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News Archives for Sept. 2005

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Story Date
'Greatest Game' not up to par 9/30/2005
BU Marines see futures past school 9/30/2005
Debate team climbs national rankings in season opener 9/30/2005
Indie rockers to perform in new downtown venue 9/30/2005
Letters to the editor 9/30/2005
Mission a return to contact 9/30/2005
Prof endorses assisted death 9/30/2005
Senior gift no longer reflects original intent 9/30/2005
Students to help 'ReStore' local facility in service event 9/30/2005
Underdog Bears head to Kyle Field 9/30/2005
Underwood hears Congress' concerns 9/30/2005
Waves, handshakes source of social awkwardness 9/30/2005
Witnessing Baylor-A&M rematch: pricey 9/30/2005
Bishop seeks greater faith for students 9/29/2005
Crickets to feature eclectic pop-rock 9/29/2005
International athletes adjust to Big 12 9/29/2005
International athletes diversify sports 9/29/2005
iPods feed growing isolation 9/29/2005
Letters to the editor 9/29/2005
Parking ban hinders rights of protesters 9/29/2005
Professor group vows to focus on 'shared governance' 9/29/2005
Reality show grants town three wishes 9/29/2005
Volleyball swept by No. 7 Missouri 9/29/2005
'Makeover' reject's sister not ABC's responsibility 9/28/2005
Artists showcase photos, landscapes in exhibition 9/28/2005
Baylor's Hispanic heritage, records lost in shuffle 9/28/2005
Free speech, safety don't always mesh 9/28/2005
Headphone usage damages hearing 9/28/2005
Hispanics trace heritage at Baylor 9/28/2005
Letters to the editor 9/28/2005
Restaurant's outer appearance doesn't reflect inner qualities 9/28/2005
Slavery practices still alive 9/28/2005
T-shirt rules not fair, groups say 9/28/2005
After Dark to benefit WISD 9/27/2005
Baylor joins research group to influence NASA policies 9/27/2005
Baylor shelters evacuees 9/27/2005
Bipartisan support surrounds Roberts' potential judgeship 9/27/2005
Boshers more than 'fierce competitor' 9/27/2005
Disasters bring out true colors 9/27/2005
Job fair recruiters look for integrity, enthusiasm 9/27/2005
Lady Bears kicked around Midwest 9/27/2005
Perry's talk rings false; Texas not ready for Rita 9/27/2005
Police nab bicycle thief 9/27/2005
Senior class gift to cost $25,000 9/27/2005
Service, atmosphere makes Vietnamese eatery worthwhile 9/27/2005
Students record Crowder release party 9/27/2005
Watching soldiers ship out as hard as leaving family 9/27/2005
Austin City Limits offers eclectic mix of performers 9/22/2005
Baylor wastes money by watering midday 9/22/2005
Candlelight vigil honors victims during anniversary of Katrina 9/22/2005
Car strikes bicyclist 9/22/2005
Career Counseling offers chance for free iPod 9/22/2005
Cyclones tear up Bears 3-1 9/22/2005
Father of DNA details his life at MCC lecture 9/22/2005
Forecasters say winds, heavy rain may lash Waco 9/22/2005
Media too focused on celebs 9/22/2005
No go for OK Go's newly releashed album "oh no" 9/22/2005
Caring not just words 9/21/2005
GSA students seek change 9/21/2005
Health classes add technology to lifestyle program 9/21/2005
Messy food games provide freshmen time to bond 9/21/2005
Peace and a sword: Album steps on toes 9/21/2005
Project studies Whitney 9/21/2005
Tickets should be free for graduate student 9/21/2005
TKE plans Hurricane fundraiser 9/21/2005
Ultimate Frisbee mixes fitness, fun 9/21/2005
Volleyball looks to blow away Cyclones 9/21/2005
Broken Social Scene gaining recognition with new album release 9/20/2005
Middle East specialist flees storm, lands at BU 9/20/2005
Philosophy professor dies 9/20/2005
Roberts must catch up on freedom issue 9/20/2005
Senate questions invasive 9/20/2005
Soccer loses to No. 2 Portland 9/20/2005
Students need to push boundaries, end segregation 9/20/2005
Sushi staple for downtown bistro 9/20/2005
Teacher studies effects of wealth in media 9/20/2005
Tender 'Gardener' survives weak plot 9/20/2005
Women's tennis sweeps Baylor Invitational 9/20/2005
World Summit results may alter Model U.N. 9/20/2005
'Blue Like Jazz' author to discuss new book, life 9/16/2005
Baylor submits library bid 9/16/2005
Bears to battle Army on ESPN Classic 9/16/2005
Concert donates profits to churches 9/16/2005
Democracy requires openness 9/16/2005
Football subs green helmets 9/16/2005
Former professor dies at 88 9/16/2005
Living without phones and Internet access not easy 9/16/2005
NY drum quartet to jam using junk 9/16/2005
Online services down Saturday 9/16/2005
OSU football billboard rude, wrongly placed 9/16/2005
Professor to perform at Harvest Moon Festival 9/16/2005
Violence in games not proven cause of real-life crimes 9/16/2005
Air Force right to change public prayer guidelines 9/15/2005
Baylor conference to honor religious fantasy author 9/15/2005
Baylor grad could be Supreme Court Judge 9/15/2005
Children feel effects of hurricane more than adults 9/15/2005
Pets come with responsibilities 9/15/2005
Providing Closure 9/15/2005
3-day fast to raise awareness of AIDS 9/14/2005
Disc golf gaining fans 9/14/2005
Faculty panel to discuss religious freedom 9/14/2005
Faculty Senate may open meetings to public 9/14/2005
Freshmen WR's called to lead team 9/14/2005
Regents behind curve in openness, honesty 9/14/2005
Rerouted funding to expand activities for grad students 9/14/2005
River Jam concert to benefit Caritas 9/14/2005
Roberts' confirmation hearings heat up issues 9/14/2005
Servers deserve good tips 9/14/2005
Athlete's family affected by Katrina's destruction 9/13/2005
Bears steamroll Bulldogs, 48-14 9/13/2005
Club raises money for charity 9/13/2005
Interim's decision allows time for thorough search 9/13/2005
Poetry slam competitions find home at local hangout 9/13/2005
Quiznos debuts in SUB 9/13/2005
Religious Retribution? 9/13/2005
Staying back in camp hardest part of military life 9/13/2005
Students battle stress with exercise 9/13/2005
Students can help victims 9/13/2005
Underwood withdraws from race 9/13/2005
Annual choir concert to benefit disaster victims 9/9/2005
Bears to face Samford in home opener 9/9/2005
BU pays tribute to Bear family 9/9/2005
Design majors showcase projects 9/9/2005
Disasters elicit longterm disorders 9/9/2005
Enrollment skyrockets 9/9/2005
Excessive stress leads to physical, mental problems 9/9/2005
Forums define college 9/9/2005
Freshman overflow strains housing 9/9/2005
Geology major, career on the rocks 9/9/2005
Karate program to honor ex-sensei 9/9/2005
Morticians to liven up the weekend 9/9/2005
Mosley, Whitaker provide 1-2 punch 9/9/2005
New off-campus locations added for BearBucks users 9/9/2005
Parcells has pieces in place for year 3 9/9/2005
Parents Weekend includes variety show, bear greet 9/9/2005
Regents may vote on Baylor president 9/9/2005
Regents' push for president moving too fast 9/9/2005
Soccer in Fort Worth for TCU Invitational 9/9/2005
Study shows breakfast key to fruitful day 9/9/2005
Texans equipped for winning season 9/9/2005
Underwood pulls out of race for presidency; regents postpone decision 9/9/2005
'My house, my school ... it's all underwater' 9/8/2005
Baylor loses top prospects 9/8/2005
Class of '06 legacy gift narrowed 9/8/2005
Communication, flexibility key to potluck roommates 9/8/2005
Diamond decisions simple with 4 C's 9/8/2005
Fraud, identity theft rising 9/8/2005
Internet should be regulated 9/8/2005
Library popular for vows 9/8/2005
U.S. must secure border to keep nation safe 9/8/2005
Victims seek aid in Waco 9/8/2005
Wild canines bite students 9/8/2005
'Aftermurals' reunites BU athletic alumni 9/7/2005
30 members elected to Student Congress 9/7/2005
BU Starbucks pulls cups due to homosexual quote 9/7/2005
Caring should extend beyond Katrina disaster 9/7/2005
Fraternity to help Katrina victims 9/7/2005
God's goodness difficult to grasp during tragedy 9/7/2005
Live mascots unleashed in $1 million paradise 9/7/2005
Lyrics not suitable for radio 9/7/2005
SLC gears up for fitness challenge 9/7/2005
SLC offers rental equipment for camping getaways 9/7/2005
Study claims college females outsmart males 9/7/2005
Volleyball downs Texas State 3-1 9/7/2005
Baylor should take Labor Day off, respect workers 9/6/2005
Bears win first road game in 4 years 9/6/2005
Bicycle locks don't prevent theft 9/6/2005
Evacuees stress states' resources 9/6/2005
Faculty, students organize relief 9/6/2005
Gizmos offer alternative to usual gift ideas 9/6/2005
Government crisis plans failing, must be stronger 9/6/2005
Honorary program awards alumni status 9/6/2005
Sigur Rós excels with dynamic Takk 9/6/2005
Soccer matches end in tie, defeat for Lady Bears 9/6/2005
Tragedy puts life in focus 9/6/2005
Volleyball sweeps UNT, McNeese in invitational 9/6/2005
Web site offers study tips to help students 9/6/2005
Bands to rock MCC stage 9/2/2005
Baylor aid vital to victims 9/2/2005
Bell leads talented quarterback squad 9/2/2005
BU opens door for Louisiana transfers 9/2/2005
Campus drivers lack direction, courtesy 9/2/2005
Daily bombings mark former student's military life 9/2/2005
Football kicks off season at SMU 9/2/2005
Mascot selected to All-America team 9/2/2005
New cell phones offer Mp3s, movies 9/2/2005
Safety plan helps cell phone users 9/2/2005
Student excavates in Russia 9/2/2005
Waco embraces hurricane victims 9/2/2005
'Senior-laden' defense full of experience 9/1/2005
Aggies slip past Bears in overtime 9/1/2005
Bearobics battles stress with dance, exercise 9/1/2005
Cadavers approved for BU use 9/1/2005
Freshman tries to inspire peers 9/1/2005
Greek members 'stomp' to unite campus 9/1/2005
Intramurals add new sports, coordinator 9/1/2005
Kung fu masters to host workshop 9/1/2005
Law tackles underage drinking 9/1/2005
Major media coverage of murders incomplete 9/1/2005
Student budgets: Having fun while cutting costs 9/1/2005
Waco Symphony Orchestra to hold 7th-annual run 9/1/2005