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News Archives for Feb. 2005

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Story Date
$750 funding proposal tabled 2/25/2005
'People Get Ready': Alumnus writes book on gospel music 2/25/2005
Baylor Driving Club hosts show; 2/25/2005
Baylor's jazz ensemble presents their first concert of semester 2/25/2005
Broadway musical 'Seven Brides' arrives in Waco 2/25/2005
BU football team names tri-captains team MVPs 2/25/2005
Drug tests for permit singles out teenagers 2/25/2005
Goodbye to NHL memories 2/25/2005
Lady Bears play No. 1 team Saturday at BU stadium 2/25/2005
Letters to the editor 2/25/2005
Middle school teacher to fill mayor position 2/25/2005
MTV personalities come to Waco today 2/25/2005
Princeton professor asks, 'Can we know God' 2/25/2005
Simpsons' family sells home in Waco 2/25/2005
Students plan spring break airline travel 2/25/2005
Texas casino bill would cash in from 'bottom up' 2/25/2005
Track competes in Big 12 Indoor Championships today 2/25/2005
'Devos 4 Sports' drops the ball when relating to Bible 2/24/2005
Air travel causes anxiety, 'air rage' 2/24/2005
Baylor alumnus competing on Latino 'American Idol' 2/24/2005
Baylor Democrats reach out to troops 2/24/2005
Bill may regulate textbook turnover 2/24/2005
Bird flights amazing yet annoying 2/24/2005
Experts: Healthy eating, exercise best way to get, stay in shape 2/24/2005
Grad awarded 2005 Rotary scholarship 2/24/2005
Letters to the editor 2/24/2005
Men's tennis wins first indoor national championship 2/24/2005
Ramsower: BU's financial state 'excellent' 2/24/2005
Standardized texts not worth limits 2/24/2005
Student sees four years of BU change for good 2/24/2005
BU theatre presents Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' 2/23/2005
Class teaches engineers to cook 2/23/2005
Legacy program promotes Baylor 2/23/2005
Money can make one leap for joy, scream for help 2/23/2005
New Mac club unites computer users 2/23/2005
New security rules make travel safer 2/23/2005
Pharmacists' values don't supersede duties 2/23/2005
Players of all ages mix in Special Olympics 2/23/2005
Presidential search committee appointed 2/23/2005
Rugby fans, players express devotion 2/23/2005
Softball to face Texas State today 2/23/2005
Team tackles water contamination issue 2/23/2005
Vision seeks to expand endowment 2/23/2005
Wearing shorts during winter? 2/23/2005
'Invisible Children' tears at viewers' hearts, souls 2/22/2005
Baseball beats ORU in series 2/22/2005
City council names temporary mayor 2/22/2005
Faith of one girl inspires all 2/22/2005
Lady Bears keep No. 1 spot in Big 12 2/22/2005
Longhorns down Bears, 75-60 2/22/2005
Schiavo becomes victim of husband's broken vow 2/22/2005
Social work school ranks No. 87 2/22/2005
Stay up late, eat pudding, worry about job hunt later 2/22/2005
Vision demands local involvement 2/22/2005
Web logs lead into danger zone for work 2/22/2005
'Beauty From Pain,' sounds simply painful 2/18/2005
Armstrong Browning Library acquires Milsand works 2/18/2005
Baylor to face ISU's tough 'D' on Saturday 2/18/2005
Bears ready for matchup with Texas 2/18/2005
Illegal workers become scapegoats for U.S. citizens 2/18/2005
Leisure prices remind students to budget finances 2/18/2005
Mission conflict sheds light on Christian dilemma 2/18/2005
Painful shoe style casts spell on girls 2/18/2005
Seminary president right to step down 2/18/2005
Senior gift completion set for May 2/18/2005
Student Congress to make changes 2/18/2005
Vision calls for new, functional facilities 2/18/2005
Wristbands raise funds, awareness 2/18/2005
Behind Sing lies hard-working orchestra 2/17/2005
BU softball takes two from SHSU Bearkats 2/17/2005
City council looks to fill mayoral spot 2/17/2005
Debt tops worry list for recent grads 2/17/2005
Diverse discussion needed, not required 2/17/2005
Lady Bears 'coast' against Tigers 2/17/2005
Letters to the editor 2/17/2005
Light shed on Darwin's work 2/17/2005
Little sister not ringing wedding bells merrily 2/17/2005
Magazine ranks law school sixth 2/17/2005
Morrison-Williams proves progressive country rocks 2/17/2005
Student interaction with Waco citizens needs work 2/17/2005
Vision ups academia at BU 2/17/2005
Bill may banish hand-held cells 2/16/2005
Despite change in leadership, vision thrives 2/16/2005
Filmmaker chronicles Uganda's problems 2/16/2005
Israel-Palestine conflicts discussed at BU 2/16/2005
Letters to the editor 2/16/2005
Pro Bowl going down sports hole 2/16/2005
Program to aid in weight loss 2/16/2005
Sing makes memories for good, not-so-good singers 2/16/2005
Softball takes on SHSU today 2/16/2005
Tepee expert to speak at Mayborn 2/16/2005
U.N. officials' behavior horrific, intolerable 2/16/2005
UT-Arlington drops Bears' baseball, 9-6 2/16/2005
Women's tennis cracks into top 25 2/16/2005
'Hotel Rwanda' depicts power struggle with flawless cast 2/15/2005
Baylor stomps OSU, 87-51 2/15/2005
Bears clean up at weekend tourneys 2/15/2005
Camp job suspends selfishness 2/15/2005
Chief Doak recovers from bleeding 2/15/2005
Friend's outlook on life inspires student's future 2/15/2005
Judge sets Dotson murder trial for June 13 2/15/2005
Mathis urges students to be leaders 2/15/2005
Mayor Mae Jackson, 63, dies suddenly 2/15/2005
Nebraska beats Bears, 74-63 2/15/2005
Public schools, Bible class shouldn't mix 2/15/2005
Reality TV addiction now plagues every TV channel 2/15/2005
Student stress hazardous to health 2/15/2005
Antique show comes to Waco's HOT complex 2/11/2005
Baseball opens season at Minute Maid Park College Classic 2/11/2005
Baylor police chief checked into ICU 2/11/2005
Baylor set to face Cowgirls 2/11/2005
Bears ready for matchup with Nebraska Cornhuskers 2/11/2005
BU officials want more on-campus 2/11/2005
Budget proposal overlooks poverty 2/11/2005
Dance, cardio classes popularize Bearobics 2/11/2005
Illinois couple has grounds for lawsuit 2/11/2005
Letters to the editor 2/11/2005
Local eateries gear up for Valentine's Day specials 2/11/2005
On-campus brick helps build path toward future of two grads 2/11/2005
Prof works to help immigrants in U.S. 2/11/2005
Quizzes, homework best way to learn 2/11/2005
Sanitary habits lower flu virus risk 2/11/2005
Student Life Fund depleted to $1,070.01 2/11/2005
Students search for life's purpose 2/11/2005
Two restaurant chains open in Waco, cater to students 2/11/2005
Valentine's marketing targets unsuspecting males 2/11/2005
Alumna awarded for work in school 2/10/2005
Andrew Norsworthy performing at Common Grounds 2/10/2005
BU design program awaits accreditation 2/10/2005
BU student to run for city council 2/10/2005
Drug-purchase log not effective tool 2/10/2005
Investment returns 'extremely strong' 2/10/2005
Letters to the editor 2/10/2005
Recent Baylor graduate releases second album, plays at Treff's 2/10/2005
Referees go underpaid, unthanked 2/10/2005
Regents approve $90M athletic fundraiser 2/10/2005
Rice: U.S. has set no timeline for Tehran 2/10/2005
Softball beats McNeese in double header 2/10/2005
Student Congress considers $12,000 in allocations 2/10/2005
Texas Sports Hall of Fame inducts Bagwell, Biggio 2/10/2005
True origin of Valentine's Day calls for compassion 2/10/2005
Years of preparation lead to new major 2/10/2005
'Nannan' provides reason to celebrate 2/9/2005
BU gets injunction on Bass 2/9/2005
BU honors black heritage 2/9/2005
Church, state relations must not blur in school 2/9/2005
Family values have been left in adult parking lot 2/9/2005
File-sharing system launched 2/9/2005
Globalization extends beyond politics, trends 2/9/2005
Holiday reflects cultural identity 2/9/2005
Obsession over body image can affect child's image 2/9/2005
Web books to lower student costs 2/9/2005
Women's club lacrosse wins 4th in weekend tournament 2/9/2005
Workshop exposes career opportunities to students 2/9/2005
'Boogeyman' fails to scare 2/8/2005
'The Wedding Date' makes audience despise characters 2/8/2005
Baylor beats Tech, 52-49 2/8/2005
BU recycling worlds away from overall excellence 2/8/2005
Cowboys drop Bears, 81-63 2/8/2005
Groups struggle with hazing rules 2/8/2005
Habitat construction begins 2/8/2005
Lady Bears' softball begins season 6-0; wins Getterman Classic 2/8/2005
Letters to the editor 2/8/2005
Lewd acts overshadow TV Violence 2/8/2005
Mardi Gras crosses cultural boundaries 2/8/2005
Q&A session addresses political internships, careers 2/8/2005
U.S. military issued right punishment 2/8/2005
Acoustic Café promotes local music with fellowship 2/4/2005
Baylor athletics reveals new official logo 2/4/2005
Bears' tennis beat USC, 5-2 2/4/2005
BU basketball has busy weekend 2/4/2005
Crew suit settles out of court 2/4/2005
CU professor's essay lacks academic value 2/4/2005
Eating disorders spring from desire to control one's life 2/4/2005
Even in midst of cold, BU flowers bloom all over 2/4/2005
Letters to the editor 2/4/2005
Local youth ministry wins church makeover 2/4/2005
New music festival comes to Waco's HOT complex 2/4/2005
No. 17 softball opens season in Getterman Classic 2/4/2005
Student Congress supports Sloan 2/4/2005
Super Bowl news leaves bad taste 2/4/2005
Surprise lion born in Waco 2/4/2005
Teaching for America educates BU graduate 2/4/2005
Americans take voting for granted 2/3/2005
Chamber revives Baylor tradition 2/3/2005
College experience inspires comedian 2/3/2005
Democracy in Iraq has long way to go 2/3/2005
Lady Bears pound Wildcats, 72-62 2/3/2005
Letters to the editor 2/3/2005
Men's chorus plans Africa trip 2/3/2005
Professor abused power of academic freedom 2/3/2005
State of the Union draws cheers, groans 2/3/2005
Top-ranked men's tennis team 'totally different' than last year 2/3/2005
'Million Dollar Baby' knocks out other fighting movies 2/2/2005
Business, liberal arts degrees top choices for recruiters 2/2/2005
Chapel speaker says God not Republican, Democrat 2/2/2005
College students underestimate pet responsibilities 2/2/2005
Hope, unity key to new BU leader 2/2/2005
Iraqi elections don't come without their prices 2/2/2005
Paddling not for adults, even students 2/2/2005
Sociologist to discuss religious freedom 2/2/2005
Sociology professor awarded prize for article 2/2/2005
Spring enrollment down 100 students since '04 2/2/2005
Students duped by 'throwback crimes' 2/2/2005
'Anything Goes' live in Houston 2/1/2005
'Idol' generation's coddling leads to false dreams 2/1/2005
A&M Aggies overcome Bears, 74-62 2/1/2005
Definition of home changes over time 2/1/2005
Interim dean named for Arts and Sciences 2/1/2005
Ku Klux Klan items have place in history 2/1/2005
Lady Bears edge out OSU, 67-65 2/1/2005
Medal recognizes university patrons 2/1/2005
Nonprofits spruce up neighborhoods, aid home seekers 2/1/2005
Packed living quarters, psychology go hand in hand 2/1/2005
Profs recall racial integration at BU 2/1/2005
Raise a glass for 'Sideways' 2/1/2005
Student court gains two members 2/1/2005