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News Archives for Sept. 2004

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Story Date
Ashlyn Dane: Baylor band on the rise 9/30/2004
Baylor law student: 'voting is our voice' 9/30/2004
College programs good for file sharing 9/30/2004
Dating spots are close to campus 9/30/2004
Former AD Stanton hired by Texas Sports Hall of Fame 9/30/2004
Homeless can teach lessons 9/30/2004
Letters to the editor 9/30/2004
Slavery 'not just an antiquated question' 9/30/2004
Sophomore thrill-seeker tackles year No. 2 9/30/2004
Tanning not just vanity; provides healthy vitamins 9/30/2004
Bears to battle Aggies tonight 9/29/2004
BU Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club 'teaches discipline' 9/29/2004
BU to offer equestrian team, fall '05 9/29/2004
Freshmen adjust to college life, adulthood 9/29/2004
Library celebrates 25 years 9/29/2004
Preferred campus study spots depend on atmosphere 9/29/2004
Prof uses role play to engage students 9/29/2004
Random cruise activities entertaining but bizarre 9/29/2004
Safe sex undermines abstinence in texts 9/29/2004
Sports, business focus of new club 9/29/2004
Students need to build stamina 9/29/2004
'First Daughter' unoriginal at box office, waste of talent 9/28/2004
Bears down UNT Mean Green 37-14 9/28/2004
BU soccer wins 1 of 2 in Big 12 9/28/2004
Campus leaders officially dedicate science building 9/28/2004
Henry relates current issues with 19th-century Victorian literature 9/28/2004
Kan selects cabinet, plans new projects 9/28/2004
Letters to the editor 9/28/2004
Local music scene generates wide range of followers 9/28/2004
Outdoor course offers students mental, physical challenge 9/28/2004
Regents deny facultywide referendum 9/28/2004
Regents should listen to faculty concerns 9/28/2004
Seven members of Zambian Vocal Group sing in Chapel 9/28/2004
Zgaga wins BU singles' title 9/28/2004
'Helicopter parents' hover 9/24/2004
Amarillo couple receives Baylor award 9/24/2004
Baylor faces UNT Saturday 9/24/2004
Bradley's legend starts new chapter at Baylor 9/24/2004
BU's After Dark talent show to feature 16 student performers 9/24/2004
Campaign messages protected on campus 9/24/2004
Campus golf gives BU students cheap, fun pastime 9/24/2004
Coffee: Oft-used, oft-abused on busy Baylor campus 9/24/2004
Elevator new, but stinky 9/24/2004
Events reunite Bears, parents 9/24/2004
Families influence students' politics 9/24/2004
First Family awarded 9/24/2004
Former science buildings receive renovation plans 9/24/2004
Gas prices decline after steep increase 9/24/2004
Guest lecturers speak at Baylor sciences symposium 9/24/2004
Many professors fill parent, teacher roles this weekend 9/24/2004
National security hinders freedom for ethnic groups 9/24/2004
New living, learning center builds student community, connections 9/24/2004
Not-so-famous restaurants provide diverse options 9/24/2004
Parents, students need to value weekend visit 9/24/2004
Parents' League involves, unites Baylor parents 9/24/2004
Projects focus on new drug research 9/24/2004
Regents vote down faculty request for Sloan referendum 9/24/2004
Screenwriter teaches by experience 9/24/2004
Son follows father's footsteps 9/24/2004
UT speaker talks to students 9/24/2004
Watching food choices, intake can prevent freshman 15 9/24/2004
'Wimbledon' showcases Bettany's skills convincingly 9/23/2004
Baylor not into hip hop 9/23/2004
Beheading shows terrorism still important issue 9/23/2004
BU, prof receive federal grant 9/23/2004
Budget strategy cuts intramurals 9/23/2004
CBS mistake gives lesson in credibility 9/23/2004
Hit-and-run accident victims have options 9/23/2004
Iran's noncompliance could lead to risky future 9/23/2004
Lady Bears edge out OU 9/23/2004
Sciences building brings speakers 9/23/2004
Woods hits hole-in-one with PS2, Xbox PGA Tour game 9/23/2004
Americans express mentality with popular sports 9/22/2004
Baylor golf coach: Team 'played well' in season opener 9/22/2004
Car fuss part of adult life 9/22/2004
Colors of nature inspire exhibit 9/22/2004
Culture expressed through song 9/22/2004
Education initiative good for students 9/22/2004
Letters to the editor 9/22/2004
Waco ISD interns work full school year 9/22/2004
'Blogging' promotes open, global communication 9/21/2004
Austin City Limits Music Festival highlights indie bands 9/21/2004
Ben Folds maintains pace on latest EP 9/21/2004
BU police explain 'suspicious object' 9/21/2004
Campus groups spread culture 9/21/2004
Chapel speaker gives biblical view of sexuality 9/21/2004
Flash drives provide more memory for more money 9/21/2004
Lady Bears edge out UC Irvine 2-1 9/21/2004
Letters to the editor 9/21/2004
Master's program not well-known, but growing 9/21/2004
Nichols a 'dynamo of energy,' Harvard colleague says 9/21/2004
Reality TV more than fad 9/21/2004
Students should donate to bear habitat 9/21/2004
United Nations needs to be firm in demands 9/21/2004
Women's tennis begins fall season 9/21/2004
Bush, Kerry not divinely appointed to presidency 9/17/2004
FDA needs to warn consumers 9/17/2004
Feminism, Christian values can go hand in hand 9/17/2004
Mysterious object found on campus 9/17/2004
Sixth Street revamp could help Austin 9/17/2004
Speaker explains Mormonism 9/17/2004
Student Congress meeting sees new reps inaugurated 9/17/2004
Students study for first exams 9/17/2004
'Cellular' disconnects 9/16/2004
Entrepreneurial experience teaches perseverance 9/16/2004
Hit song propels Walker's career 9/16/2004
Judge was right to strike web blocking 9/16/2004
Letters to the editor 9/16/2004
Local ministry aids foreign students 9/16/2004
Longhorns beat Baylor in 3 games 9/16/2004
Rangers have chance at playoffs after fight 9/16/2004
Regents asked to discuss survey 9/16/2004
Student accepts family's quirks 9/16/2004
Students get taste of parenthood 9/16/2004
Wendy's sponsors $500 greek contest 9/16/2004
Archaeological site must be protected 9/15/2004
BU can offer diversity, keep Christian identity 9/15/2004
Collision injures soccer players 9/15/2004
Enrollment numbers break BU records 9/15/2004
Freshman class officers announced 9/15/2004
Honoring Hispanic heritage 9/15/2004
New group caters to future middle-school teachers 9/15/2004
Political actions defined not only by ballot choice 9/15/2004
Assault weapon law needs to be renewed 9/14/2004
Bears edge TSU 24-17 9/14/2004
Candidates have 'big plans' for freshman class, BU 9/14/2004
Chaplain challenges Chapel 9/14/2004
Costa Rican grad killed in mugging 9/14/2004
Former music professor dies at 67 9/14/2004
Lady Bears soccer stomps TCU 5-2 9/14/2004
Letters to the editor 9/14/2004
Memories of riding bike halts pressure of time 9/14/2004
Sister's memory gives joy 9/14/2004
Student Court aims to change constitution 9/14/2004
Students, community connect through volunteering 9/14/2004
University-owned residence burns 9/14/2004
Bears battle Bobcats 9/10/2004
BU professor studies those drawn to unusual 9/10/2004
BU students study abroad more than most 9/10/2004
Gambling doesn't need college degrees 9/10/2004
Leach appoints new chief of staff 9/10/2004
Let '80s fads flip back in 9/10/2004
Letters to the editor 9/10/2004
Sept. 11, 2001: Where were you? 9/10/2004
Students should seek out their niche and voice 9/10/2004
World-renowned opera singer to perform 9/10/2004
Blogging can be addictive 9/9/2004
BU Bear Pits to undergo rennovations 9/9/2004
BU club volleyball ready for season 9/9/2004
Campus includes new greenhouse, growth room 9/9/2004
Cowboys face hard season 9/9/2004
Dean ponders 'The Matrix' at center's opening 9/9/2004
DVD, rerun success brings 'Family Guy' back to FOX 9/9/2004
Election needs to see changing of times, thought 9/9/2004
Government needs to watch trafficking 9/9/2004
Lady Bears pound UTPA 9/9/2004
Letters to the editor 9/9/2004
Library bid up for grabs 9/9/2004
NCAA changes rules for foreign players 9/9/2004
Student voters can sway elections 9/9/2004
Wideawake returns to Waco with eye-opening new album 9/9/2004
'Happy' matches Jars of Clay, Caedmon's 9/8/2004
Astros take drastic measures to win 9/8/2004
Baylor alumnus nominated for prestigious economic award 9/8/2004
Baylor financial offer not always best plan 9/8/2004
Congressional candidates work voters 9/8/2004
Diverse religions need attention 9/8/2004
ID cards required to tighten dorm security 9/8/2004
King follows 2nd sports love to Division 1 school 9/8/2004
PRIDE eases race barriers 9/8/2004
Reading program enters third year 9/8/2004
Safety stats, tips for students 9/8/2004
Shuttle routes updated for fall 9/8/2004
Trump returns to NBC lineup 9/8/2004
9/11 generation future worries need discussion 9/7/2004
Bears fall to UAB 56-14 in opener 9/7/2004
Center to educate Waco community 9/7/2004
Election applications due today 9/7/2004
Election needs more focus on other issues 9/7/2004
Gospel goes Southern 9/7/2004
Jobs look at more than A+ 9/7/2004
Lady Bears start 1-3 on season 9/7/2004
Letters to the editor 9/7/2004
Oklahoma to win second national title 9/7/2004
USAF Lt. Col. begins, ends career at BU 9/7/2004
'Hero' plot digs deeper than revenge 9/3/2004
ACTA gives BU 'A' grade 9/3/2004
Actors aide theater scholarship 9/3/2004
BRAN promotes 'passionate' music performers 9/3/2004
Bringing home Olympic gold 9/3/2004
Brown may get ax if UT loses 9/3/2004
BU faces UAB in opener 9/3/2004
Lions Park needs new parking lot 9/3/2004
Matters of life more than what they seem 9/3/2004
New dean to help graduate programs 9/3/2004
Pi Kappa Phi recruits 9/3/2004
Professors send 10,000 books to Iraqi schools 9/3/2004
Speaker: Vietnam war still affects U.S. 9/3/2004
Stories told in elevator 9/3/2004
Westfest to draw 25,000 visitors 9/3/2004
Alum sings for GOP 9/2/2004
Career Services offers aid, guidance 9/2/2004
Fall into this season's lineup with 'Joey,' 'Apprentice' 9/2/2004
Kansas State likely to win Big 12 North again 9/2/2004
Marketplace expects to boost Waco economy 9/2/2004
McGraw covers wide range on new release 9/2/2004
Men's basketball releases schedule, gets 2 commits 9/2/2004
Microchip implant could save your pet 9/2/2004
NCAA unfair to NFL hopeful Williams 9/2/2004
Professors' creativity provide life lessons 9/2/2004
Stop the flip-up collars 9/2/2004
'MTV generation' views need to be heard 9/1/2004
Cheney has right to views 9/1/2004
Finance settlements need more efficiency 9/1/2004
Good weather means more doves for hunters 9/1/2004
iPods, CDs spinning summer music 9/1/2004
No-interest loan for BU Texans 9/1/2004
North Village residents adjust to new community life 9/1/2004
Offense key to season success for Iowa, Clemson 9/1/2004
Online shopping emerges as bookstore alternative 9/1/2004
Pay policy causes chaos 9/1/2004
Primary school better than resume writing 9/1/2004
Soccer ties Rice 0-0 in double OT 9/1/2004