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News Archives for Oct. 2006

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Story Date
2 men questioned as blaze diminishes 10/31/2006
A&M-themed vandalism mars student car Sunday 10/31/2006
African culture on display in 8th-annual extravaganza 10/31/2006
Catch a Fire stresses forgiveness 10/31/2006
Faculty, staff merit discounted tickets 10/31/2006
Freshman 15 not inescapable 10/31/2006
Freshman loses life in highway accident 10/31/2006
Hit ends game, career for Bell 10/31/2006
Lady Bears edge No. 16 Missouri Tigers 10/31/2006
No time like present to make your opinions count 10/31/2006
Recital brings Halloween to life 10/31/2006
Red Cross criticism leads to complete overhaul 10/31/2006
Students trust in supernatural 10/31/2006
Tournament dreams realized for first time in five years 10/31/2006
Aggies overcome Bears, 31-21 10/28/2006
Asian, Filipino students mix culture, Halloween 10/27/2006
Bands battle in annual competition 10/27/2006
Bears vie for 2nd in South 10/27/2006
Best-seller claims news content destroys emphathy 10/27/2006
Christian, rock collide during post-game show 10/27/2006
Group seeks changes in loan program 10/27/2006
Holy month sees rise in U.S. troop fatalities 10/27/2006
Lady Bears take on No. 16 Tigers 10/27/2006
President approves 700-mile border fence 10/27/2006
Quarterback Bell not shaken by critics 10/27/2006
Scarf choice belongs to women 10/27/2006
Senate briefed on Baylor fiscal future 10/27/2006
'Deathtrap' lets down fans of thrillers 10/26/2006
Artists explore myths, relationships 10/26/2006
Baseball welcomes No. 1 recruits 10/26/2006
Baylor's 20th club sport already practicing for competition 10/26/2006
Brooks College will help bridge campus divisions 10/26/2006
Efforts to end dorm race division successful 10/26/2006
Guerilla education mentality ridiculous 10/26/2006
Internet courses not in vogue at BU 10/26/2006
Man shot in vehicle blocks from campus 10/26/2006
Mathematics relocating to BSB offices 10/26/2006
Rivalry stands test of time 10/26/2006
Shortened remarks frustrate officers 10/26/2006
Visitors from Chinese university get taste of life at Baylor 10/26/2006
Waco Symphony to welcome cellist 10/26/2006
Adopting abroad neglects U.S. orphans 10/25/2006
BSM shows off Global Village 10/25/2006
Christian leadership means knowing your destination 10/25/2006
Coal plant protesters organize hunger strike 10/25/2006
Consistency is Bears newest battle cry 10/25/2006
Flame protection leads to facial injury 10/25/2006
Lady Bears qualify for Big 12 tourney 10/25/2006
New CPR classes offered 10/25/2006
Outdoor living now learning experience at Baylor 10/25/2006
Overweight elevator may be at fault in death of Ohio State freshman 10/25/2006
Perry calls Bell liberal on tour 10/25/2006
Senses Fail fans: Anticipate maturity on new album 10/25/2006
Ticket pickup limited for BU students 10/25/2006 shows how fans will devour athletes 10/24/2006
BIN allows feedback on student government legislation 10/24/2006
Brush up on French history to see 'Marie Antoinette' 10/24/2006
Display lands group in hot water 10/24/2006
Prayers answered in 18-point comeback 10/24/2006
Regents raise tuition 8 percent for '07-'08 year 10/24/2006
Seniors set Bears on fire in last-minute 36-35 win 10/24/2006
Skydiving instructor jumps into scholarship program 10/24/2006
Streak hits eight as Lady Bears lose again 10/24/2006
Summer missions programs make waves worldwide 10/24/2006
Time capsule, 'Indian grave' part of campus history 10/24/2006
Brooks will split campus 10/23/2006
Homecoming Victory 10/22/2006
'Voice of Bears' echoes in the hearts of radio listeners 10/20/2006
1 year later, UBC pastor not forgotten 10/20/2006
2010 Iraq exit too far away 10/20/2006
Baylor rules have become less stringent over time 10/20/2006
Baylor senior honored as Big 12 Newcomer of Year 10/20/2006
Baylor's largest Line continues game day tradition 10/20/2006
Beatles revolutionize pop 10/20/2006
Bonfire Q & A 10/20/2006
Brooks accused of elitism 10/20/2006
BU authors to sign books, reminisce with students, alums 10/20/2006
Cabaret to showcase Broadway 10/20/2006
Demise of interlocking BU has been greatly exaggerated 10/20/2006
Dig deep for today's talent 10/20/2006
Former Baylor track coach holds secrets to success 10/20/2006
Hail to King for start of rock 'n' roll 10/20/2006
Joe Pawelek tops all freshmen in tackles 10/20/2006
Joe's records remain untouched 10/20/2006
Madonna turns criticism into worldwide revolution 10/20/2006
Men's golf closes season with second-place finish 10/20/2006
Newspaper offers chance to write Baylor history 10/20/2006
Nirvana's influence still lives today 10/20/2006
Northern students shocked by culture 10/20/2006
Officials say violence hasn't subsided in Iraq 10/20/2006
Parade key part of Baylor tradition 10/20/2006
Sing long-standing part of campus life 10/20/2006
Student dabbles in writing, producing amid class work 10/20/2006
Student mischief varied but ever-present throughout years 10/20/2006
Students trace legacies back multiple generations 10/20/2006
Students trade sleep to top fellow float competitors 10/20/2006
There's no place like home for football 10/20/2006
Traveling back in time 10/20/2006
Youth revival leaders return to campus for 60th anniversary 10/20/2006
Zeppelin paved road for rockers 10/20/2006
'Bear Raid' offense improves 10/19/2006
'Dirty bombs' threaten football stadiums 10/19/2006
Beatnix tickles coffee lovers' taste buds 10/19/2006
Buffaloes golden in 3-2 Baylor beating 10/19/2006
Christians butt heads on tongues 10/19/2006
Event provides glimpse of global missions 10/19/2006
Faith guides path to musical career 10/19/2006
Faith heals war veteran's internal wounds 10/19/2006
Junk food more appealing than healthy, organic options 10/19/2006
Local 'haunted' houses frighten participants for charitable cause 10/19/2006
Puppies leave teethmarks on hearts, teach life lessons 10/19/2006
Students' apathy shames Baylor 10/19/2006
Tennis preps for tournament 10/19/2006
The night cometh 10/19/2006
Assistant dean more than pretty face 10/18/2006
EVP to connect Waco alumni, students 10/18/2006
Heart of athletes makes college football meaningful 10/18/2006
North Korea looks ready for next test 10/18/2006
North Korea threatens itself with nuke tests 10/18/2006
Smaller moments closest to heart 10/18/2006
Teenager shoots self inside Houston school 10/18/2006
1-1 weekend keeps tournament hopes alive 10/17/2006
Bears rack up season-best score in loss to Longhorns 10/17/2006
Blood spray patterns may hold hidden crime scene elements 10/17/2006
Capsizing forensics violates 2012 goals 10/17/2006
Freshman wins first college tourney 10/17/2006
Going last stresses freshmen 10/17/2006
Hawaiians begin clean up after earthquake 10/17/2006
Houston thunderstorms flood streets, kill 3 10/17/2006
New admissions system reduces applicants to race, sex 10/17/2006
Population boom concentrated in suburbs 10/17/2006
Thieves ransack 6 cars 10/17/2006
Vaccine could curb food, smoking vices 10/17/2006
Weak plotline, cute monsters hallmarks of Grudge 2 10/17/2006
Bears fall to No. 6 Longhorns, 63-31 10/14/2006
Author draws high interest 10/12/2006
Backseat fans need to ease up, let Baylor athletes do driving 10/12/2006
Bears hope to continue longest-ever Big 12 streak 10/12/2006
Democrat defends top donor 10/12/2006
Do not underrate value of elections 10/12/2006
Lady Aggies block Lady Bears from home victory 10/12/2006
Lecture broaches cost, problems of modernity 10/12/2006
Local children need mentors 10/12/2006
Papa Bears gives diners home-cooking retreat 10/12/2006
Puppeteers educate, entertain 10/12/2006
Spring shows marked rise in BU hazing 10/12/2006
Would God approve billboard faith messages? 10/12/2006
Yankee presumed dead after airplane crash 10/12/2006
Are voters ready to step outside party lines? 10/11/2006
Bears use opponents' lack of respect for fuel 10/11/2006
Experience with Alzheimers leads to transformation 10/11/2006
Foley solely responsible for e-mails 10/11/2006
Lack of resources stifles major 10/11/2006
Lady Bears aim to end losses 10/11/2006
Local group fights to keep away coal plants 10/11/2006
Mastodon conquers metal, jazz mix 10/11/2006
McCain defends Bush's stance on North Korea 10/11/2006
Oliver addresses Brooks College doubts 10/11/2006
Positive thinking gains acceptance 10/11/2006
Student works to aid global coffee farmers 10/11/2006
Baylor plans to place new bicycle racks 10/10/2006
Baylor women can stand strong, betrothed or not 10/10/2006
Bears turn corner with road win 10/10/2006
Comedy lacks decent jokes 10/10/2006
Faculty live with students 10/10/2006
Forensic science on edge 10/10/2006
Leaders condemn nuke test 10/10/2006
Parents responsible for children's eating habits 10/10/2006
Religions present case for war, peace 10/10/2006
Unexpected pregnancy brings out true character 10/10/2006
A second chance at life 10/6/2006
Ambassador says U.S. too uninformed 10/6/2006
Baylor fitness ranks near top 10/6/2006
Bears hope to prolong Buffalo losing streak 10/6/2006
College Cooking Connection 10/6/2006
English language program expands to new locations 10/6/2006
Football predictions similar to playing guessing game 10/6/2006
Lady Bears face No. 11 Longhorns 10/6/2006
Man in black sheds light on theology of Cash 10/6/2006
Researchers study couples 10/6/2006
Student Senate allocates $3,500 to seminar 10/6/2006
Wiener dogs go to new lengths to earn race bragging rights 10/6/2006
Alumnus takes bell-ringing reins 10/5/2006
Artist explores various motifs 10/5/2006
Baylor pilots provide research for Houston air quality study 10/5/2006
Big 12 honors Baylor keeper twice 10/5/2006
BU pair calls RV park home 10/5/2006
Citizens must be responsible for schools 10/5/2006
Mom's studies worth sacrifice 10/5/2006
Pledging allegiance means more than saluting flag 10/5/2006
Republicans spar over Foley's conduct 10/5/2006
Saddle up for fun at Fair and Rodeo 10/5/2006
Service organizations get their hands dirty serving Waco 10/5/2006
Space tourism could boost NASA 10/5/2006
Student-athlete bashing ignores school, community pride 10/5/2006
Vice president boosts soldiers' morale during Fort Hood speech 10/5/2006
Bears struggle against ranked foes 10/4/2006
Coffee talk, prices heat up 10/4/2006
Deadline for top-professor award rapidly approaching 10/4/2006
Defensive prowess holds key to Big 12 success 10/4/2006
Fashion Night lays down law against fad faux pas 10/4/2006
Give your body opportunity for longevity with lifestyle changes 10/4/2006
Hidden treasures deserve home 10/4/2006
Keep waiting, girls: Right guy will come along someday 10/4/2006
Letter from killer reveals troubled past 10/4/2006
Love for gospel music inspires preservation project 10/4/2006
Name recollection has more than nominal value 10/4/2006
North Korea preps to test nukes 10/4/2006
Special Olympics comes to Waco 10/4/2006
Student spreads good news on bike 10/4/2006
The Killers delve into darker territory 10/4/2006
BearID password changes required 10/3/2006
Bears destroy Wildcat series streak 10/3/2006
Costner, Kutcher conquer new roles 10/3/2006
Ex-mobster says God led him away from life of crime 10/3/2006
Film instills boldness with humor 10/3/2006
ID tags not sign of Satan 10/3/2006
It's time to make a decision about indecisiveness 10/3/2006
Ordinary women aren't laughing at 'Ugly Betty' 10/3/2006
School shootings raise safety concerns 10/3/2006
Thai University takes after BU 10/3/2006
Undefeated Cornhuskers drop game, win game 10/3/2006
Voting made easy with ballot-by-mail 10/3/2006
Milkman terrorizes Amish community 10/2/2006
Scandal inspires ethics forum 10/1/2006