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News Archives for Aug. 2005

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Story Date
America must help fight AIDS 8/31/2005
Baylor dining halls offer healthful food 8/31/2005
Baylor might reinstate disaster relief fund 8/31/2005
Bear Growl rallies fans for fall sports 8/31/2005
Driver crashes into teacher's cars 8/31/2005
Exhibit accents Bush's visits 8/31/2005
Feminine styles lead fall fashion 8/31/2005
Fuel climbs to record prices 8/31/2005
New talent boosts Bears' offensive unit 8/31/2005
Nursing school feels pinch of faculty shortage 8/31/2005
Profs should beef up Blackboard usage 8/31/2005
Alpha Delta Pi offers $500 for missing lion mascot 8/30/2005
Baylor Police provide safety tips to students 8/30/2005
Baylor receives $373,000 ethanol grant 8/30/2005
BU climbs in 'U.S. News & World Report' rankings 8/30/2005
Caring off the clock distinguishes job from career 8/30/2005
Celebrities show flashy moves in charity game 8/30/2005
College improved by getting involved 8/30/2005
Detailed set saves 'Grimm' movie 8/30/2005
Football parking prices increase 8/30/2005
Game-day prices hurt fan support 8/30/2005
Gauchos pick up Niemann 8/30/2005
Literacy camp continues with $81,000 gift 8/30/2005
Mixer highlights student diversity 8/30/2005
Mulkey kicks Jones off team 8/30/2005
Professor improving quality of water 8/30/2005
Soccer starts off season with split 8/30/2005
Special teams live up to name 8/30/2005
Students struggle when on their own 8/30/2005
Students think BU is self-segregated 8/30/2005
Survey offers prospective students insight 8/30/2005
Tennis hires new assistant coach 8/30/2005
Undergrad leaders spend summer devising new plans 8/30/2005
Volleyball looks to reverse record 8/30/2005
'Lariat' will serve readers better in 2005-2006 8/22/2005
'Victory' campaign aiming to finance new facilities 8/22/2005
3 BU departments gain new leadership 8/22/2005
Alum returns from gunshot 8/22/2005
Bangladesh railroads led man to physics 8/22/2005
Baylor hires new marketing firm 8/22/2005
Baylor making bid for Bush library 8/22/2005
Baylor No. 25 overall in sports 8/22/2005
Bice to retire as Baylor's top legal counsel 8/22/2005
Bridging the gap 8/22/2005
BU senior widens musical repertoire 8/22/2005
Campus barbers cut hair, form bonds 8/22/2005
Dorsch, Zemenova win tennis crowns 8/22/2005
Dotson pleads guilty 8/22/2005
Equestrian coach raring for 1st year 8/22/2005
Former seminary student ordered to pay $77,000 8/22/2005
Freshmen hold key for year 8/22/2005
Garden showcases thousands of roses 8/22/2005
Government hikes loan rates 2 percent 8/22/2005
Kenyan organization fights AIDS, stereotypes 8/22/2005
Kenyan Pokot people need water, Christian ministry 8/22/2005
KWBU fights hunger 8/22/2005
Late night festivities offer Friday night alternative 8/22/2005
Local housing takes hit from North Village 8/22/2005
Longtime biology professor Wivagg dies at age 61 8/22/2005
M.I.A. wins fans with unique style 8/22/2005
Man ministers to hungry Kenyan homeless children 8/22/2005
Modern plays take center stage 8/22/2005
NCAA delivers penalties 8/22/2005
Nearby hangouts provide study relief 8/22/2005
New pet store offers homemade treats 8/22/2005
Niemann deserts national champs 8/22/2005
NoZe settle with university over Sciences Building prank 8/22/2005
Oprah show grants twins' Baylor wish 8/22/2005
Regents approve new grad programs 8/22/2005
Seminary pulls in former Dallas megachurch pastor 8/22/2005
Soft drink maker honors champs 8/22/2005
Soldier's mother dishonors his legacy 8/22/2005
Strong recruiting class looks to anchor track team 8/22/2005
Student shot during summer break 8/22/2005
Student teaches others to climb SLC Rock 8/22/2005
Student's career goals change with heart 8/22/2005
Students find unique ways to cover tuition 8/22/2005
Summer flicks thrill viewers 8/22/2005
Telecom students help produce feature film 8/22/2005
Transfers give immediate help, but come with stigma 8/22/2005