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News Archives for March 2005

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Story Date
Alumni start autism support program 3/31/2005
Analysts: Job market may be on upswing 3/31/2005
Baylor gold medalist Wariner wants to break Johnson's record 3/31/2005
Baylor women set aside labels 3/31/2005
BRH Dinner Theater has something for everyone 3/31/2005
Cellular phones isolate students 3/31/2005
Coal plant proposal draws controversy 3/31/2005
English grad students to host interdisciplinary conference 3/31/2005
Former member of Caedmon's Call to perform free concert 3/31/2005
Getting inked: Students learn art of, reasons for tattoos in America 3/31/2005
Good eating habits discussed at Baylor 3/31/2005
Initiative for homeless must have support 3/31/2005
Journey into BU's past reveals more about its identity 3/31/2005
Schiavo case made into 'fracas' for public eyes 3/31/2005
Sigma Phi Epsilon loses charter at BU 3/31/2005
Sinatra's son to play with Waco Orchestra 3/31/2005
Softball blanks UT, 2-0 3/31/2005
Students to shoot feature film 3/31/2005
Students, staff to send off Lady Bears 3/31/2005
Anime 'Steamboy' visuals strong; plot unconvincing 3/30/2005
BU women grasp greater roles 3/30/2005
Corridor too big for Texas 3/30/2005
Earthquake triggers tsunami scare 3/30/2005
Fans convene at second Bear Growl 3/30/2005
Habitat to advocate program nationally 3/30/2005
Lady Bears beat Tar Heels 72-63; head to Final Four 3/30/2005
Lady Vols oust Rutgers from tourney 3/30/2005
Letters to the editor 3/30/2005
Michigan State ladies join men on trip to NCAA Final Four 3/30/2005
No. 1 men's tennis pounds TCU 7-0 3/30/2005
No. 15 baseball slams Texas Southern 10-3 3/30/2005
Protest for Iraqi lives silent compared to Schiavo 3/30/2005
Schiavo's parents run out of options 3/30/2005
Softball faces No. 4 Longhorns today 3/30/2005
Texas must increase aid for deaf patients 3/30/2005
Voters nix bonds for MCC campus 3/30/2005
Wallace retires; Nordt steps in 3/30/2005
WISD officials 'appreciative' of BU's new master's program 3/30/2005
Lady Bears advance to Elite Eight 3/27/2005
Africa '05 mission trip fund-raisers pool dollars 3/24/2005
Aggies trounce Lady Bears softball 7-1 3/24/2005
Bill will help battle against eating disorders 3/24/2005
BU community comments on presidential visit 3/24/2005
Bush visit scrambles BU Easter egg hunt 3/24/2005
Bush: Prosperity, security go 'hand in hand' 3/24/2005
Diet plan just not for me 3/24/2005
Four legs, one rider, anticipation make up tryouts 3/24/2005
Home means more than memories within walls 3/24/2005
Lady Bears take on Gophers in Sweet 16 3/24/2005
Men's tennis slams Stanford 7-0 3/24/2005
Recognized artist unveils new work at Art Center Waco 3/24/2005
Spring fashions blast from past 3/24/2005
Students, locals gather for peaceful demonstration, protest Bush's foreign policy 3/24/2005
TABC officers stress need for safety, responsibility 3/24/2005
Baylor, Waco police help Secret Service 3/23/2005
Bills seek to end underage, birthday binge drinking 3/23/2005
Bogut leads in voting for All-America team 3/23/2005
Bush, Fox, Martin convene at Baylor 3/23/2005
Congress overstepped boundaries with Schiavo bill 3/23/2005
Education 'interns' spotlighted in magazine article 3/23/2005
Gibson film loses its passion with recut edition 3/23/2005
Middle Eastern affairs examined in lecture 3/23/2005
Nice guys always finish last 3/23/2005
Regents seek out faculty input 3/23/2005
Schiavo's mother: Don't let my daughter die of thirst 3/23/2005
Security trumps claim for testimony 3/23/2005
Softball opens Big 12 play against Aggies 3/23/2005
Temple's Chaney will return as Owls' 3/23/2005
Alum to screen new film 3/22/2005
America's favorite pastime still has good memories 3/22/2005
Aniston ignores rumors surrounding separation 3/22/2005
Annan proposes bold changes 3/22/2005
Baseball sweeps No. 1 Longhorns 3/22/2005
Baylor ensembles play at joint performance 3/22/2005
Business students take No. 2 in D.C. 3/22/2005
Heart failure ends BU student's life 3/22/2005
Judge agrees to review request presented by Schiavo's family 3/22/2005
Lady Bears maul Ducks, 69-46 3/22/2005
Music industry hasn't wised up to downloading 3/22/2005
President's visit to close several facilities 3/22/2005
Region 12 to hold education job fair 3/22/2005
School wise to fight prom booze online 3/22/2005
Selena's legacy still growing 10 years after death 3/22/2005
Senate approves $139 billion Texas budget 3/22/2005
Tennis takes match over California 3/22/2005
Terrorism suspect's appeal declined 3/22/2005
What did you do for break? 3/22/2005
Lady Bears clinch tournament championship 3/13/2005
Bankruptcy decision not in federal hands 3/11/2005
Fashions of past inspire popular clothing of today 3/11/2005
Fine arts audio upgrades to digital 3/11/2005
Lady Bears defeat Texas Tech, 58-57 3/11/2005
Lady Bears face Kansas State for tournament championship 3/11/2005
Lecture explores Southern black community 3/11/2005
Letters to the editor 3/11/2005
Men's basketball falls to Iowa State, 77-57 3/11/2005
Penland's lunch lady comforts students 3/11/2005
Special spring break brings apprehensions, hope 3/11/2005
Staff council offers project at Talitha Koum for Steppin' Out 3/11/2005
StuCon may revise constitution 3/11/2005
Student Foundation to get new facility 3/11/2005
There's technique to all-night studying 3/11/2005
'Fools' visits Waco; 'Clue' soon to follow 3/10/2005
BU to decentralize continuing education 3/10/2005
Counseling center understaffed 3/10/2005
Distant love can exceed boundaries 3/10/2005
Family should have right to let man live 3/10/2005
Give credit to where it's due: To Lebanese citizens 3/10/2005
Groovy fashions of 1970s lead to period of disco 3/10/2005
Letters to the editor 3/10/2005
New on-campus play organized by students 3/10/2005
Painting houses, mowing lawns all part of ATO's initiation for pledges 3/10/2005
Students to spend break in Haiti 3/10/2005
Well-dressed riders to play for BU in '05 3/10/2005
Women's tennis crushes SMU, UH 3/10/2005
BU baseball falls to NWSU, 5-4 3/9/2005
Bush to hold international summit in Waco 3/9/2005
Congress addressing important college need 3/9/2005
Equestrian team tryouts scheduled 3/9/2005
Fashion trends in 1950s shaped today's wardrobe 3/9/2005
Grad climbs highest peaks, skis to North, South poles 3/9/2005
Harvard president getting too much flak on remark 3/9/2005
Home on range means vacation 3/9/2005
Softball blanks UTA, 8-0 3/9/2005
Testicular cancer affects college men 3/9/2005
U.S. auto makers missing America's new demands 3/9/2005
All-University intramural champs score 3/8/2005
Baylor's symphony orchestra performs Mozart, Mahler tonight 3/8/2005
Bears fall to Aggies in final Big 12 game 3/8/2005
Bears prep for Big 12 tournament 3/8/2005
Bears' baseball takes 1 of 3 from Long Beach State 3/8/2005
Bush library not yet chosen 3/8/2005
Consultant to help find new BU president 3/8/2005
Government shouldn't abuse delicate privilege 3/8/2005
Letters to the editor 3/8/2005
Men's tennis take two to continue win streak 3/8/2005
Paper may get records of foundation 3/8/2005
Respect forgotten by today's society 3/8/2005
Sidewalk to get facelift 3/8/2005
Turkey's possible step into EU will lead to changes 3/8/2005
Attorney general should respect privacy 3/4/2005
Baseball takes on Long Beach State this weekend 3/4/2005
Bears to play Aggies in final Big 12 game 3/4/2005
Benefit concert for 'Invisible Children' to be held at UBC 3/4/2005
BU Model U.N. team seizes second-place delegation award 3/4/2005
California children become victims to salary battle 3/4/2005
Deadlines can come too soon 3/4/2005
Free food, exercise offered by mall walk 3/4/2005
Graduate students form research forum to diversify thoughts 3/4/2005
Hulme: BU programs to be cut 3/4/2005
Lady Bears take Big 12 championship 3/4/2005
Letters to the editor 3/4/2005
Most common STD sweeps across U.S.; unknown to most 3/4/2005
NCAA gives BU athletics 960 APR rating 3/4/2005
Old-fashioned manners, cheery smile greet students 3/4/2005
Playground gears up to play at Common Grounds 3/4/2005
Student soldier called to action 3/4/2005
Waco senior runs for council 3/4/2005
22-story Alico building dates back to 1911; survived infamous tornado of 1953 3/3/2005
Brother, sister rivalry extends past childhood 3/3/2005
BU prof explores Jung's life 3/3/2005
BU students' video wins national award 3/3/2005
Corps honors former mayor 3/3/2005
God, humanitarianism inspire The Afters' songwriting 3/3/2005
Guitar skills don't come easy 3/3/2005
Lady Bears' softball hammers OCU, 18-3 3/3/2005
Letters to the editor 3/3/2005
NAACP: Social Security plan 'dangerous' 3/3/2005
Need for separation of church, state misunderstood 3/3/2005
Speaker encourages passionate learning 3/3/2005
Students left in cold with low cap on tests 3/3/2005
Texas Tech edges Baylor, 72-66 3/3/2005
The Spirit of the Rivers in Waco since 2002 3/3/2005
Undergraduate mock trial advances to national level 3/3/2005
Alabama law professor to lecture on careers, ethics 3/2/2005
Basketball player succeeds without following crowd 3/2/2005
Bearathon course mapped 3/2/2005
Bears take eighth Big 12 indoor title 3/2/2005
Brazilian Student Association hopes to educate, entertain public 3/2/2005
Girl Scout Cookies still going strong 3/2/2005
Hillcrest celebrates 'Surviving in Style' 3/2/2005
Invasion of car 'sanctuary' leads to more precautions 3/2/2005
Sex ed issue dangerously underestimating teens 3/2/2005
Singer/songwriter connects experience with music 3/2/2005
Speaker shares varying earth history views 3/2/2005
State statute trumps federal law on practice 3/2/2005
'Cursed' possesses good talent with laughs, scares 3/1/2005
BU Concert Choir to offer free show 3/1/2005
BU student gets gameshow callback 3/1/2005
Contests to up event attendance 3/1/2005
Delta Delta Delta wins Sing 2005 3/1/2005
Duke dean speaks on women's history 3/1/2005
Letters to the editor 3/1/2005
No. 1 men's tennis beats Pepperdine, 4-3 3/1/2005
Parties' race to next president loses sight of talent 3/1/2005
Physics prof, former geology prof die at 72, 91 3/1/2005
Revealing sources goes against ethics 3/1/2005
Softball finishes 3-1 at Compass Invitational Tournament 3/1/2005
Who will we honor, remember? 3/1/2005
Women's tennis sweeps weekend matches 3/1/2005