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News Archives for April 2005

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Story Date
'Middle child' finds adulthood in college 4/29/2005
Baseball set to battle Tech Red Raiders in key series 4/29/2005
Baylor 'K' queen learned from best 4/29/2005
Baylor maze has taken many on winding journey 4/29/2005
Baylor to host 35-year-old computer contest in 2006 4/29/2005
Bears have witnessed perseverance, pride 4/29/2005
Comic book addicts get their fix at annual Free Comic Book Day 4/29/2005
DiMarco shares first-round lead 4/29/2005
Fall '05 payments due by Aug. 16 4/29/2005
Humane Society scurries to staff veterinarian, build cat colony 4/29/2005
Marigolds, zinnias, begonias abound on Baylor campus 4/29/2005
Men's golf swings into Big 12 Tourney 4/29/2005
New fashions arrive in time for summer vacation 4/29/2005
Planning, frugality prevent debt 4/29/2005
School has grown stagnant; ready for summer fun 4/29/2005
Sloan leaves legacy of change 4/29/2005
Social work program to break from school of arts, sciences 4/29/2005
Student uses own pain to help others 4/29/2005
Students, profs seek balance of Christianity, philosophy 4/29/2005
Texas House members face tension 4/29/2005
Woman hit by chair sues Rangers club 4/29/2005
'The Little Prince,' ends, but Waco Civic Theatre prepares for next play 4/28/2005
18-acre condo complex bid OK'd 4/28/2005
Astros drop game 2-0 4/28/2005
British study finds happiness, optimism lowers heart disease 4/28/2005
Bush proposes speedy nuclear plant, oil refinery construction 4/28/2005
Cell phone reception, service can cause students woe 4/28/2005
College students not immune to sickness while in school 4/28/2005
Common Grounds hosts Wideawake 4/28/2005
Credit card abuse brings debt, stress 4/28/2005
Dallas signs veteran corner Glenn 4/28/2005
If parents won't guide children, then students can 4/28/2005
Jackson's ex-wife, mother of two of his children, testifies in trial 4/28/2005
Juniors in education research at elementary school in Waco 4/28/2005
Letters to the editor 4/28/2005
Profs take facefuls of pie for good cause 4/28/2005
Senior named assistant for Thai princess 4/28/2005
Show designed to inform students of Indian culture 4/28/2005
Sloans reflect on memories as Baylor's first family 4/28/2005
Student choreographer takes Baylor 'Day Trippin'' 4/28/2005
Students can drain state budget easily 4/28/2005
Students plan camping trip in library 4/28/2005
Syria ends Lebanese occupation 4/28/2005
Tennis teams look to sweep Big 12 Tournament titles 4/28/2005
Texas A&M clones horse 4/28/2005
Uniform NFL steroid testing a mistake, Tagliabue says 4/28/2005
Where's Dirk? Mavericks star looking for breakout game 4/28/2005
World's largest airliner takes maiden flight in France 4/28/2005
Yes, I've become my mom 4/28/2005
Baylor's honor code discourages cheating 4/27/2005
Bears drop UTA 8-5 4/27/2005
BIN to be revamped 4/27/2005
Bishop honored for life's work 4/27/2005
BU women's tennis claims Big 12 title 4/27/2005
Definition of beauty tainted over time by many 4/27/2005
Fashion design majors gear up for annual fashion show 4/27/2005
Grad student receives Fulbright Scholarship 4/27/2005
Holocaust shows children's fight in 'Kindertransport' 4/27/2005
Letters to the editor 4/27/2005
MCC student earns 'USA Today' honor 4/27/2005
Minorities wrongly blamed in article 4/27/2005
NFL officials to testify before Congress 4/27/2005
Regents to select interim president 4/27/2005
Senators should keep filibustering practice 4/27/2005
Students incur loans as quick college fix 4/27/2005
Yao, McGrady new 'dynamic duo' 4/27/2005
'Amityville Horror' frightens away audience with acting 4/26/2005
Austin companies reviving Lollapalooza 4/26/2005
Bear trainer fulfills wide variety of roles 4/26/2005
Bush argues need for 'reasonable' oil prices 4/26/2005
Ceremony includes 3 Baylor siblings 4/26/2005
Climbing gas prices haven't hindered students' driving habits 4/26/2005
Lady, Joy bask in benefits of something old, something new 4/26/2005
Lawmaker backs off bill for steroid testing 4/26/2005
Letters to the editor 4/26/2005
Most wacky comedies beat acting, visuals of 'King's Ransom' 4/26/2005
NPR correspondent details experiences 4/26/2005
Offense good as gold in spring scrimmage 4/26/2005
Original photograph fetches $200,000 4/26/2005
Parrish wins Collins Award 4/26/2005
Pastor assists students in 'balanced discipleship' 4/26/2005
Putin addresses state of nation 4/26/2005
Schools should have more funding for goals 4/26/2005
Softball wins series over Missouri 4/26/2005
Stresses of life calmed by Dad 4/26/2005
Track teams win 14 titles at home meet 4/26/2005
Train derails in Japan 4/26/2005
Waco involvement means more than volunteering 4/26/2005
Women's golf finishes third at Big 12 Championships 4/26/2005
Alumni couple's family honors lasting love 4/22/2005
Armstrong struggles at Tour de Georgia 4/22/2005
Author looks for American identity in people named George Bush 4/22/2005
Catholic Church sets example for unified strength 4/22/2005
CL&L selects student mentors 4/22/2005
Congress discusses online faculty evaluation availability 4/22/2005
Even Cookie Monster has eaten too much 4/22/2005
Hair turns to cash for 4 barbers 4/22/2005
House OKs drilling in ANWR 4/22/2005
Iraqi helicopter crash kills 6 U.S. contractors 4/22/2005
NCAA to release new findings on men's basketball 4/22/2005
Prof explains Greek explorers 4/22/2005
Revel in unknown futures 4/22/2005
Spurs ready for Duncan's return 4/22/2005
Students turn to drugs for focus 4/22/2005
Trip to Japan hard to translate but good for student 4/22/2005
Women's golf to travel to Big 12 championship 4/22/2005
'Millions' steals viewers' hearts from beginning 4/21/2005
'BEST' students travel world 4/21/2005
Baylor alumnus takes up marathon running as hobby 4/21/2005
Bears' baseball drops Prairie View A&M 4-3 4/21/2005
Biracial children face identity, cultural issues 4/21/2005
Bodies of more than 50 hostages found 4/21/2005
BU alumnus named CEO of Hewlett-Packard 4/21/2005
BU spring graduates to get 'ringed' 4/21/2005
Bush administration hails Bolton after right's support wavers 4/21/2005
Bush administration sued over No Child Left Behind 4/21/2005
Dogs cute, but need costly care 4/21/2005
Enron film tells story of scandal 4/21/2005
Forget higher pedestals; celebrities can act just like us 4/21/2005
House can't sacrifice books for technology 4/21/2005
Letters to the editor 4/21/2005
MLB umpire accused of assault 4/21/2005
Polls open for casting early votes in Waco 4/21/2005
Pope Benedict met with varying sentiments 4/21/2005
Raiders trade Buchanon to Texans 4/21/2005
Republicans bend to pressure; open DeLay investigation 4/21/2005
Student uses T-shirt to ask for date 4/21/2005
Texas could be only state not to allow gays to become, stay foster parents 4/21/2005
Waco Chamber of Commerce creates Young Professionals Committee 4/21/2005
Baylor helps make students bold in their future 4/20/2005
Cardinals elect Ratzinger as pope 4/20/2005
Christians, colleges deal with mixing races, cultures 4/20/2005
Courts can't leave moral thought out of jury rooms 4/20/2005
Friends change over time 4/20/2005
Graduate students not entitled to unions 4/20/2005
Laymon, Weiss, Beggs to lead BU in '05-'06 4/20/2005
Men's tennis takes Big 12 season title 4/20/2005
Miller's tale: shooter takes star turn in last year 4/20/2005
Oklahoma remembers bombing 4/20/2005
Reality show 'Fear Factor' to hold casting call in Dallas 4/20/2005
Self-checks vital to detect cancer 4/20/2005
Shout out 'congrats' to May graduates 4/20/2005
State lawmaker proposes bill to mandate steroid testing 4/20/2005
'Sabrina,' 'Serendipity' top all-time favorite chick-flicks 4/19/2005
'Pulse' presents student lecture series 4/19/2005
Baylor track teams bring home 8 titles over weekend 4/19/2005
Black smoke from chimney signals no pope selected yet 4/19/2005
Classes elect next year's student officers 4/19/2005
College meant for forming identities 4/19/2005
Critics try to derail possible Clinton candidacy 4/19/2005
Fledgling NAACP chapter strives to recruit members 4/19/2005
Graduate assistants strike at Ivy League 4/19/2005
Injured coach played football for Baylor 4/19/2005
Interest meeting held to gather enthusiasts- NAACP 4/19/2005
Interracial relationships lose stigma over last decade 4/19/2005
Lance Armstrong to retire after 2005 Tour de France 4/19/2005
Local spas offer break from hectic life 4/19/2005
Minutemen's protection of liberty kills human dignity 4/19/2005
Model organization thrives at D.C. meet 4/19/2005
Plan B pill shouldn't be available over counter 4/19/2005
Red Sox fan loses tickets for 2005 4/19/2005
Social work program teams up with BUA 4/19/2005
Stories about Lady Bears take place off court as well 4/19/2005
Baylor cyclists to go on 2-day journey 4/15/2005
Baylor student takes spin on TV's 'Wheel' 4/15/2005
Bush backs bankruptcy reform bill 4/15/2005
Bush calls for flexibility in borders, passports 4/15/2005
City to honor champs with parade 4/15/2005
DeLay to remain in officeto remain in office 4/15/2005
Forum strives for Catholic, Protestant understanding 4/15/2005
Innocence lost on Sept. 11 4/15/2005
Mock trial team takes 1st place at annual competition 4/15/2005
NASA test marks first fueling since Columbia disaster 4/15/2005
New bakery opens; employees invite Baylor students 4/15/2005
Oil owners need more pressure to reduce costs 4/15/2005
Penn State's Paterno idolized by younger coaches 4/15/2005
Police who search cars need more than hunches 4/15/2005
Pope laid to rest; cardinals discuss 4/15/2005
Richards brings twangy country atmosphere to Waco club 4/15/2005
Roundup busts more than 10,000 fugitives 4/15/2005
Run-offs to determine election winners 4/15/2005
Scientists debate cause of ozone layer's global effects 4/15/2005
Softball players charged after umpire assault 4/15/2005
Students hard at work for play festival 4/15/2005
Thin line between politics, family often unclear on campaign trail 4/15/2005
Three indicted in U.N. oil-for-food scandal 4/15/2005
UIL panel declines mandatory statewide steroid testing 4/15/2005
'Lariat' endorses Browning, Beggs, Laymon for election 4/13/2005
Baylor alumnus performs at Diadeloso 4/13/2005
Bears take two over weekend 4/13/2005
Bill to stiffen tuition aid rules 4/13/2005
Bush thanks Texas troops 4/13/2005
Canton man could face life for shooting coach 4/13/2005
External candidates focus on crime rates 4/13/2005
German police free hostage children 4/13/2005
Internal prospects delve into leadership 4/13/2005
Militants ambush Iraq's deputy interior minister, bodyguard killed 4/13/2005
Musical 'Assassins' analyzes assassinations, attempts 4/13/2005
Negroponte: Central focus will be spy agency reform 4/13/2005
Nine profs vie for prestigious Collins Award 4/13/2005
Renovation bill awaits regents' approval 4/13/2005
Senioritis kicks in for some 4/13/2005
Submission software roots out plagiarism 4/13/2005
Three men indicted on terror charges 4/13/2005
U.S. citizens must take more action, have more concern about Africa 4/13/2005
Women's tennis wins 1 of 2 matches 4/13/2005
'Fever Pitch' not home run, but not strikeout either 4/12/2005
'Sahara' cast steams up big screen; plot is ice cold 4/12/2005
All Christians should realize importance of new pope 4/12/2005
Baseball sweeps Kansas State 4/12/2005
Browning Day to honor famous poets 4/12/2005
Bush's U.N. pick called into question 4/12/2005
Double dog dare you to have fun 4/12/2005
Greek forum hears candidates' platforms 4/12/2005
Israeli-Palesitinian peace efforts stall 4/12/2005
Lawmakers should consider sobriety bills 4/12/2005
Laymon calls for new Pawprints system, 24-hour study areas 4/12/2005
Rangers fall to Angels 7-6 in 10 4/12/2005
Relationship building tops list of goals 4/12/2005
RIDE should keep intoxicated students safe too 4/12/2005
Sloan dedicates gardens 4/12/2005
Softball splits two with Huskers 4/12/2005
Wacker pushes athletic involvement, student center renovations 4/12/2005
Alumnus who combines faith, literature will speak at BU festival 4/8/2005
B.R.A.N. dedicated to rising stars 4/8/2005
Bills mandate criminal checks for online daters; causes controversy 4/8/2005
Car crash didn't deter Baylor student 4/8/2005
Cheerleaders getting too frisky but bill too fallible 4/8/2005
City of Waco plans parade for Lady Bears 4/8/2005
Conference speakers to discuss women's life stages 4/8/2005
East Texas coach shot, wounded by player's father 4/8/2005
Edwards lauds national champs 4/8/2005
Four soloists to perform at President's Concert 4/8/2005
Fox show deserves bigger audience 4/8/2005
Kayak Polo comes to BU 4/8/2005
Letters to the editor 4/8/2005
NASA may fly again after 2003's Columbia explosion 4/8/2005
Pope's last will, testament suggests he considered resigning in 2000 4/8/2005
Regents seek student input 4/8/2005
Sacrifice of libraries not good for community 4/8/2005
Warden's wife returns home after 11 years 4/8/2005
'Bear Climb' contest to be held at SLC 4/7/2005
Astros rally to beat rival St. Louis 4/7/2005
Average baseball salary hits $2.6 million 4/7/2005
Baird receives annual professorship award 4/7/2005
Battery co. CEO to speak at BU 4/7/2005
Baylor, Waco celebrate Lady Bears' win 4/7/2005
Beauty can stem unexpectedly from tragedy, chaos 4/7/2005
Browning Day honors poets 4/7/2005
Bush asks for cap on U.S. dues; U.N. aid cut 4/7/2005
Celebrities expand careers by launching clothing lines 4/7/2005
Ethnic divisions persist 4/7/2005
Government not ready for pioneering into hydrogen 4/7/2005
Iraqis elect Kurdish interim president 4/7/2005
Knoll leads No. 1 men's tennis team on second title run 4/7/2005
Lawmaker pushes for anti-theft laws 4/7/2005
Lecturer examines well-known painting 4/7/2005
Long line awaited those to see Pope 4/7/2005
Mavs sign Johnson to four-year coaching deal 4/7/2005
One act can hurt child for lifetime 4/7/2005
Physics circus energizes Waco children at Mayborn 4/7/2005
Prince Rainier, 81, dies; world says goodbye 4/7/2005
Run for Hope to benefit research 4/7/2005
Student center renovation proposed 4/7/2005
Subject-based tests should replace TAKS 4/7/2005
Women's tennis drops No. 10 Texas 4/7/2005
Advertising in schools carries high price for students 4/6/2005
Americans upset about steroid use by pros, poll shows 4/6/2005
Baylor alumnus wins Pulitzer Prize for music 4/6/2005
Beall Poetry Festival returns to Baylor 4/6/2005
BU baseball falls to Houston 9-3 4/6/2005
Calls for Patriot Act renewal spur debate 4/6/2005
CBS's Jennings to start treatment for lung cancer 4/6/2005
Christian singer brings in crowd of more than 600 4/6/2005
Comedies are in eye of beholder 4/6/2005
Education Department to overhaul No Child Left Behind enforcement 4/6/2005
Eli Young band climbs from small clubs to big-time shows 4/6/2005
Impressionist artist topic of annual lecture 4/6/2005
Inmate found nearly 11 years after fleeing with warden's wife 4/6/2005
Lady Bear champs win in more ways than one 4/6/2005
Let red ink bleed; students need to toughen up 4/6/2005
NCAA CHAMPS! 4/6/2005
No-parole life sentence bill struck down in Texas 4/6/2005
Rejoice in what blessings one has 4/6/2005
Spanish professor's bilingual background leads to career 4/6/2005
Spurs sign Glenn Robinson for stretch run 4/6/2005
State teachers to get $1,000 more yearly 4/6/2005
Visiting prof builds morale on campus 4/6/2005
'Sin City' contains great acting; sticks to comic book 4/5/2005
'Upside of Anger' has many downsides; its plot is just one 4/5/2005
BU athletics, alumni team up to provide optimal 4/5/2005
He stood on solid ground 4/5/2005
Lady Bears go full throttle in team effort, BU spirit 4/5/2005
Lady Bears head to first NCAA final 4/5/2005
Loss of innocence horrific but victims can find support in others 4/5/2005
Men's, women's tennis teams stay on track 4/5/2005
No. 15 baseball team takes two of three from OU 4/5/2005
NoZe potty prank costs BU more than $1,600 4/5/2005
Pope honored at sunset vigil 4/5/2005
Profs helped send chimps to space 4/5/2005
Softball splits two games with OSU 4/5/2005
Soldier's son accepts Medal of Honor 4/5/2005
Students, faculty to charter NAACP 4/5/2005
What do Schiavo, Pope, 'Sin City' have in common? 4/5/2005
Lady Bears clinch championship berth 4/4/2005
4-year-old shoots his little brother 4/1/2005
Baylor track sets records at tourney 4/1/2005
Blood on highway leads to unwanted involvement 4/1/2005
BU alumnae defeat 'glass ceiling' effect 4/1/2005
BU group Showtime! takes stage 4/1/2005
Council to collect items for advocacy group 4/1/2005
Couple heads to dorms to live as next faculty in residence 4/1/2005
Free play offers fresh view of U.S. diversity 4/1/2005
Lady Bears look to tame Tigers 4/1/2005
Letters to the editor 4/1/2005
Memories overrun by disease 4/1/2005
Mulkey to stay through 2010 4/1/2005
Once students leave, let them have privacy 4/1/2005
Professor compiles book to help poet's 'stature rise' 4/1/2005
Rangers lose Colbrunn to injury 4/1/2005
StuCon passes changes to tweak constitution 4/1/2005
Thursday night auto crash leaves no injuries 4/1/2005