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News Archives for March 2004

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Story Date
Alleviating tuition rates for immigrants good step 3/31/2004
BU academic freedom discussed 3/31/2004
BU baseball shuts out Horned Frogs 3/31/2004
Groups plan campus Earth Week events 3/31/2004
Men's tennis team sends TCU packin' 3/31/2004
Professor, associate dean gets promotion 3/31/2004
Student Court wants disputes 3/31/2004
A&F West Virginia T-shirt OK despite complaints 3/30/2004
BU tennis claims solid Big 12 wins 3/30/2004
Foote words in Chapel offend some 3/30/2004
Group urges equality at Baylor 3/30/2004
Lady Bears defeat OU in doubleheader 3/30/2004
Study abroad programs set sail 3/30/2004
3-day Breathe event more than just a church service 3/26/2004
Annual culture show to be put on by ISSA 3/26/2004
Budget cuts hit music school 3/26/2004
Club volleyball ready for conference finals 3/26/2004
Football coaches host women's clinic 3/26/2004
Fun times on the 'river' 3/26/2004
Lady Bears tackle top seed Lady Vols 3/26/2004
Law school honors U.S. district judge 3/26/2004
New law unfairly targets pornography stores 3/26/2004
Pulitzer winner, other writers to speak at journalism conference 3/26/2004
Student Congress declines support of 'Lariat' 3/26/2004
12 students showcase musical talent at Dean's Honor Concert 3/25/2004
Baylor tennis aces tough competitors 3/25/2004
Fiota plans girls' soccer competition 3/25/2004
Murder charges suitable for Utah mother 3/25/2004
Physicists talk about God's role in science 3/25/2004
Science, religious writer tells Chapel to view faith from 'bottom-up' 3/25/2004
Softball steals win over UTA 3/25/2004
Bears defeat Demons, 8-5 3/24/2004
Club ECO planning residence hall wars 3/24/2004
Edison's feats more than light bulb invention 3/24/2004
Lady Bears advance to Sweet 16, deserve praise 3/24/2004
Seminary Day offers many paths 3/24/2004
Vocalist showcases operatic talent in recital 3/24/2004
Baylor baseball slides past Texas A&M Aggies, wins series 2-1 3/23/2004
Chapel speaker dresses as St. Patrick 3/23/2004
City, local colleges discuss service 3/23/2004
Female crew members sue BU 3/23/2004
Josefy plans race for mayoral seat 3/23/2004
Massachusetts students shouldn't pay extra fees 3/23/2004
Students to help in attracting library 3/23/2004
Track team kicks off '04 outdoor season 3/23/2004
Annual bike race offers activities for all 3/12/2004
BU orchestra set to perform in Costa Rica 3/12/2004
Community summit to talk about service 3/12/2004
Faculty Senate probes its election system 3/12/2004
Lady Bears lose to UT in final minute 3/12/2004
Morning-after pill shouldn't be sold over the counter 3/12/2004
Professional bikers flock to Waco race 3/12/2004
Student Congress members to vote on 'Lariat' support bill 3/12/2004
Students rally to support program 3/12/2004
Team USA batters BU 3/12/2004
Baylor's sports teams face busy spring break 3/11/2004
Dist. 17 House race headed to runoff 3/11/2004
Fraternity accused of hazing violations 3/11/2004
Lady Bears dominate Tech, winning 80-72 3/11/2004
Lady Bears will play Team USA in Thursday night doubleheader 3/11/2004
Texas school children need healthier lunches 3/11/2004
When spring arrives, so do the allergies 3/11/2004
Baylor CUBS to mentor incoming freshmen 3/10/2004
Bulgarian pianist gives performance 3/10/2004
Buying stamps for e-mail? No thank you, Bill Gates. 3/10/2004
Lecturer discusses Spanish Indian missions 3/10/2004
SAE fighting drunk driving 3/10/2004
Secret society emerges 3/10/2004
Speaker says media attacking Gibson film 3/10/2004
Baylor baseball drops series to UCI 3/9/2004
Collins to launch 'Fiesta' festivities 3/9/2004
KWBU-TV assists in making of new video 3/9/2004
Scholars' speaker describes 18th-century revivals 3/9/2004
Slowing down Baylor 2012 good idea for university 3/9/2004
Students attend party for 'Lord of the Rings' 3/9/2004
Women's tennis team claims first Big 12 match 3/9/2004
Alumna shares music at concert 3/5/2004
Apostle Paul has many faces 3/5/2004
Baylor golf teams finish in top 10 3/5/2004
Benefits of Tai Chi more than physical 3/5/2004
Bingo walk planned this weekend at track 3/5/2004
Columbine evidence shouldn't be displayed 3/5/2004
Musical aimed to inspire prayer 3/5/2004
Reynolds lecturer talks on evolution 3/5/2004
Scholars' Day shows diversity of talents 3/5/2004
Independence to Waco: How once-small Baylor became school it is today 3/4/2004
Reynolds lecturer talks on evolution 3/4/2004
Social workers there to help when needed 3/4/2004
States can deny tax-funded money to divinity students 3/4/2004
Time runs out for men's basketball 3/4/2004
Airlines should periodically weigh passengers 3/3/2004
Basketball plays KSU in final home game 3/3/2004
Group honors black women 3/3/2004
Lady Bears' seniors not quite ready for end of season 3/3/2004
No. 7 men's track takes 3rd in meet 3/3/2004
Women's health survey revealing 3/3/2004
Women's History Month begins 3/3/2004
Baseball drops series to Arizona 3/2/2004
Committee OKs faculty role in hiring 3/2/2004
Employee departs longtime BU career 3/2/2004
Lady Bears sweep weekend tourney 3/2/2004
Men's basketball falls short to OSU 3/2/2004
Several Baylor students make Who's Who cut 3/2/2004
Statement from President Robert B. Sloan Jr. 3/2/2004
Statement from President Robert B. Sloan Jr. 3/2/2004
Weekend playwright festival honors Foot 3/2/2004
Women's health survey revealing 3/2/2004