prestigious award 4/20/2006
Supply instability affects gas prices 4/20/2006
White House press secretary resigns 4/20/2006
Yell leader leaves sideline for football team 4/20/2006
'Elite' college degree does not guarantee higher pay, better job 4/19/2006
'Smoking' shows lighter side of Big Tobacco with witty dialogue 4/19/2006
'Tis the season for giving 4/19/2006
3 students win Fulbright Scholarships 4/19/2006
Baylor Bears lash out at Texas State Bobcats, 8-5 4/19/2006
Baylor not immune to scholarly feud over origin of life 4/19/2006
Baylor to sponsor 2nd Dialogue of Differences forum 4/19/2006
Employers to hire more graduates fresh from college 4/19/2006
Heartbreaking story of love, loss, living 4/19/2006
Independent album marks beginning for BU student 4/19/2006
Letters to the editor 4/19/2006
Living with HIV, man details his battle with deadly virus 4/19/2006
Roundtable examines Christian view of environmental stewardship 4/19/2006
Tech nabs Lady Bears' associate head coach 4/19/2006
Tennis teams face new territory 4/19/2006
U.S. reputation rides on science-degree seekers 4/19/2006
Workshop to help students prepare for exam week 4/19/2006
Affordable tuition may be thing of the past with top-tier status 4/13/2006
Baseball readies to renew rivalry with Longhorns 4/13/2006
Baylor student regent would create campus connection 4/13/2006
Bears conquer Demons, 5-0 4/13/2006
BU abroad programs stay strong 4/13/2006
BU targets safe growth 4/13/2006
Christian, Muslim clash alarms church leaders 4/13/2006
Edwin McCain fuses country, alternative on new CD 4/13/2006
Facebook forces users to remove fake accounts 4/13/2006
Horizons receives $500,000 grant 4/13/2006
Letters to the editor 4/13/2006
Linemen buckling down to training 4/13/2006
No simple solution in immigrant equation 4/13/2006
Regents, NoZe, faculty honor Underwood with reception 4/13/2006
Senator addresses education concerns 4/13/2006
Women's tennis blows A&M away, 7-0 4/13/2006
Atreyu album may disappoint 4/12/2006
Car parked on campus burglarized 4/12/2006
Compromise key to debate over borders 4/12/2006
Cultural groups to hold dance workshop 4/12/2006
Dia promises fall short with disappointing snow 4/12/2006
Diversity defines Ethan Durelle 4/12/2006
Gas prices likely to reach $3 4/12/2006
In-house dietitian offers students healthy food tips 4/12/2006
Investing one brick at a time 4/12/2006
Letters to the editor 4/12/2006
Modern technology connects families 4/12/2006
No. 2 Rice Owls outlast Bears, 6-4 4/12/2006
Olympians stay on track 4/12/2006
Students share Passover dinner 4/12/2006
Assault case requires continued discussion 4/11/2006
Bears sweep series against Oklahoma State 4/11/2006
Civilians in war zones should follow military codes 4/11/2006
Football warms up for season in Green, Gold game 4/11/2006
Heartache leads way to growth 4/11/2006
Immigration sparks campus discourse 4/11/2006
Institute of Air Science testing ethanol and water fuel 4/11/2006
Lycos founder to offer students tricks of trade 4/11/2006
Revival to feature campus figures' testimonies 4/11/2006
Reward offered for tips on attack of Muslim student 4/11/2006
Softball splits doubleheader with OU 4/11/2006
Texans gather in support of immigrants' rights 4/11/2006
Theater majors face long haul to success 4/11/2006
Bice honored as Baylor lawyer of the year 4/7/2006
Bill continues negative immigration attitudes 4/7/2006
Billy Joe Shaver to perform today with Jack Ingram 4/7/2006
Community debates public school funding 4/7/2006
Donor offers to match seniors' gift 4/7/2006
Farm day promotes fun, fair trade 4/7/2006
FBI to help police investigate assault 4/7/2006
Football team to debut fresh plays 4/7/2006
Letters to the editor 4/7/2006
Lewis legacy alive in Christian education, literature 4/7/2006
Plummer, Marshall win IVP, EVP spots in race 4/7/2006
Race for the Cure expects 10,000 4/7/2006
Students to face off against rivals at Bearclimb 4/7/2006
Students, staff mourn loss of 'lovable' library employee 4/7/2006
Young picked 4th in draft 4/7/2006
'Day of the bear' allows students to relax, play 4/5/2006
10-day relationships offer fun, clean break 4/5/2006
12th annual poetry fest kicks off Thursday 4/5/2006
Bone collector travels long path to forensic job 4/5/2006
Campus forum delves into religious diversity 4/5/2006
Destroyer album adds pop sounds to art-rock style 4/5/2006
Equestrian accepts invite to national championship event 4/5/2006
External hopefuls aim to extend community reach 4/5/2006
Immigration reform stirs up demonstrators across America 4/5/2006
Internal candidates sell on-campus accessibility 4/5/2006
Letters to the editor 4/5/2006
Man assaults Muslim student outside Draper 4/5/2006
MCC welcomes Bill Nye 4/5/2006
Plummer, Marshall best choices to join Laymon 4/5/2006
QBs, WRs struggle to get in groove 4/5/2006
Second term gives Laymon chance to further BU projects 4/5/2006
Student blends philosophy, music to replace research paper 4/5/2006
Student Congress switches to Senate 4/5/2006
Benefit ball to support AIDS victims 4/4/2006
Business ethics on the rise, study shows 4/4/2006
Campus tackles alcohol issues 4/4/2006
Dead day revival result of hard work 4/4/2006
Graduate studies inch up in rank 4/4/2006
Legislators to unite in forum targeted at school finances 4/4/2006
Letters to the editor 4/4/2006
No. 6 men's tennis dodges rain, Red Raiders 4/4/2006
Sinkhole, dam construction leave BU marina parched 4/4/2006
Study points out discrepancies in prayer power 4/4/2006
Teddy bear parade highlights early education needs 4/4/2006