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News Archives for Oct. 2005

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Story Date
2 student art pieces stolen 10/28/2005
Alum finds calling through tragic acciden 10/28/2005
Alumnae pursue business ventures 10/28/2005
Artistic venue to feature concert of Beethoven's works 10/28/2005
Baylor adjusts 2012 goals 10/28/2005
Baylor bears remain cherished part of campus life 10/28/2005
Baylor Network offers alumni chance to stay in touch with alma mater 10/28/2005
Baylor Network, Alumni Association offer separate alumni services 10/28/2005
Baylor takes aim at No. 17 Tech 10/28/2005
Baylor, park service plan mammoth site 10/28/2005
Bonfire moves to new location; Fountain Mall 'burned out' 10/28/2005
Bowl game chance within Bears' sight 10/28/2005
Brooks Residence Hall may be demolished 10/28/2005
BU costs differ between generations, other schools 10/28/2005
CHI'S celebrates 50 years at Baylor 10/28/2005
Dress code, fashion differences make changing times visible 10/28/2005
Former president's family keeps Baylor tradition alive 10/28/2005
From nuclear to terror: BU responds to decades of war 10/28/2005
Lacrosse finishes 2nd at A&M tournament 10/28/2005
Letters to the editor 10/28/2005
Local haunts well-known for supernatural suspicions 10/28/2005
Man behind BU's 'Bruiser' prepares for mascot career 10/28/2005
Miers bows out 10/28/2005
Musical theater group continues Cabaret homecoming tradition 10/28/2005
National champs back on the court 10/28/2005
Nominee fulfilled true goal 10/28/2005
Off-the-map eateries steer students away from chains 10/28/2005
Parade route shortened; enthusiasm still high 10/28/2005
Regents to consider cutting board by 20 10/28/2005
Students form council to lure famous bands 10/28/2005
Tailgating evolves into American sporting institution 10/28/2005
Texas Hold 'em gains popularity on campus 10/28/2005
Vision 2012 imperatives shouldn't be rushed 10/28/2005
Volleyball heads to Iowa State 10/28/2005
Whether Halloween evil a matter of interpretation 10/28/2005
Baylor police solve crime through DNA 10/27/2005
Corrupt Zimbabwe leader liability to own country 10/27/2005
Ensemble to feature grad conductors 10/27/2005
Entire faculty offered seat at senate meeting 10/27/2005
Float money could be better used to help city 10/27/2005
Hummers a menace to campus 10/27/2005
Law school training ground gears up young debaters 10/27/2005
Letters to the editor 10/27/2005
Longboarding connects hobby to transportation 10/27/2005
Pigskin Revue honors tradition 10/27/2005
Rep. DeLay acknowledges failure to report defense fund donations 10/27/2005
Report ranks BU as 6th-best university for conservatives 10/27/2005
Suicide bomb kills 5 Israelis 10/27/2005
Theron proves more than just a pretty face 10/27/2005
Baylor to revamp training for TAs 10/26/2005
Big family shows not everyone center of universe 10/26/2005
Christian artist lacks spark, falls short on debut album 10/26/2005
Ethanol station opening a move in right direction 10/26/2005
Foreign adoptions save, change lives 10/26/2005
Hookah Lounge offers campus-banned pipes 10/26/2005
Horses comfort abused children 10/26/2005
Iraqis adopt constitution 10/26/2005
Letters to the editor 10/26/2005
Bears come up short against OU 10/25/2005
Bernanke nominated for reserve chairman 10/25/2005
DeLay should bow out following indictment 10/25/2005
Former trustee, environmentalist dies at 87 10/25/2005
Funeral for a Friend softens down 10/25/2005
Hurricanes on display 10/25/2005
Letters to the editor 10/25/2005
Mission completion rewarding 10/25/2005
Musicians mix, match combination of sounds 10/25/2005
Pizza parlor provides laid-back atmosphere 10/25/2005
Soccer defeats Texas Tech 3-1 10/25/2005
Texas voters given opportunity to define 'legal' marriages 10/25/2005
Waco mammoth site may become national park 10/25/2005
Wilma slams Florida 10/25/2005
Coffee house offers cozy alternative 10/20/2005
Despite high fees, DWIs persist 10/20/2005
Judicial Affairs process needs re-evaluation 10/20/2005
Letters to the editor 10/20/2005
Students, Waco residents at odds over parking 10/20/2005
Tackling the job interview 10/20/2005
Testing Talent 10/20/2005
Way home always familiar 10/20/2005
Wilma grows to Category 5 10/20/2005
All groups should have access to logo, slogan 10/19/2005
Former Spanish professor dies in Austin at 64 10/19/2005
Growing artist 10/19/2005
Isolation becoming prevalent 10/19/2005
Letters to the editor 10/19/2005
Project targets improving BU 10/19/2005
Religious artwork to be displayed at Martin Museum 10/19/2005
Students take a work break 10/19/2005
Up 'Til Dawn to generate funds for St. Jude hospital 10/19/2005
Volleyball sees A&M match as 'team we can beat' 10/19/2005
Apartment towing enforcement makes illegal parking risky 10/18/2005
Baseball seasons need boost 10/18/2005
Baylor kicks off 2nd annual Horton Foote festival 10/18/2005
Brooks Village community needs student support 10/18/2005
Crow CD develops new sound 10/18/2005
Huskers' defense too much for Bears in loss 10/18/2005
Letters to the editor 10/18/2005
Nominations begin for professor of the year 10/18/2005
Saudi king leads charge in region's equal rights 10/18/2005
Volleyball fails to finish off No. 23 Kansas St. Wildcats 10/18/2005
Floating casinos to be rebuilt on land 10/17/2005
High 'yes' tally leads to suspicion in Iraq 10/17/2005
Musical pursuit 10/17/2005
Senators scrutinize Miers' views on abortion 10/17/2005
Bears look to plow over Nebraska Cornhuskers 10/14/2005
Bears top poll of Big 12 coaches 10/14/2005
Celebrity portrayals of drugs desensitize society, theory says 10/14/2005
Christian folk artist draws from life 10/14/2005
Committee names Baylor finalist for Bush library 10/14/2005
Congress could cut $14 billion in financial aid money 10/14/2005
Earthquake, rocket mark first Afghani assignment 10/14/2005
Federal scholarships should stay in place 10/14/2005
Ferdon receives award from LPGA 10/14/2005
High court pick could save party 10/14/2005
Hockey team back on track for success 10/14/2005
Letters to the editor 10/14/2005
Logo rights no longer exclusive to chamber 10/14/2005
Southern romance marks Crowe's return 10/14/2005
Study drugs still popular despite health risks 10/14/2005
Bush touts religious life of Miers as selling point 10/13/2005
Claim that media make people kill not valid 10/13/2005
Excessive caffeine can cause dependency 10/13/2005
Flag football full of rivalries 10/13/2005
Flu vaccines plentiful despite delays, officials say 10/13/2005
Football needs support 10/13/2005
HSA banquet to feature ABC co-anchor 10/13/2005
Lady Bears down OU 3-1 10/13/2005
Letters to the editor 10/13/2005
Sports facility to honor former student 10/13/2005
Alumnus to open churches in Tunisia 10/12/2005
Battle of the Bands moves to campus 10/12/2005
Birthday triggers worries 10/12/2005
Dorm policy puts limits on student news access 10/12/2005
Faculty Senate votes to encourage invitation of faculty to meetings 10/12/2005
Growl towels back on the prowl 10/12/2005
Imitation purses can hurt economy 10/12/2005
Iraqis reach agreement concerning constitution 10/12/2005
Letters to the editor 10/12/2005
Men's golf, Alcorn dominate Baylor Invitational Tourney 10/12/2005
Missionary children adjust to life in U.S. 10/12/2005
Nicotine habits prove dangerous, hard to kick 10/12/2005
Retired professors support Underwood's leadership 10/12/2005
Scholars vie for $200,000, chance to teach at Baylor 10/12/2005
Texas cigarette taxes to increase 10/12/2005
Bears pick up first Big 12 road game win 10/11/2005
Burrito King bounces back 10/11/2005
Drug abuse can develop from ordinary prescriptions 10/11/2005
Free newspapers heading to campus 10/11/2005
Humor lightens accident 10/11/2005
Letters to the editor 10/11/2005
Nonprofit career fair to provide networking 10/11/2005
Novel writing contest seeds interest in aspiring authors 10/11/2005
Ramadan's spirit one of inner reflection, fasting 10/11/2005
Relief efforts pour in to help Pakistani quake aftermath 10/11/2005
Soccer tackles Iowa State, ends 7-game losing streak 10/11/2005
Teach for America helps give students 'value' 10/11/2005
University should keep staff above poverty line 10/11/2005
Alcoholism's effects last longer than a few drinks 10/7/2005
Bears look to rebound at Iowa State 10/7/2005
BearStock organized to spotlight staff wages 10/7/2005
Bob Schneider, Jeremy Echols bring rock and roll to Waco 10/7/2005
BSM to host annual Missions Week, job fair 10/7/2005
Crew hosts Brazos regatta 10/7/2005
Education system flawed 10/7/2005
Letters to the editor 10/7/2005
Professors tread line between research, teaching 10/7/2005
Rapping for Jesus 10/7/2005
Sorority draws attention to cancer awareness 10/7/2005
Student support group needed on campus 10/7/2005
Students underestimate dangers of alcohol abuse 10/7/2005
Women's equestrian team trots to Georgia for 1st-ever meet 10/7/2005
Bowen to take stage at HOT Fair, Rodeo 10/6/2005
Counseling center to host depression screening 10/6/2005
FBI reports 1st case of White House espionage 10/6/2005
Hispanic students receive less financial aid overall, study says 10/6/2005
Illegal drug addiction 'doesn't discriminate' 10/6/2005
Letters to the editor 10/6/2005
Senate must ask Miers about more than 'Roe' 10/6/2005
Show depicts challenges of female president in office 10/6/2005
Sorority sponsors dunk contest 10/6/2005
Study abroad diversifies education 10/6/2005
Unit move a welcome change 10/6/2005
Baylor needs to update HIV testing technology 10/5/2005
Bed racing, bungee run, concert offered at Friday's Place2BU 10/5/2005
Brazilian sport provides wrestling fix 10/5/2005
Domestic abuse rates highest in young adults 10/5/2005
Dozens killed by hurricane, landslides 10/5/2005
Former WTO director featured at lectures 10/5/2005
Language diversity in schools increases 10/5/2005
Letters to the editor 10/5/2005
OU tightens stadium security 10/5/2005
Seminary student sculpts balloons to share faith 10/5/2005
Sophomore student featured on relationship reality show 10/5/2005
Students should use BU court 10/5/2005
Volleyball rolls into Boulder to face Colorado Buffaloes 10/5/2005
Baylor program educates deaf Hondurans 10/4/2005
Bears now a threat in Big 12 10/4/2005
Bears overtime loss to A&M raises eyebrows on potential 10/4/2005
Boat captain blames waves for accident 10/4/2005
BU Muslims to honor Islamic fasting holiday 10/4/2005
Bush taps Miers for high court 10/4/2005
Cross Canadian Ragweed grows up in 'Garage' 10/4/2005
DPS chief cautions students of stranger danger 10/4/2005
Laptop's contents give insight into personal life 10/4/2005
Letters to the editor 10/4/2005
New oral HIV test faster, safer 10/4/2005
Nothing serene about 'Serenity' 10/4/2005
Oswalt, Astros clinch wild-card 10/4/2005
Polo club brings kayaking indoors 10/4/2005
Restaurants to donate earnings for relief aid 10/4/2005
Right to die at own time a fundamental freedom 10/4/2005
Science stigmas persist for women 10/4/2005