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News Archives for Nov. 2005

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Story Date
Bears find season's silver lining 11/30/2005
Bruiser knocked out of contest 11/30/2005
EMBA program shifts to Austin 11/30/2005
Face-off with Whataburglar leads back to Baylor 11/30/2005
Family act would ease student parents' load 11/30/2005
Google Inc. book search fuels debate 11/30/2005
Graduate school releases theses online 11/30/2005
Greek members burn with pride 11/30/2005
Hurricane victims return to schools across the nation 11/30/2005
Indie fans can vote for favorite groups 11/30/2005
KOT Christmas custom celebrates 40th anniversary 11/30/2005
Letters to the editor 11/30/2005
Story of the Year album veers off beaten path 11/30/2005
Technology advances enhance classroom experiences for teachers, students 11/30/2005
Bush pushes for new immigration strategy 11/29/2005
Champs remain perfect despite tough schedule 11/29/2005
Collaboration offers student artists professional recordings 11/29/2005
Comedy mocks making of plays 11/29/2005
Coordinator resigns; new search begins 11/29/2005
EPA may cut back on reports 11/29/2005
Gulf Coast still needs support 11/29/2005
Identification chip might signal coming of end times 11/29/2005
Letters to the editor 11/29/2005
Museum studies teacher lauded for palace research 11/29/2005
Post-holiday travelers left stranded across the Plains 11/29/2005
Provost O'Brien to stay for now 11/29/2005
Student makes splash on MTV's 'Sims Life' 11/29/2005
Texas Nights plans to bring new music into Waco's culture 11/29/2005
Underwood's term set stage for new leader 11/29/2005
Audiences await transition from books to box office 11/18/2005
Bear fans to reap benefits for loyal support 11/18/2005
Bears plan to buck trends vs. OSU 11/18/2005
Bill may aid parents in juggling dual roles 11/18/2005
Holidays beg extra awareness 11/18/2005
Lady Bears gather energy for battle of the Bruins 11/18/2005
Letters to the editor 11/18/2005
New players boost program 11/18/2005
Phoenix excels, Witherspoon excites in 'Line' 11/18/2005
Pro-lifers must be pro-child 11/18/2005
Program good way to humanize soldiers 11/18/2005
R&R trip to Qatar, TV message bring home closer 11/18/2005
Seniority rules at Quad complex 11/18/2005
Students face drowsy driving dangers on road 11/18/2005
Tax bill could squeeze oil, gas companies 11/18/2005
Women's cross country sprints to NCAA finals 11/18/2005
13-year-old violinist to perform with Dallas Symphony Orchestra at BU 11/17/2005
Bird flu infects humans in China 11/17/2005
Event promotes quitting smoking 11/17/2005
Faculty grill Lilley on his views, goals 11/17/2005
Invasive Sony software misses real problems 11/17/2005
Lady Bears dig new den 11/17/2005
Letters to the editor 11/17/2005
More choose plastic surgery despite risks 11/17/2005
Musical theater buffs have high hopes for 'Rent' film 11/17/2005
New dam to control Brazos' water level 11/17/2005
No. 1 Cornhuskers sweep volleyball 3-0 11/17/2005
Snake pit a rattling experience 11/17/2005
Waco Chamber 'gets busy' keeping graduates in city 11/17/2005
Women's athletics on the rise despite unequal pay 11/17/2005
Woodward denies Libby leaked CIA identity 11/17/2005
Bears playing OSU for more than pride 11/16/2005
BU makes case for Bush library 11/16/2005
Dance team grooves at sporting events 11/16/2005
Institute of Oral History celebrates 35 years 11/16/2005
Letters to the editor 11/16/2005
Lilley quizzed at first open Senate 11/16/2005
Low graduation rates spark concerns 11/16/2005
Mexico funds forensic program 11/16/2005
Pulitzer Prize nominee to delve into his autobiography at Baylor 11/16/2005
Robertson's statements too extreme, alienating 11/16/2005
Students juggle modeling careers, education 11/16/2005
Thrice CD falls short of album's tall orders 11/16/2005
TKE was wrongly accused 11/16/2005
Austin-based Latino artist kicks off Fiota culture week 11/15/2005
Bears bully 'Dogs 84-72 11/15/2005
Bowl hopes, Parks buried in Missouri 11/15/2005
BU envoy transports library bid to capital 11/15/2005
Equestrian team rides home with experience 11/15/2005
Holiday diets take heavy toll 11/15/2005
Letters to the editor 11/15/2005
Locals monitor French unrest 11/15/2005
Music label drops CD anti-piracy security 11/15/2005
Musical passion leads student to pursue career in Austin 11/15/2005
Police capture 18-year-old wanted for slayings 11/15/2005
Recycling encourages stewardship of land 11/15/2005
StuCon needs to place higher scrutiny on bills 11/15/2005
Alumni Association chooses 82nd president 11/11/2005
Baylor alumni strive to survive daily life in Hollywood 11/11/2005
Bowl hopes fading, football team travels to Missouri 11/11/2005
BU family should let Lilley lead 11/11/2005
Calling the shots 11/11/2005
Club mixes reality with fantasy 11/11/2005
Extravaganza rooted in culture 11/11/2005
Lady Bears maul Jaguars 11/11/2005
Letters to the editor 11/11/2005
New program will allow students to adopt soldiers 11/11/2005
New U.S. embassy signals change in Afghanistan 11/11/2005
Rising above the Competition 11/11/2005
Student government upholds Laymon's veto 11/11/2005
T-shirts cross thin line between clever, vulgar 11/11/2005
Veterans' sacrifices honored 11/11/2005
Violence surges in Iraq as suicide bombers attack 11/11/2005
Alpha Phi Alpha crowns Miss Black and Gold 2005 11/10/2005
Baylor teams sign top-notch recruits during fall season 11/10/2005
Caring for soldiers simple as toothpaste, letters 11/10/2005
Children's gift box drive delivers Christmas hope 11/10/2005
Embattled reporter Miller ends career with NY Times 11/10/2005
Grammy winner plans to jazz up Waco Hall 11/10/2005
Jordan suicide bombings leave 57 dead 11/10/2005
Lady Bears nab 5 recruits in early signing 11/10/2005
Lady Bears to finish preseason play 11/10/2005
Letters to the editor 11/10/2005
Pulling double duty 11/10/2005
Reality show would give 'Kinky' unfair advantage 11/10/2005
Sparxxx will fly at Missouri game 11/10/2005
T-shirts not best use of student fee 11/10/2005
Letters to the editor 11/9/2005
Mercer eyes Underwood for top post 11/9/2005
Old movies break from modern life 11/9/2005
Physics department receives government grant for energy research 11/9/2005
Retention shouldn't be top factor in teaching 11/9/2005
Second defense lawyer in Saddam trial shot, killed 11/9/2005
Spanish lecturer continues legacy in Mexico mission 11/9/2005
Sugar-Free Bowl still sweet 11/9/2005
T-shirts to 'aid' campaign 11/9/2005
Voters nix same-sex marriage 11/9/2005
Baylor alum totes Reno baggage 11/8/2005
Fair extends possibilities for student housing 11/8/2005
Law students earn state's top passing rate on bar 11/8/2005
Letters to the editor 11/8/2005
Lilley is puzzling pick for next BU president 11/8/2005
Lilley transplanted to Texas 11/8/2005
Longhorns trample Bears 62-0 11/8/2005
National champs outstrip Cotton Blossoms 107-53 11/8/2005
Same-sex marriage up for Texas vote 11/8/2005
Sexuality not crux of Prop 2 11/8/2005
Sports' future in Lilley's hands 11/8/2005
Stolen artwork found; 2nd piece still missing 11/8/2005
AsianFest seeks to reveal Eastern cultural varieties 11/4/2005
Bears to face nation's 'elite' Longhorns in familiar battle 11/4/2005
BU presidential nominee to be revealed today 11/4/2005
Couples wrong to pick sex of babies in trial 11/4/2005
Cross country debuts as new intramural competition 11/4/2005
Dean boots gay member from board 11/4/2005
Homeless man finds 'Magic World' on Eighth Street 11/4/2005
Lady Bears to face Cotton Blossoms 11/4/2005
Letters to the editor 11/4/2005
Loss blurs answers about life 11/4/2005
Pi Kappa Phi to gain national charter 11/4/2005
Regents unanimously elect Lilley as 13th president 11/4/2005
Task force working to boost retention 11/4/2005
Tutoring targets high-risk courses 11/4/2005
Bears to face another Heisman hopeful 11/3/2005
Book brings feng shui to residence hall life 11/3/2005
BU values align best for library 11/3/2005
Indie duo's debut CD lacking in originality 11/3/2005
Leaders focus on finances 11/3/2005
Letters to the editor 11/3/2005
New intelligence center to beef up state security 11/3/2005
Perry allots millions for teacher merit raises 11/3/2005
Senate split dilutes opposition to Alito 11/3/2005
Slow-starting Lady Bears lose 3-1 to A&M Aggies 11/3/2005
Students push for Bush library 11/3/2005
Talent show puts 'Spotlight' on evangelism 11/3/2005
Waco community needs access to mammoth site 11/3/2005
25 couples to choose babies' sex 11/2/2005
Bush designs $7.1 billion plan to counter 'super-flu' 11/2/2005
Coheed's 3rd album sticks to formula 11/2/2005
Conspiracy case delayed after judge removed for conflict of interest 11/2/2005
Ethics society's growth meets push for major 11/2/2005
Industry pursuing deceptive Web sites 11/2/2005
Lady Bears aim to keep streak alive in rematch against A&M 11/2/2005
Letters to the editor 11/2/2005
Libby not only one who should take fall for leak 11/2/2005
Punctuation guru to give insight into her award-winning book 11/2/2005
Senators talk war in closed session 11/2/2005
Stereotype of Afghans inaccurate 11/2/2005
Bush takes 2nd stab at nominee for court 11/1/2005
Cheney picks 2 to fill indicted aide's position 11/1/2005
Electrocution death leaves community mourning pastor 11/1/2005
Franklin to launch ethics forum 11/1/2005
Gambling easy trap to fall into 11/1/2005
Hindus kick off new year with festival 11/1/2005
Letters to the editor 11/1/2005
Morriss not playing to top quarterback's strengths 11/1/2005
Regents raise tuition for salaries, energy costs 11/1/2005
Regents' size reduction, tuition spike right moves 11/1/2005
Texas Tech raids Baylor Homecoming, 28-0 11/1/2005